Ports and Harbors

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A Port can be a harbour, fishing, shipping or ferry port. They can be either sea or river ports. This is where boats and ships are moored. Ask any questions about shipping ports, harbours and what happens in them here.


at moorings on docks
St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Yalta, Vladivostok,Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, Kaliningrad, Novorossiysk, and Murmansk aresome of the port cities in Russia.
Olbia is a port city in the Sardinia section of Italy.
Beihai port (Latitude:21°29' N, Longitude:109°06'E) . Beihai is a major commercial port in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a traffic juncture in south Guangxi and an important foreign trade gateway for Guangxi. The port has bagging facilities with an annual bagging capacity of...
The shoreline around New York Harbor is very steep, and underwater it drops off and becomes very deep very quickly. This makes it an ideal harbor, as there are no shallow places that boats can get stuck on. That is one of the primary reasons New York has become such a major city: it's a...
Yes, kagoshima does have port. This is the one of the important port of Jpan.
Yes Plymouth UK, is a reasonably major port. As the name suggests it is based at the mouth of the River Plym, but it is also at the mouth of the Tamar, Lynher and TAvy Rivers all flowing into Plymouth Sound a large (sort of) natural harbour, protected from the elements by the breakwater. It is also...
The airport, which is part of the port, is the nation's 16thbusiest, and the cargo handling facilities are the nation's 6thbusiest. The ship teminal handled 195 calls, and an ewstimated855,000 passengers.
Switzerland is landlocked. It doesn't have any sea ports. But it does have a river port, Basel on the Rhine. From there ships can reach Rotterdam and the North Sea.
I am going to try and improve this answer slightly. I think with the word "port" there is a little more guarantee that there is "port authority" involved and more police patrol, protection, guarantees for security for import and export trade business etc. A harbor doesn't necessarily define that....
There are river ports and docks, but a harbor requires a seaport outlet, which Kentucky does not have.
Yes and no. London is located on the river Thames which has anestuary that leads out into the English Channel however London doesnot have access to the sea directly (i.e. London does not sitexactly on a coastline).
The Port of South Louisiana is the largest port in the US in terms of total tonnage including exports and imports. This shouldn't be confused with the Port of New Orleans which is 5th.
Foss Marine Holdings, it's an American shipping company that ownstugboats and barges.
St. John's is the capital and largest city and port of Antigua andBarbuda.
During this period, the Persians were tribes to the east of thePersian Gulf, under the control of the Medes. They were farmersliving off their fields and flocks with negligible resources totrade with. It was only at the end of this period that they gainedcontrol of the Medes, took over Babylonia,...
Yes, there are lots of seaports in South Africa. It has a largecoastline, so there are many large towns and cities along it andmany are major ports
The closest would be Huatabampo, some 104 miles (167 km) south ofGuaymas. If you mean "commercial seaport", that would be Mazatlan,some 394 miles (634 km) south of Guaymas.
Names of ports in Romania include Port of Constanţa, Port ofMangalia, Port of Midia,Port of Sulina and many others.
There are many airports in Ireland and as it is an island there arealso many ports in Ireland. The main airport is Dublin Airport.
Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the two biggest ports in the Netherlands.
weather currents would effect tugboats because the water would reel it in and the boat would not be able to move.
In Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
The closest seaport to Mexico City is located on the coastal resort of Acapulco, on the Pacific Ocean. It is 379 Kilometers (236 mi) southwest of the city, taking a 4-hour, non-stop drive. Commercial flights take around 1 hour to fly between both cities.
The city of New York has the busiest port in the US.
No, it is a long way from the sea. Harare is the capital ofZimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa.
Two. Chittagong and Chalna
Durban is the biggest port in South Africa.
When an outside force prevents access, it is called a blockade . When the country prevents someone from accessing their own portsit's just "refusing entry" or some similar term.
Duluth, Minnesota.
Answer . FOB is "free on board" items. i.e. the types of items which are not charged. example: free stuff for marketing, for dealers, for regular customers, etc.. FOB pricing is accumulating the cost of the items which have been given for free, and trying to adjust this cost into the base product...
Aircraft use similar terms Port (left ) Starboard (Right) Forward(front (aft) rear - They do refer to above or below wing as well
The most important seaports in Mexico, ordered by tonnage, include: . Lazaro Cardenas (Pacific Ocean) . Manzanillo (Pacific Ocean) . Veracruz (Gulf of Mexico) . Altamira (Gulf of Mexico) . Isla de Cedros (Pacific Ocean) . Punta Venado (Caribbean Sea) . Guerrero Negro (Pacific Ocean) ....
Autonomous Port of Paris . Baie de la Seine C . Channel Ports D . Port of Dives-sur-Mer H . Port of Honfleur L . La Pallice . Port of Le Havre . M . Old Port of Marseille . Marseille-Fos Port . Port de l'Embouchure . Port de la Daurade . Port of Caen ....
Yuzhne is a port city in Ukraine. Itis on the Black Sea.
A harbour is a place where ships may shelter from the weather or are stored. Harbors can be man-made or natural. A man-made harbor will have sea walls or breakwaters and may require dredging. A natural harbor is surrounded on most sides by land. Harbors and ports are often confused. A port is a...
San Diego presents a large, natural harbor. It was known to the first residents of the area in prehistoric times at least 10,000 years ago. It was on September 28, 1542, that Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo sailed into the harbor and claimed the area for Spain.
Scapa Flow in Orkney is known as one of the world's largest naturalharbors. It is not deeper than 200 feet, most of the depth being nomore than 98-100 feet deep. The definition of harbor is rathervague, however, leaving it up to most cities to make their ownclaims as to whether or not they're the...
The biggest harbours are :. 1. Sydney, Austrailia.. 2. Poole harbour, England
the largest container port in the world is Jiangsu Province