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Animals enrich our lives in so many different ways. The Animal Life category is for questions and answers about animals of all types, including pets, sea life, and farm animals. You can ask questions or find information regarding animals, their history, care, health issues, breeding, and behavior.
The most common health problem for animals is parasites such asfleas or ticks.
The people affected have tried to use repellents such as pepper toward of elephants. Otherwise, the people may attack the elephant orscare it off with spears and whatever other weapons they have touse.
The author Thomas Harris was born on 11 April 1940 in Jackson,Mississippi.
As many as he wants.
Zebras get charger until they are an adult. There are no otherchanges.
The current population is unknown because of the little informationthat is know about its ability to reproduce and the depths thatthey live at.
if they are being tended to they will need to eat ground up foodthat's made for there size,At four months they no longer need toeat that kind of food and require regular fish food.
They are pack animals.
It is a common pet store tarantula.
they use their quills to scare them
spaners woodlice crabs worms people without television
sharks, seals, sea lions and large species of carnivorous fish  along with humans.
Yes it can because some crabs are unique with there shells
they have springy legs
The bald eagle was choosen because of it's association with  authoridy and statehood in fact, the eagle has been used for  govermental power since the Roman times.
Check the internet yellow pages. Or do google search onveterinarians.
best tablet tha resembles computer in terms of software
Yes, but only certain ones. If my guessing is correct, they snatch and eat eagles that go around the rainforest. Since jaguars mainly come from rainforest, they will kill and eat eagles. Usually, like the monkey eating eagle, originally from the Philippines, eats monkeys there. And so jaguars do...
Brown hyenas live in the desert It's very rare you'd see a hyena in the desert though.
Worms could make ones stomach growl, it's very possible.
No, a road runner is warmblooded animal because it is a type of bird.
Reidi Seahorses, Coral beauty angelfish, Fire Coral and many more types of coral, algea and more
first you need tp make sure what your applying is age appreotriate.  It also depends on the type pf product. Some go between the  shoudlers and other go down the entire back and thats if topical.  There are pills and collars.
Rats live on every continent on earth, except Antarctica, whereit's too cold, too few humans, and no food chain for any animal.
Feed your pet and give him or her love.have him fetch something I don't know I have the same exact problem
Tasmanian devils' breeding season lasts from March to May. Femaledevils will mate with dominant males, who fight to gain theirattention. Three weeks after conception, the females give birth toup to 50 babies, called joeys. These 50 extremely tiny joeysscramble to attach themselves to one of the four...
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It feels threatened so it will make itself look bigger by doing that and when they make their throat black, that is to make them seem scary.
What cultural expectations and values does cisneros reveal
Cheetahs live in tropical and warm places, kind of like the  rainforest. They can live in grasslands, savannahs, and other  places.
Because they need to get minerals and trace elements .
No. They are born with about 1/2 inch fur.
The name for a barn loft is hay loft.
No, actually they need to get out of water sometimes. BUT, they can only survive out of water for about 10min or less
no, bears only eat fish and berries but a coyote will kill elk and then a vulture or a hyena will eat the remains.
first of all, its spelled wild. second, there are plenty of wild animals that you can have as pets. some of them are banned in certain states, and legal in others. for example, you may not be allowed to keep a raccoon in texas, but it might be legal in idaho. almost any wild animal can be kept as a...
According to their ancient creation story, the Quileutes were  changed from wolves by a wandering Transformer. By legend, their  only kindred, the Chimakum Tribe, were washed away by flood and  deposited near present-day Port Townsend (where they lived until  Chief Seattle's Suquamish Tribe...
 Cladistics is a method of classifying organisms by common ancestry,  based on the branching of the evolutionary family tree etc 
It looks as any liver would. It is reddish brown depending on how  healthy the goose was. It would have lines, folds and bloodstreams  travelling inside and out.
Right is wrong. Here is the answer: Superstitions about salt date  back to Biblical times when salt was a highly prized commodity. It  was expensive, crucial in preserving food, and was often used in  lieu of currency. So spilling salt was considered an almost  sacrilegious offence, and left one...
A leopard frog (sometimes called a meadow frog) can mean any frogof about 14 species within the true frog genus Lithobates
We should save the Bobcat because if we didn't have them then the pests that they control by eating them would be destroying our economy.
Yes. The three most dangerous sharks can be found in the  Mediterranean* sea.  Dangerous sharks found:   Great White  Tiger shark  Bull shark  Blacktip shark  Three species of hammerheads  Shortfin mako shark  
A baby kangaroo is called a joey. Joeys are born very early in thegestational period and stay in the pouch for around nine months.
