The Federal Republic of Germany is a country in Western Europe covering an area of 357,021 sq km. It is the most populous member state of the European Union with 81.8 million inhabitants. Germany is home to the third-biggest number of international migrants worldwide.
Kartoffelwurst . Hot dog . Thuringian sausage . Beutelwurst . Kochwurst . Jagdwurst . Stippgrütze . Frankfurter Rindswurst . Thüringer Rotwurst . Grützwurst . Brühwurst . Gelbwurst . Cervelat . Knipp . Weißwurst . Teewurst . Mettwurst . Blutwurst . Liverwurst . Braunschweiger ....
Germany is a MEDC because it has a high GDP per capita, it also hasindustry and it has services, like health care and schools.
Yes they did. Germany started regular television broadcasts in1935. Although most people didn't own televisions then, they wentto television parlors to watch.
Once Hitler assumed control of the German parliament, he had wasted no time in violating some of the terms in the Treaty of Versailles such as the build-up of armed forces, and the re-militarization of Rhineland in 1936.
Given that Hitler was a mortal enemy of the US, Nazi Germany would never have issued dollar coins. Its value is would be given in Reichsmarks, the currency of the Nazi regime. That said, 1937 5 RM pieces were made of 90% silver and carry a portrait of former Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg. As...
Pi is in the German language also "die Kreiszahl".
7 hours 28 min 741.1 km, via car
137,847 square miles.
Why are dogs important in the US? Or Australia? What kind of question is that or do you come from China?? They are really nice pets, faithful and friendly. Also some work as guide dogs for the blind or as rescue dogs or with the police...
He joined the Nazi partyin 1919 and then when the Party win more seats in Parliament he eliminated all opposition and took control of Germany.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic Germany) is the current name and was the name of the western part. The eastern part was called Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic)
Germany is in the continent of Europe.
The flight init self would be 7 hours how long the sop overs are is a completely different thing, you coulkd be sitting in the airport any where from 2 to 10 hours!
Google maps are helpful. About 90 km, takes about an hour by car on the Autobahn.
Some of Germany's terrain is flat and good for beets, and in the hill and mountainous regions, veggies, pork, milk, and beef.
Definetely potatoes. And cabbage. And rice, by now, as it's as cheap as potatoes.
Like most other countries Germany has signed many international treaties. It is a member of the UN, NATO and the EU.
There are several mountain rangers in Germany. Some of the mostprominent are the Alps, the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forestmountains and the Harz Mountains.
The autobahn in Germany is 7580 miles long.
The English Garden in Munich, Germany is the larges city park inEurope with different activities that people can engage with.Another famous garden in Germany is the Chinese Tower with livebands may play in the garden and people can visit the beer garden.
There are 380 miles between St. Louis and Hamburg.
They are separated by the Atlantic they are pretty far
As I understand it nobody died due to the Soviet blockade ofBerlin. The US Air Force began flying in supplies long before thatwould have become an issue. A few deaths did result from airplanecrashes during the airlift operations to supply Berlin. However of course some people did die during the...
Of those cities, Leipzig is the closest.
No, he left it in ruins.
THE OFFICIAL NAME OF GERMANY IS Bundesrepublik Deutschland . ALSO KNOWN AS. Federal Republic of Germany . .
Germany is run by a federal parliamentary constitutional republicform of government. The country has a president, a chancellor, anda legislature.
Germany does not have a state flower/plant. The German symbol of state is the eagle.
It's at the Rhine river between Koblenz and Mainz. The small town next to lorelei is St. Goarshausen.
Germany attacked the USSR and won many battles but in the end he lost to Russia's mighty force both in Russia and Germany.
The tallest church in Germany is the Ulm Munster in Ulm, Germany.
The Pacific Ocean
In June 1941, Germany invaded Russia. The invasion was called the'operation Barbarossa'. Russia put up a good defense and kept theGermans at bay for some months.
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there are mostly white people and there was black people as well
Canadian exports to Germany are helicopters, airplanes andspacecraft; turbo-jets, turbo-propellers and other gas turbines;iron ores and concentrates; coal and solid fuels manufactured fromcoal. Germany exports to Canada are motor vehicles and parts; machineryand aircraft; medical, surgical, and...
