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Questions about the sport of skiing, how to take care of skis, and different competitive skiing events.
Skis,helmet,ski boots,ski poles,coat,snow pants,water proofgloves,hat and that's pretty much it. . Perhaps a bit of snow as well could help.
Sunglasses are one of the few accessories you wear that not onlylook cool but also ... For skiing, snowboarding, surfing,skateboarding or driving,
Tricks and jumps
Skiing is definitely easier to learn. I've skied for almost 5 years, and just recently I've been trying snowboarding. But I've heard that once you get the hang of snowboarding It's really fun and easy. That is definitely true, I've been a skier for 6 years and a boarder for 2. Skiing was much easier...
you twist your ankles and you turn. then stop and do again the other way. You never twist your ankles while skiing. If you are capable of it your boots aren't fitting you properly. Your ankles shouldn't move. You do roll your KNEES however. That is carving which is fairly advanced skiing. For the...
The same way you stay standing when you're not skiing. Your legs keep up upright. Of course, balance is a bit harder while you are moving forward.. Keep your legs shoulder width, and lean front words.
In Mammoth Lakes CA, on the holidays, about 150 tourists are injured skiing in the span of about two weeks.
There is some in big bear and in mount russia
Metal or Wood, Foam, Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Wax.
The first skis created were made of wood, and they didn't use any kind of wax. And, for some reason, they only used one pole. Now the skis are made out of fiberglass, and they have become shorter than before. And the poles are usually made out of aluminium.
It depends on what quality you are looking for. They can range to $25 to several hundred dollars. You can usually find a good pair with a reasonable price at a pawn shop or on Craigslist.
Ski jumping happens the most in races and skiing lessons
If you were a US civilian living during World War II, whichgovernment action would have influenced your everyday lifemost? .
study the best cross country skier and look at what he/her does
Because the material properties are suitable, weight, springiness, slick surfaces, strength etc.
Skiis, ski poles, ski boots, snow pants, coat, mittens, ski helmet/ hat, ski gogles. :-)
There are usually 3 basic ski wax's, cold temp, warm temp, and all temp. An all temp wax works just as well as a specific temp wax unless your trying to shave microns of your lap times. I strongly suggest using Choad Cheese snowboard wax, it's locally sourced handcrafted wax, and it's made in the...
Actually, Alaska is an year round destination for skiing. You cancome anytime you want. But, Alaska's peak season generally runsfrom the first week in February to the second week in May. And ifyou want to go heli skiing, you can come February to first week ofMarch!
first to anwser your question, it says that you have to be 18 orolder and have to be representing the country that you were bornin. :)
It was shut down in March of 2009. Bad weather, thinning crowds, as well as corporate competition have caused this wonderful resort to close. Once the nicest, one of a kind place in the area, it could no longer compete. From what I understand, there is still some golf activities there, although...
Annemarie Moser-Pröll with 62 world cup wins.
well u need skis so u can ski, a ramp to jump off, and a hill to land on.
is scheduled on march 19 in aspen
Remove strap from grip. . Soak grip and top of pole in hot water for 5 mins. . Get your strongest friend to twist the grip back and forth until it slides off. Don't worry, it will work lose - keep trying. . Cut off pole using hacksaw. . Push grip back onto pole. Be sure it goes on all the way....
well that kind of depends. different people have different aspects of that kind of thing but i just think it is not really a question of who's the best but who do you think is the best. the editor of the bellingham Jerald (if you want to be a writer or show off your skills as a writer then join the...
Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden who won 86 world cup competitions and several gold in the olympics.
Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden. 3 overall world cup titles, 8 slalom world cup titles, 8 giant slalom world cup titles, in total 86 world cup race wins (which no one else is close to) and gold medal in both slalom and giant slalom in the olympics.
France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.
it helps your skis glide over the snow and reduces friction!
There are thousands of ski resort in the Alps! Here you find a list of over 1000:
alpine skiing is played when people ski down a very big and white snowy hill. and that is how it is played
Slalom, Giant slalom and Super giant slalom.
No, you should not wax scaled cross-country skis. This style of ski is scaled for the purpose of not having to wax at all. However, if you want to improve your speed on scaled skis, you could glide wax the bottoms of your skis outside of the scaled area. Glide wax is a type of hard wax applied by...
no nc is ski jumping and cross country skiing
There's obvious differences ... 1. Terrain - Skiing isin the snow. Skateboarding is on Concrete. 2. Skiing isskiing, you ski, two legs on skis...And now your skiing.Skateboarding, you push, roll, grind, ollie, flip tricks,transfers...Its just way more awesome than skiing.
Sondre Norheim was born on June 10, 1825 and died on March 9, 1897. Sondre Norheim would have been 71 years old at the time of death or 190 years old today.
The numbers could indicate your kick zone in relation to how tall you are. However, the sidewalls of skis vary from brand to brand.
