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Q: Does it matter how the torque converter and flywheel are bolted together as far as balancing is concerned on a 79 Chevy van?
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Can a faulty flywheel prevent a car from moving?

Yes it can. It's not only purpose to start the vehical but it does connect the trans to the engine. Tarns to the flywheel to the torque converter then the engine. They all lock together

What is a clutch springs?

A spring is used to hold together the clutch and the flywheel.

How do you replace the Flywheel key on an electric start mower?

Take the engine shroud of the top of the flywheel - take the flywheel nut off - Put a puller on it and pull the flywheel off remove the old pieces of key and replace with a new one, and reverse process putting it all back together.

The magneto air gap is a precision measurement thats taken between the?

The magneto air gap is a precision measurement that's taken between the edge of the flywheel and the ignition coil armature. The flywheel and the crankshaft are held together in alignment by the flywheel key.

Does the flywheel engage the gear?

No, the flywheel is bolted to the back of the crankshaft. It is a large metal disk with teeth around the outer edge for the starter to turn the motor. There is a smooth surface on the flywheel face. when the clutch is engaged it is catching the flywheel so to speak, by pressing the two surfaces together tightly. This makes them one and so the engine is now turning the gears in the transmission, which ever you have selected at the shifter. A flywheel is only in a manual transmission.

How do you fix a thorqe converter on a 1995 Chevy cavilier?

Torque converters cannot be serviced as they are welded together, the only way to fix them is to remove the transmission and torque converter and replace the torque converter.

What is the coil gap for a Briggs and stratton 6hp motor?

20 thousandths of an inch will suffice. Fairly forgiving ..........loosen the coil and place a standard business card between flywheel and coil. Allow magnetic force from flywheel to pull together and sandwich card between flywheel and coil. Tighten coil. This will work fine.

Where is the starter on a 79 Plymouth volare?

The starter has a gear that meshes with the engine flywheel gear which is by where engine and tranny come together.

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How do you replace a flywheel on a 89 ford bronco II wautotrans?

Remove the inspection plate/dust cover from the bell housing. Disconnect the torque converter from the flex plate. Remove the drive shaft from the transmission. Separate the engine and transmission and support the transmission while you remove the flex plate. Replace the flex plate and put it all back together.

Is it needed to remove the transmission with the engine of a 2000 Chevy cavalier with a 2.2L motor?

If it's an automatic transmission it can stay in the car. Simply unbolt the torque converter from the flywheel and the trans from the engine. If it's a manual trans it's not that simple. You don't have enough room to slide the engine forward from the input shaft on the trans. It's easier to pull them both together.

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Do you have to do wheel alignment and balancing together?

No you don't, though it would be convinient to have the desired vehicle in the shop only once, rather than twice.

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(Apex) C. Add all the elements togetherD. Subtract the total amount of elements from the products

Where is the catyliyic converter on the 2001 Hyundai accent?

in the exause right before the bolts the link it together about where your dash is

How do you free a clutch that is frozen to the flywheel?

On a 1971 Kawasaki 500, how do you unstick a frozen clutch? The clutch plates must have fused together in the 7 yrs it sat still.

What is a drivetrain?

The drivetrain or powertrain is composed of all the units joined together in a vehicle to make it move. We usually speak in terms of the engine and drive train, so it's everything from the engine "back" or "out" depending on the car. From the front you have the flywheel on the rear of the engine, then clutch, then transmission, then driveshaft, then differential then axles to the wheels. That's a manual transmission. If you have an automatic, you won't have a flywheel or clutch. In their place would be a flex plate and torque converter. On front wheel drive cars, they sometimes have a transaxle, which is combination transmission and differential. Out from there are the axles to the wheels. These are sometimes called constant velocity joints.

How can you put transmission oil back into the torque converter of a 1996 Geo Tracker after replacing engine?

Everything is back together and ready to run I assume. Just fill the transmission and fluid will be pumped into the torque converter as it runs.

2003 Chevy Trailblazer loss of power and surges?

It might be the catalytic converter has overheated and had the honeycomb inside melt together.

Can a turbo 350 torque converter leak?

A torque converter itself VERY rarely leaks. It's possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. If you have fluid leaking there, it is most likely the front transmission seal. The casing of the converter itself is basically two halves welded together, if the converter itself is leaking, there is most likely some pretty significant damage, so the leak would be the least of your worries. You can always check by disconnecting the battery and wiping the converter clean with a rag then slowly turning the flexplate. If it really is the converter itself, you will easily be able to see where it is leaking.

How does a phase converter work?

A phase converter takes single phase electrical power and turns it into multiphase electrical power. It is very difficult to explain how exactly it does this, but it involves routing power to different capacitors and sequencing them to work together.

What is timing mark?

marks on a timing belt, cam belt flywheel, etc. which must be synchronized together so pistons and valves will operate properly with out interfering with one another

How do you stabb the transmission 95 s10 2.2 l?

Use a clutch alignment tool when you assemble the clutch assembly to the flywheel and the transmission should slide in. Never force it together!

Do I have to weld my catalytic converter or can i just bolt it together?

Depending on the year, make and model you can probably purchase a bolt in or a weld in cat.

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