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No. RVs require their own insurance policies.

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Q: Does state farm home owners ins cover damage to RV due to weather?
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Does State Farm cover damage by raccoons in Texas?

yes,yes they do

Does homeowners insurance State Farm cover damage from nesting raccoons?


Does state farm auto comprehensive cover damage caused by birds?

It depends on how the damage was done by the bird.

Does state farm insurance cover raccoon damage in attic?

I understand, from conversation with State Farm agents, that yes, State Farm, at least here in Colorado, does cover damage done by raccoons, even though State Farm policies may not cover damage done by "rodents" or "vermin". Raccoons are generally considered to be "wildlife" and thus, damage done by them is treated similarly to dmaage done by their distant cousins, bears.

Does Florida law state that condo owners are not responsible for water damage to other units?

State law is not involved in this kind of situation: the association's governing documents, master insurance policy coverage, together with the owners' HO-6 policies determine responsibility for water damage.

Does state farm cover slab leaks?

State Farm is very likely to cover water damage, and the repair of a leak to stop water damage that has already occurred in your home. They may or may not cover slab leaks that have not caused damage to your home or belongings. They will almost certainly cover the cost of a pipe that leaks upstairs and causes massive amounts of damage through the ceiling and downstairs. Only a claims adjuster can tell you for certain whether any given circumstances will be covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover water damage from an aquarium?

We actually just had this issue happen to us today, and State Farms is covering all the damage.

Does State Farm Auto Insurance cover flood damage?

Yes it does, through their comprehensive insurance coverage.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing repair to a leaking pipe behind a wall in the house?

AnswerIt may vary state to state but generally NO insurance will not cover the leaking pipe but it will cover the cost to get to it and repair the damage done to get to it as well as cover the damage done from the leak. You are on your own with the cost of the plumber. Best bet is to read your policy on exclusions. If it is not excluded, it's covered.

Does state farm ins comprehensive cover rodent damage in car?

Yes, rodent damage would be covered under your comprehensive coverage, your deductible will be applied.

Who is liable for golf ball damage in Florida?

In the state of Florida, golf ball damage is usually the responsibility of the homeowner. They can purchase homeowners insurance that will cover damage occurring from errant gold balls.

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