Snowmass, Colorado Red River, New Mexico Sunlight, Colorado Veil, Colorado
1)Beginner 2)Intermediate 3)advanced
If most popular means most visitors it's Les 3 Vallées with a transport capacity of a quartier of million persons per hour.
Big Air was introduced in 2008. The winners since then have been: (2008) X Games 12: Jon Olsson (2009) X Games 13: Simon Dumont (2010) X Games 14: Bobby Brown
There are loads of Norwegian skiers with 12 medals. The most successfull cross-country skier ever is Björn Dählie from Norway with in total 63 gold medals including 46 world cup wins, 9 world championships and 8 olympic golds. And that's only the golds.
thomas nicholson
For Alpine skiing need Balance.
Lindsey Vonn participates in alpine ski racing.
skis work because the way the hot dried wax maks the snow slick for the skis. The skis hot wax does not rub off because your speed.
it gets up to fifty kilometres
Vikersund, which has the record for world's longest jump.
Then you first need to know which is the longest and that is a bit unclear. The second longest and it's location is one of the runs shown below. 1) Vallée Blanche in Chamonix from Aiguille du Midi down to Chamonix. There are several different numbers given for this run between 20 and 22 km....
He appeared calm and positive at a news conference last Thursday, his first appearance in public after losing his leg. He accepted his destiny and is going to get through this hard period of his life together with his girlfriend Eva. He is happy he even survived. He is getting a very good medical...
It is the notch part of the line at the bottom behind the healbaseplate. Adjust the side 'stems' such you just see the notch whenthe shoes are in the binding. This is guideline only, better toleave it to a pro.
A terrain park is usually made up of various Box/ Rail features, and Kickers / Jumps. Skiiers can utilize both of these features in many ways and combinations. Kickers . Spins . Anything from 180 degrees upwards, to 1800's. . Unnatural . This relates to spins, everybody has a natural way to...
#1. Aspen - Aspen, a famous Rocky Mountain town in Colorado, is a European-style ski village built in the 1960's and visited by famous celebrities. It is a spectacular world-class ski resort. Other outdoor sports in this spectacular world-class ski resort include white water rafting on the...
i think that ski jumpers eat is that they eat low carb diet foods to stay fit and to make it to the finish and win the gold
Yes, but why would you? If a low fluoro wax is needed ... then use a low fuoro ... which is less expensive than mixing a non-fluoro one with a high fluoro one. I use the super expensive one's when racing, keep my race skis "prepped" with a high quality non-fluoro wax and only use the fluoro for a...
They are flat and wide otherwise you could sink in the snow if it was tiny and its flat so u can maximize preasure on snow so u can stay on snow. Everytime you jump or everytime your ski looses attraction with snow you loose speed. Loose time. or you can make some by googling the instructions
You can define largest in several ways: largest vertical drop, uphill lift capacity, highest elevation or most skiable acres (on 1 lift pass). I will rank the top 7 (because 2 on the list are on a combined lift pass) using the last method as it seems to be the best way to relay the largness of a...
You can define largest in several ways: largest vertical drop, uphill lift capacity, highest elevation or most skiable acres (on 1 lift pass). I will rank the top 7 (because 2 on the list are on a combined lift pass) using the last method as it seems to be the best way to relay the largness of a...
Hermann Maier with 54 world cup victories.
Here's the 5 male downhill skiers having most world cup wins: 1. Ingemar Stenmark (SWE) 86 2. Hermann Maier (AUT) 54 3. Alberto Tomba (ITA) 50 4. Marc Girardelli (LUX) 46 5. Pirmin Zurbriggen (SUI) 40 Here's the 5 female downhill skiers having most world cup wins: 1. Annemarie Moser...
well obviously when it's cold but if you mean time of day then in the morning...first tracks is always the best
Well, at least for Europe I've never heard about any ski resort not allowing snowboarding.
Nordic combination is the combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing.
You can either turn quickly to the sides to decrease friction, thus slowing down, or for begginers, just slightly tilt your skiis inwards(but do not cross them)
Definitely! Skiing is by far my favorite passion, and it wouldn't be that way if I had not gone on that first trip to Vermont. Pack warm, pack well, and have a blast!
the main idea of alpine skiing is to go down a hill staying in control and be the fastest down first. sometimes there are slaloms to go around. skiing is really fun by the way
Cross-country: Back-country. Alpine: Off-piste.
Pro Skiers is a large range of people. If you are talking about the unheard of people they live in there cars and stuff. People such as Simon Dumont, Jon Olson, and Sammy Carlson don't have a yearly salary. They live off of sponsorship points. Sponsorship points are basically how much you can show...
It is a race, the winner is the first to arrive
Longer skis. Different wax. Steeper slope. Guts
the judges score on how fast you go down the hill.
Snow machines was first invented by Art Hunt, Dave Richey and Wayne Pierce in 1950.
An estimate: Say 1000 resorts with on average 50 pistes make up 50.000 pistes.