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Yes, I think so. Maybe you two should try marriage counseling. Good luck and God Bless:) In my eight-year marriage to a narcissist, I found that this was one thing that happened at times. I found that he needed constant excitement from novelty, and that if we could find something novel enough or taboo enough, it revived our sex life. If not, or if he got bored, he'd roam around looking for other women. I think he was even interested in men, although I can't prove it. He had a lot of sexual problems and trouble with intimacy, and he didn't want to think about his problems or work on them. So unless he could have really crazy sex that distracted him from that fact, he didn't want to have sex. He had a tendency toward sadism and control. He was also interested in S & M. But all this masked the fact that he had intimacy issues. Of course, in normal marriages, the sex drive also decreases. The difference is that a narcissist will make a HUGE stink and demand that you do things that are extremely difficult or humiliating to keep the sex life interesting, whereas in a normal relationship, you'd just get counseling or try the kama sutra or something. The narcissist is likely to either shut you out over the issue, or leave over it, or cheat and do risky behaviors, or seek out crazy and novel sexual acts. These are all things done to avoid the issue of problems with true intimacy, which a narcissist cannot have. I wouldn't bother with counseling if he's really a narcissist. I wouldn't bother with any of it. I'd make sure he was a narcissist with narcissistic personality disorder, and then I'd leave. If that's really what he is, you have bigger problems than a flagging sex life.

2006-08-10 06:50:11
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Q: Does the marriage to a Narcissist usually disintegrate into fewer and fewer sexual encounters due to the lack of intimacy and closeness that unravels over time?
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