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Does the Throttle Body have anything to do with a coolant leak?

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throttle body" fuel", cooling system separate.

On a 3.8 engine the throttle body and upper plenum contain coolant. There is a gasket between them that could leak. More important the upper pleninum on the 3.8 engine often develops a leak near the EGR inlet which is in the area you are concerned with.

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How do i fix a Coolant leak under the throttle body?

You will need to remove the throttle body and replace the throttle body gasket. The throttle body gasket can be purchased at most auto-parts stores.

How do you repair a throttle body fuel leak on a 1997 cavalier 2.2?

Check the throttle body over carefully to find the leak. If a gasket is leaking then a new gasket set will stop the leak. If the body has a crack then you will need to replace the throttle body.

What does coolant spraying all over engine mean?

You have a coolant leak.You have a coolant leak.

Your MX3 V6 94 is overheating and consuming lots of coolant and also seems to go from high to low revs when stationary after cold start?

LeakCheck where the coolant lines go to the throttle body you may have a leak that only presents itself under pressure, as long as the coolant isn't being burnt in combustion in which case you may have a head gasket issue.

What would cause your 94 Mercury Tracer to idle rough and stall when stopped at a light We have already replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Exhaust GAs Oxygen Sensor.?

Look for a vacuum leak. With the engine idling, anywhere you have a vacuum hose attached, Spray some throttle body cleaner at the connections and see if the engine idle picks up even just a bit. If it does, you have a vacuum leak. After checking if you do not find anything, at least spray some throttle body cleaner in the throttle body and clean the throttle blade up. Also try the Idle air Control Valve Located on top of your throttle body, or even the throttle position sensor

350 fuel injected Chevy idles to high?

Check for a vacuum leak or sticking butterfly valve at the throttle body, or possibly a sticking throttle linkage or throttle cable.

What would cause engine to rev?

Damaged throttle cable, dirty throttle body, broken/damaged throttle cable return spring, vacuum leak, an obstruction around the throttle pedal such as a floor mat,

Where would coolant leak from the head gasket?

The coolant will normally leak into the oil or into the cylinder

Why coolant reservoir leak?

Because some opening formed which is allowing coolant to leak out.

Can the water pump leak if you do a coolant flush?

Yes, the water pump can leak if you do a coolant flush.

What is causing your 94 s10 to surge?

Could be a vacuum leak. Check the throttle body base gasket.

What causes engine to idle high in a 1987 Chevy S-10?

vacuum leak, check the gasket under the throttle body for a vacuum leak. Spray some carb cleaner around the base of the throttle body while the engine is running. If there is a vacuum leak you will hear a change in the rpm's when you hit the right spot.

Can a leak in the Thermostat housing in a 2006 Dodge Stratus cause the vehicle to overheat?

Any coolant leak can cause an overheat.Any coolant leak can cause an overheat.

How to find coolant leak?

If you do not visibly see a coolant leak, have the cooling system pressure tested. If the leak is not obvious it could be internal.

Why does fuel leak into throttle body?

Assuming you have throttle body injection, you may have a faulty/dirty injector. Give us more info such as the year, make, model and engine to help us help you.

1988 Chevrolet pickup idles too high and pops at idle?

You may have a vacuum leak, check the gasket under the throttle body, spray some carb cleaner around the base of the throttle body while the engine is running. If there is a leak you will hear a change in the engine rpms.

Why does your 1989 Chevy S-10 Blazer idle high?

A vacuum leak can do that. Check the gasket at the base of the throttle body for leaks. It was common for that gasket to crack and allow a vacuum leak. With the engine running, spray carb cleaner around the base of the throttle body. If the idle changes briefly while you are spraying that area you have found the leak.

What causes a Runaway engine on 2000 neon?

A large intake manifold leak. Check the boot at the throttle body.

Why does coolant leak when the engine is off on 99 grand am?

why does the coolant only leak when engine is off on my 1999 grand am?

Coolant leak on 93 cavalier?

A coolant leak on a 93 cavalier could be anyplace where coolant flows. Check all hoses, connections, the radiator, and heater core for any possible leak spots.

Can a coolant leak in a 2002 Bonneville be fixed?

In general, yes a coolant leak in a 2002 Bonneville can be fixed. The issue whether it is worth the money to fix the leak. If the coolant is leaking from an upper or lower coolant hose, the repair is simple and inexpensive. If the coolant leak is from the radiator, it will be a bit more difficult and/or expensive to repair. Moving up the scale, if the coolant leak is coming from a manifold gasket, it will be still more expensive. Likewise for a coolant leak from the heater core. And at the upper end of the scale, if you are leaking coolant from a cracked engine block, you're looking at replacing the engine.

Why would you suddenly start smelling coolant in and around your car?

You may have a leak of coolant. Take your car to a shop and tell them you are smelling coolant and may have a leak.

Can head gasket leaks destroy an engine?

yes, especially if the leak is causing coolant to leak, you can run out of coolant. then overheat.

How do i find a coolant leak on the front passenger side of a 1996 ford Taurus lx?

Have the coolant system pressure tested, the pressure test will increase the coolant leak.

Why a coolant leak in the middle of engine?

Head or head gasket leak