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Does every nation-state have its own national government?

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Why did every Polish town have its own army?

There wasn't any national army. There wasn't any national government. There were too many internal wars.

How did the lack of a strong national government create problems?

the lack of a strong national government is the people behind the government helping the government pass all the test to become a national government on its own.

When was the dissagreement over the role of the national government?

There has and always will be a disagreement over the role of the national government everyone has their own opinion and as long as the our national government first started they was a disagreement in whether there even should be a national government.

In ancient Greece how was the ruler determined?

Ancient Greece was not a unified country with a single government; every city had its own government, and every city also had its own form of government, and its own method of choosing a ruler.

What is the Italian national meal?

there is no such thing, every region, even every town has its own

Differentiate between national government and state government?

A state has its own government therefore state gov while the national government controls the whole country so incidentally it won't have states.

Does each state have have its own government?

Each state is under the national government, but they also have individual governments,

What was the Sumerian government?

the government is made by every city/state having a king and its own military

What is Sumerian government?

the government is made by every city/state having a king and its own military

Why did southerners oppose a strong national government?

They worried a strong national government could eventually challenge the right to own slaves and might impose higher tariffs.

What type of government does Reunion Africa have?

It does not have its own government. It sends representatives to the French National Assembly and it is governed from France, which is a democracy.

What land does United States own?

Zero. There are government lands and National parks, but per sae the US does not "own Land."

Explain federalism in your own word?

It is a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between central or national government and several regional government.

Does the U.N. own Americas national parks?

No. The federal government in Washington DC owns and runs Americas National Parks.

Do they have a national dish in Switzerland?

this depends on what region in Switzerland, every part has its own dish

What type of government does welsh have?

Democracy. Wales is under English rule, but has its own National Assembly.

Why does the tribal government have their own government?

The tribals are not inclined to come to the national mainstream and prefer to retain their cultural identity. That's why they form their own government within their domain.They abide by the ruling of the said government within their communities which they are maintaining for centuries together.

What is the difference between state and government?

a state has its own government therfore state government while the national government controls the whole country so incidentally it wont have any state

Why are states not allowed to print money?

States are not allowed to print money because the economy falls under the national government. If every state printed its own money, it wouldn't be worth the same from state to state.

How does the system of federalism balance the power of states and the national government?

The system of federalism balances the power of states and the national government because it gives greater powers to the national government so that our nation did not turn out as a confederacy but it also keeps certain reserved powers for the states that can be denied or taken away by the national government. Not to mention the fact that our states are involved in national politics as well as their own and thereby or national government cannot make all the decisions for the country and the states without our (the people) approval.

Who is the leader in South America?

Since South America is a continent and not one nation, every country has its own leader and its own government.

What is the government in Africa?

Africa has several nations, each with its own government. However, there are organizations that have members throughout the continent, such as the ANC (African National Congress).

Who was the head of government under the Articles of Confederation?

Under the Articles of Confederation the states were in charge of their own governments. The federal or national government was virtually nonexistent.

Does the United States still own its national parks?

Yes, the land is owned by the U.S. Government and managed by the National Park Service, which is an agency of the Department of the Interior.

States and the national government each remain supreme within their own sphere in the system known as?

dual federalism