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During the cold war in 1969 what do they call this today?


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September 29, 2009 10:01PM

Now that you mention it, the term meant nothing to anybody. It was a fact of life from 1945 until your chosen year of 1969. It was like breathing air, drinking water, or going to work...just part of life. No one made of big deal out of it, no one even talked about it. If the topic, known today as the "cold war" was brought up, it most likely went something like this:

1. Hey did ya hear about that new Russian Sub? (Note: even back then people referred to the Soviets as Russians sometimes).

2. Hey Bob, they got a new tank out, the T-72, ya oughta see it. There's a picture in Time (magazine), forgot what page it's on though.

3. Hey Mike, what tanks are the NVA using over there? (Note: sometimes people didn't even say the words "Vietnam"...just over there; it was the only war going on at the time CONCERNING US Forces).

Bottom line: Cold War is well known and established AFTER IT DISAPPEARED!