An ant can go a mile before stopping.
around 4 million years ago. The Grevy's zebra is believed tohave been the first zebra species to emerge. Zebra Characteristics.
Well all happiness is determined by how well their treated or if they feel safe.
The first breed of puppies were Paleolithic.It existed over 31,700years ago.
They can bleed for 3-5 days after giving birth. It is not uncommon  for the bleeding to continue for up to 7 days.
emus . EMUS?? :-) I dare say there might be some emus there, but mostof "what" lives by the R. Thames is "who" - they are calledLondoners!
yes..The bobcat resembles other species of the Lynx genus,but is on average the smallest of the four. Its coat is variable,though generally tan to grayish-brown, with black streaks on thebody and dark bars on the forelegs and tail. Its spotted patterningacts as camouflage. The ears are black...
Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. They have large ears forbeing such a small dog.
Anti parasitic medication, like "Frontline" and "K-9 Advantics"  keep ticks off of dogs. But cutting down long grasses and trimming  bushes and tree limbs keeps ticks from climbing onto the tips and  getting on your dog when it brushes by.
If they are in a tank, make sure they are fed and the water is  clean. To clean the tank, remove the fish and put them straight  into another source of water. Remember if your fish is salt or  fresh water.  If the fish is in the sea, river or pond, its best to leave  it.  If the fish is on...
A mucivore eats mucus or sap from plants. Mucivores are usually insects.
Warm-blooded. Also primate, cetacean, or whale.
If you are looking for the number of different animal species thatlive in Nevada, I doubt you will find a detailed list. It has to bein the hundreds and would include vertebrates and invertebrates.Over 480 species of birds have been found there. Nevada's list of protected animals currently includes...
Yes a female black widow spider will kill and eat her mate.
when they want food veggies
Holstein-Friesian are the most popular breed of  cattle found. Many farms keep these milk cows.
Don't be a jerk to your dog
probably something to do with the nerves in there legs it's a age  thing not an illness or anything
For one, you probably mean, Garter Snake. Some may have a checkered  blotched design on the length of it's back, and olive drab colored,  while some will have some stripes (ribbons) the length of it's  body. Ribbon snakes are related to Garters.   Two, they generally eat frogs, snails, slugs,...
Yes, mammals have more teeth that reptiles. The land mammal with  the most teeth is the Giant Armadillo (Priodontes  giganteus) with as many as 100 teeth. The average range for  mammals however is 20-40. Reptiles rarely have many teeth, if any  at all. The crocodile has the most, with around 80...
No, they do not have teeth.
Eels, dugongs, dolphins and other marine mammals, and large fish  including sharks. 
Wolf spiders can be found in basements, but usually they make their  way there accidently. They prefer outside environments such as  shrublands, woodlands and forests.
No. They are related to pigs.
First, you need to check your city ordinences. They are not allowedin city limits in all areas. When they are, there are usuallylimits on the types of chickens, and how many per square feet ofopen yard. It is best if you have your own fenced off yard. Youwould need to build a small coup that is...
Tony Dow played Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver, the Beaver's older and sometimes wiser brother. Dow played Wally in all but one of the original 235 episodes.
of course. The same as when women are on threres they need bathed.
It is a big white bear, has thick fur, and it's warm-blooded. it's white and furry It is white and furry. It has four legs and four claws on each. Its tail is white and very small, so small that some people don't even notice that it has a tail at all! Its face is very fierce looking and its sharp...
168 cm is around average height for an adult woman, so anything  from 14 hands on upward would fit well depending on the horses  build.
Yes, colossal squids do squirt black ink when attacked.
Only certain human food prepared a certain way can be fed to dogs. Many human foods are not able to be processed well and will cause pancreatitis which a very serious illness. The rule of thumb is to never feed your pet human food.
  yes,   in the crocs body they need a palatel valve because the palatel valve stops the water from leaking from the water in the crocs throut. if you ever see a crocodiles mouth open, sometimes well most of the time you cant see down their throut this is because the palatel valve is closed!!...
The width of females are wider than males, and the male's barbels  (whiskers) are also larger.
Yes. There are around 460 still left alive today. 200-260 survive  in the wild, with an additional 200 kept in zoos. There is much  being done about the population and hunting.
It is a herbivore. It eats mainly seeds, leaves, mangrove shoots, and unripe fruit.
Just as parents "childproof" their home, so should pet owners  "petproof" theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infants  and small children, are naturally curious and love to explore their  environment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can't know  what is dangerous and what...
pretty all types of cichlids do. they might like laser pointers, like a cat does
they have a chemical in there body that uses energy to make light.
depreciation affect cost of sale and gross profit but not net  profit how is this statement true