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Q: Explain How the Reformation led to the counter-reformation?
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What has the author Robert Bireley written?

Robert Bireley has written: 'The Refashioning of Catholicism, 1450-1700' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Counter-Reformation, History 'Religion and politics in the age of the counterreformation' -- subject(s): Counter-Reformation, History, Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648

The Reformation and counter reformation led to?

There being more religions then just Catholic.

What did the Reformation lead to?

The Reformation led to the division of Christianity into Catholic and Protestant faiths.

What German monk led the Reformation?

Martin Luther led it

The Catholic church was the focus of the Protestant Reformation and was led by what men?

Type your answer here... The Catholic Church was the focus of the Protestant Reformation and was led by which of the following men?

Who led the protest reformation in Switzerland?

Zwingli and Calvin lead the Protestant reformation in Switzerland.

Who led the English reformation?

Henry the VIII led it and started it when he broke with the Pope.

How did the Reformation affect the world?

How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain.

What was one major difference between the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation led to the creation of new faiths, while the Catholic Reformation involved changes to an existing faith.

What was the movement called that split the church in Western Europe and led to a religious revolution?

Reformation, also called Protestant Reformation.

Who led the Protestant Reformation?

Marthin Luther

What was the name of the movement that led to Protestantism?

The Reformation

Who led the reformation movement?

John Calvin

The German munk who led the initial break with the medieval Christian church?

If the question relates to the beginning of the reformation, Martin Luther was the Augustinian monk (correct spelling) who led the reformation in Germany.

What is the connection between the Reformation in 1517 and Halloween?

There is no connection. The reformation in 1517 was led by Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis. Halloween was led by the ancient Celts to scare away last year's ghosts.

What movement was led by martin Luther in Europe?

The Reformation

What was the significance of The Reformation?

the significance of the reformation was that it started questioning the renaissance (2) it was a religious reform movement that led to a new division of christianity- Protestantism

How did Erasmus pave the way for the Reformation?

He wrote new Latin and Gtreek editions of the New Testament, which raised questions which led to the Reformation.

What effects did the Reformation have on Europe?

A:The Reformation broke the power of the Catholic Church and eventually led to the concept of religious tolerance.

Was the Reformation delayed by the Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic as an organization did not like the developments that led to the Reformation. It did attempt to stop it in many instances.

A led the Reformation movement in England.?

The reformation movement was fueled by an attempt to reform the Catholic Church. There were a lot of false doctrines and malpractices going on in the church.

Who was the German monk who led the Protestant Reformation?

Martin Luther

What issues led to the reformation?

taxes at the time of the catholic revolution

The necessity of the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation was deemed to be necessary to correct abuses and corruption that were endemic within the Roman Catholic Church, which used its far-reaching spiritual, financial, and political power to control and manipulate people afraid for their eternal souls. The Reformation helped refocus organized religion on its fundamental tenets--and was responsible in part as well for the later Counterreformation, which was a reformation within the Catholic Church that sought to rid itself of some of these abuses. Better said would be a large number of disenchanted Catholics believed a change was necessary. And, the Anglican Church was believed to be too much like Catholicism.

What was the main influence of the Renaissance and reformation on the modern world?

The main influence of the Renaissance and reformation on the modern world is that it led to scientific studies and observations.