Does heater core on a 84 caprice classic come out through engine compartment or cab?

I replaced the heater core on my 1992 and I owned a 1984 but never did that one. I am fairly sure though that it comes out from inside. It really isn't that hard a job althought at first look it appears so. Drop the panel under the passenger dash. I think they are 7mm screws so use a nut driver. There is usually a support bracket, remove that, then take look up. There is another plastic pan which has several screws. The back one is hard to get out but I just forced it and it wasn't bad. Then yank the thing down, it is sealed on there and will stick but make sure you have all the screws out. A few minutes of careful examination with a flashlight saves aggrevation. Once that puppy is off of there, you will see the heater core bigger than Dallas right in front of you. Unhook the connections under the hood and do your R & R. VBd