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We have the same problem with our 1996 Grand Voyager and it was caused by the black knob on the door frame not depressing the female part on the door. I fixed it by putting a wad of foil on the black knob then my husband disconnected the switch on the frame itself in less than 5 minutes. This was after it sat in the shop for a week while the pros told me it was the computer and would take over 1k to fix.

2008-07-21 21:36:16
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What causes a short buzzing noise every once in a while when the car is off?

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1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee buzzes when door is open Shuts off when vehicle is started All doors lock and open fine you would like to know what is causing the buzzing sound?

The buzzer acts as a warning. Almost every vehicle has one. If yours is acting up then it needs to be replaced. Your buzzer unit can be found under the dash-drivers side.

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If it is still on when your car is off it may be a sensor to your brake lights that may need looked at. If it is on when your car is running it may just be something to do with day time running lights. If it is still on when your car is off it may be a sensor to your brake lights that may need looked at. If it is on when your car is running it may just be something to do with day time running lights.

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I have a 1994 Grand Marquis and the buzzing noise that I hear every once in awhile is the load levelers (rear shock system) filling with air. Maybe this is what you are hearing and it is a coinencedence that it stops when you accelerate My 1994 Grand Marquis does something like's the air intake thing (press the gas pedal, it moves a valve at the end of the overhead cam). That valve can stick open slightly and hum. You may notice the car idles faster when it buzzes. This can be fixed by going over the edge of the valve with fine sand paper.

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