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it could, but usually, no. 8 out of 10 chance it will not affect your menstrual cycle

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โˆ™ 2009-11-09 20:34:20
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Q: Does the flu shot affect you menstrual cycle?
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Does flu affect menstrual bleeding?

No, having the flue doesn't affect your menstrual bleeding. How much you bleed is primarily dependent on hormones and the uterine lining build-up throughout your cycle.

Does the flu shot affect Depo-Provera?

There are no known drug interactions bewteen the flu shot and Depo Provera.

Cramping in pelvic and nausea for 3 days?

menstrual cycle, food poisoning, stomach flu.

Can you get a shot to cure the flu if you have already had a flu shot and caught the flu?

If you actively have the flu, then the flu shot will not cure it. The flu shot is a preventative measure. There are many strains of flu. Once you have a strain of flu, you are immune to it in the future. The flu shot changes year to year in anticipation of what strains will be prevalent. Once you have gotten the flu shot, there is no need to get the same flu shot that year.

Can you get flu if you had a flu shot?

no because you just got a flu shot so you wont get the flu

Can you get the flu if you got the flu shot?

It is a possibility that you can get flu symptoms if you get the flu shot but it is NOT the flu, just side effects.

Why do you have to take a flu shot?

You have to take flu shot so that you should not catch flu.

How long must a person be free of cold and flu symptoms before getting a flu shot?

While a flu shot will not be effective against any active flu symptoms it will protect against the other flu strains contain in the shot. Flu symptoms such as high fevers, upper respiratory problems should be controlled but the flu virus in a shot is a 'dead' non-active virus and should not affect or cause any current virus.

Can you take ibuprofen before getting a flu shot?

There are no drug interactions reported between the flu shot and other medication. The anti-inflammatory properties of an OTC NSAID, like ibuprofen, would not affect the ability of your body to have the proper immune response to the flu shot.

What is a simile for flu shot?

the flu shot was as painful as a bee sting.

How often do you get the flu shot?

Typically you would get the flu shot yearly, in the fall.

Why get a flu shot?

So you don't get the flu.

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