President Christian Wullff is a member of the Christian Democratic Union
Germany covers an area of 137,847 square miles and has a population of 81m. England is nearly 1/3rd the size at 50,346 sq.mi with a population of 51m.
The German flag is made up of three horizontal bands of black, red and gold. It is based on the colours of the Lützow Free Corps, formed during the German war of Liberation against Napoleon in 1813. The Corps was made up mainly of students. Black, red and gold were furthermore established as...
Angela Merkel is the current chancellor of Germany.
No. Peru is in south America
The City Municipality of Bremen is located in northern Germany.
"The Nazis" is the nickname for the German National Socialist Party
Yes it is. We sell German war flags , but it would be illegal, under German law, for us to send them to Germany. This is also the case in Hungary and Brazil. Each time we sell overseas we have to check the law within the country.
The estimated fligth time between Frankfurt [Rhein-Main], Germany and Tel Aviv [Ben Gurion], Israel is: 3 Hours 17 Minutes ( flying at 900 km/h)
the natioanal German animal is............ The Black Eagle
+1 Hour For example: 00:00 / 12:00 AM London, U.K. 01:00 / 1:00 AM Berlin, Germany
There were a large number of German States that eventually became Germany. After World War 2 the country became split into East Germany and West Germany. East Germany was part of the Communist Bloc and West Germany was a part of NATO. * East and West Germany were united again in 1990.
In the 1730s a tarif wall (Zollmauer) was built around Berlin and with it a number of gates, including, in 1734, the Brandenburg Gate. It remainded in its original form until the last decade of the 18th Century, when it was redesigned in its current form. It was dedicated to Frederick II (Friedrich...
Denver is in Norfolk, in the UK, 2 Km south of of Downham Market. In the UK the currency is the pound sterling . Denver is in Colorado, USA. It's currency is the US dollar.
Apple strudel is one that is eaten.
England, United States, Russia (ALLIES)
yes it is parts of it
Initially it was because both countries opposed Communism. Theirfirst alliance was called the "Anti-Comintern Pact", and was anagreement to help each other if the Soviet Union attacked one ofthem. Just before World War II started, Germany and Italy signed the"Pact of Steel". It was initially...
It refers to the famous German highway.
Berlin (capital) Munich . Hamburg . Frankfurt . Nordlingen . Interingen . Schwäbisch Gmünd Berlin, Hamburg, München, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Bochum?!
The distance between Leipzig and Frankfurt is 186 miles or 300km.
Die Hauptstadt von Deutschland ist Berlin. The capital of Germany is Berlin
No, JaGex, who make the game, are located in England.
The official religion of Germany is Christianity. 65 to 70 percentof the German population practices Christianity. Some other popularreligions include Lutheran-Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism.
Provoking the formal start of World War II, Germany's firstinvasion of the conflict came at the expense of Poland. Beginningon September 1, 1939, German forces poured into Poland from threesides; this resulted in the capitulation of Poland a little over amonth later.
Handball, the football for your hands:)
U-Bahn is a contraction of Untergrundbahn , meaning underground railway. A number of German towns and cities have U-Bahn tracks, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Schöneberg, Nuremburg, Garching, Stuttgart, Hannover, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, and Müllheim
Kaiser Wilhelm II (full name Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht) See link for more information
"a kiss" means "ein Kuss", "to kiss" means "küssen".
You can mail a letter up to 20g to anywhere in the EU for the same price as a first class letter within the UK.
No. Jews and Germans now have mostly overcome their differences.Israel and the United States currently have very strong relationswith Germany. Jews from around the world see that, despite thesporadic surges in anti-Semitism, Germany is a different countrytoday that it was under the Nazis. Germany...
Bread and/or rolls with various kinds of sliced cold sausage (such as salami) and cheese - with strong coffee. Breakfast sometimes includes a boiled egg.. A typical German breakfast is more substantial than a traditional French of Italian breakfast, but it's not comparable to a (full, or fairly full...
It depends, there are no frequent hurricanes or tornadoes in Germany. However, it can be very windy in the northern part of Germany, especially along the coast (the north- and east- sea). The main 'windy' month are autumn (Oct) and spring (April) but heavy winds can also occur in the summer,...