Example of mass communication

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Mass Communication is anything that gets to lots of people. For example, tv, radio, and newspapers are all mass communication.

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You are a student journalist articulating your stand on current issues through the school newspaper

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Q: Example of mass communication
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What is the importance of mass communication in modern age?

Mass communication is important in the modern age for a variety of reasons. For example, the global economy relies on mass communication such as the internet.

What is the mass communication process?

what is communication? its the listening, reading, writing & speaking. communcation through radio, tv, internet, newpapers etc are example of mass communication.

Objective of mass communication?

i just want to kw about types of mass communication,objectives and principles of mass communication and theory of mass communication by different writer?

Identify the variable between mass communication and communication?

how can i find the variable between communication and mass communication

Requirements to study mass communication?

what are the requirement to study mass communication

What is stereotyping in mass communication?

Stereotyping in mass communication is when one group is portrayed to be a certain way. For example teenagers may be portrayed to be rude and thoughtless. Fathers may be portrayed to be uninvolved. This is stereotyping.

What is the relationship between mass communication and information technology?

Advances in information technology makes mass communication more available. For example, the Internet makes it possible for people to reach more people.

What is mass com?

Mass communication

What was true about the televangelists?

They preached using mass communication. -APEX

Orkut is which type of communication?

mass communication!

What is mass communication?

Mass communication is a process of communication in a large group of people by the help of a medium.

What is an example for analog communication?

what is an example of analog communication

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