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The statement "he's always trying to get my information for something" really bothers me. NEVER give out too much info about yourself and he should be man enough to come and see you and ask for a date, get to know you and then the questions begin. Be careful! He may be a nice guy, but the next time one of his friends asks you questions say, "If he wants to know more about me, tell him to quit sending his friends to ask and he should be talking to me, not you!" Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 18:43:04
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Q: Does your friend like you if he always tries to make his friends bump into you and is he trying to get your attention for something?
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If you and a friend are in space which of these could you not do to get your friends attention?


Is it good for your best friend and your boyfriend to be best friends?

well don't always be sure you have to pay very close attention to every detail.

Do best friends always have the same friends?

No, best friends do not always have the same friend. We do not have to force our friends to others.

If a friend of yours always tries to make his friends bump into you does this mean he's trying to get your attention for something or does he like you?

I have a feeling that the friend of your friend is the one who likes you. And yes....they probably do. When someone likes someone else they're going to try to be close that person. Trying to get some sort of physical contact because they're attracted to you. Also, your friend could also like you and is just shy about getting close to you so his/her friends get your attention instead. I hoped this helped... Sincerely, Viola.

Why does your married friend act weird around you only when his wife and mutual friends are around?

Well,He could trying to be something hes not Or hes trying to get attention

All of my friends have best friends except me. There is this one person that is my closest friend but her best friend just moved to our school. Should I try to be friends with them or what?

Your closest friend should include you as her closest friend and still give you the attention she has always given you. Communicate your feelings and fears with your close friend and feel you may be deserted since her best friend is now at the same school and I am sure she will put your mind at rest.

Will a guy tell his friend if he knows you like the friend?

always if they are good friends

Is Blaze Amy's best friend?

No but they will always be friends

What can you do when you have don't have friends?

get out and make's that simple. Like my mom always told me "you have to be a friend to have a friend". good luck!!

Do girls like you if they spend more time with you than her friends?

depends if they like you as a friend or best friend but the answer is yes if she always hangs round with you instead of their friends then she probably ikes you, however it might be that she has had a argument or something like that with her friends so she will come to you as a second friend hope you like my advice i would ask her out

What should you do if your friend is always nasty to you?

They are not much of a friend if they are nasty to you. Move on to friends who respect you.

If your friend disapoints you what you must have to do?

Honesty is always the best policy and if you are true friends then you should be comfortable communicating to your friend that you are disappointed in them and why. True friends always tell the truth and don't harbor problems they may have with their friend.

How do you tell your friends friend you hate them?

Maybe it is best to not even tell them because if your friends friend tells your friend then your friend won't want to be friends with you or maybe you could at least TRY to be friends with your friends friend. Or, tell your friend and hopefully he/she will do something. Avoid talking to your friend's friend until you decide you want to be their friend, too. 4-12-11

Why you like your friends?

You like your friends so if you are in a difficult position they can guard you and make sure there always there !!! And if a friend does not do that they are not a friend just a traitor

How can you make friends?

Well, If you want to make friends, you have to be friendly and kind, ask them to play or ask them: Will you be my friend? I always get friends like that Another note: If you want to get a previous friend back and You did something wrong to them, just say sorry, No big deal. But if you haven't done something wrong to them don't say sorry. Leave them to say sorry to you.

What can you do be a good friend?

always be there for your friends, apart from when you are offered a chocolatepoo. always take a chocolatepoo.

A friends walks in an everyone els walks out?

Your friend are always there for you

How do you know if you are in love with your male best friend?

If you can't stop thinking about him. Also, if you always think about dating him, or being something more than friends.

If someone says my estranged friend does it show that they have a love affair?

Friends are not always lovers, and estranged friends are not always estranged lovers.

Do you need a friend?

Do I need a friend? Well I don't NEED one, but friends are always nice to have :)

How can having a friend have benefits?

friends are always there for you when you are in trouble. No one can replace a good hearted friend.

So my uncle is engaged with one of my friends sister is my friend now my cousin or something else?

55% had a mutual best friend

How do you get your friend to notice you if she is just playing with another friends?

If your friend is hanging out with other people just let her be. Would you like it if you were just being with some friends and you're other SELFISH friends wanted you to play with them? No. You'd just want to relax with those other friends and maybe catch up on some stuff. So don't worry, if you're friend is a true friend she'll eventually come to you. You shouldn't have to do something to catch her attention. True friends know when they're needed.

Friends ignoring me for no reason and seems that there's a spotlight on another friend?

Spotlight on another friend? Is that friend hurt, or did something exciting happen in her life? Maybe that's why she is getting more attention. But if they are just ignoring you just because, then get new friends. Don't stick around, they will keep ignoring you; some friends just aren't meant to last. If they can't appreciate you for who you are, they aren't worth it.

What to make for a friend on a friendaversary?

If you have been with your friends for ages ( months etc ) then the best thing to do is get a braclet say best friends or something.Thats what i did and My best friends and i are still going strong after 6 yrs :) and we still always wear them (: