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Yes , if you are playing for example minecraft or poptropica it will definetly give your Computer Viruses!

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yes,any kind of computer can get a virus.

Some of them are, and some aren't, but never go to, that gave my friends laptop a virus once.

A virus is something that will make your computer not working or making it slow.

A Computer virus usually gets in by the internet , just like unwanted cookies. You would need a virus scanner to remove the virus from your computer or laptop .

It gives problems when there a virus on your computer/laptop

Contact FBI Virus Removal Service.They Remotely clean your Computer FBI Virus.

The best business laptop computer is the Apple computer. These computers are very reliable. You will be less likely to get a virus on the computer. They are also great for design.

Virus-infected games, yeah. But no computer virus games that I know of.

A computer virus that infects application filessuch as spreadsheets, computer games, or accounting.

No it does never give a virus ive been playing for 2 months and no virus if you do get a virus then your computer or laptop is bad or it could be your virus protector...

You don't download a virus to "clean" a laptop or any other computer. To properly clean it you simply reformat it

No its safeWhen downloading this software, you should turn off all antiviral proxy's so your computer/laptop can accept it. On no computer should it mess it up unless they scan it with an antiviral program. Which hopefully you won't considering of this knowledge we have just given to youAntiviral software finds it as a virus because it edits and debugs running processes [Games] ) Ya it is safe because when u download this software,it may always have a little virus but, it wont put your computer/laptop .The little virus may slow down your computer/laptop but, the virus does NOT damage your comp/lap.Everything above: NOT TRUE! NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!

you should have this program downloaded into your computer if you don't go to search A F G protection system download it any time you have a virus the program A F G will notify you when you have a virus then it will ask you to clear and delete the virus you press yes or accept then a green bar will show up the progress started when the green bar is full then your computer or laptop will automatically restart that's what you do when your computer or laptop is done taking a virus i hope i was really helpful :)

"Common laptop computer repairs are battery replacements, screen cleanings and virus removal. Batterys will most likely have to be replaced during some point of the lifetime of the computer."

Send it to your computer/laptop manufacturer and see if they can fix it, if they can't then you will have to scrap it and get a new one! Hope this helps!

No but it can slow your laptop or computer down a bit. I myself wouldn't go on it because exploring all the downloads I have a slow enough laptop and my computer is completely crashed. Good luck!

We get virus by playing and downloading to much games, especially when downloading virus games and stuff

some websites do but some don't put a virus protector on your computer or laptop and it will tell u if the website has a virus or not

The pleasure of passing it globally, and watching you and your computer or laptop get trashed basically...

Guffins gives you a virus from the time you download and shut down your laptop or computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD Guffins, no matter how fun it is!

i can be games that look really fun (downloadable games)

it is aptly named 'virus' as it operates similarly to biologically viruses. this is because both use the hosts system(in this case your laptop) to function and or reproduce. It is basically a program that forces your computer to run it. It runs like any old program with the exception that it leads detrimental effects on your laptop

Because there probably is a virus in your computer....

Yes. All must be purchased and installed into your computer/laptop.

your computer might run slower and your home page might change

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