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Volleyball is played both indoors and on the beach. Teams get three chances to hit a ball over the net in hopes of grounding the ball on the opposite side. Ask questions about volleyball rules, techniques and teams here.
25 points with a minimum 2 points advantage. In effect, this question is unanswerable. The reason, is due to two unknowns 1) the final score of each team and 2) the winning team must have a two point advantage over its opponent !
A spike ball hit is when your hand is open and you hit the ball (hard) to the other side.
This move is used chiefly as a defensive position to stop spiked balls. As with spiking timing is important in blocking. A player must anticipate an opponent's spike and position him or herself accordingly. The blocker's arms should be extended upward with fingers spread wide apart. This allows the...
Vectors are one of the any variables used in the calculation of thespeed of the ball.
By the aims of volleyball, if u mean goals, are to set up a play to score a point. If u mean where to hit the ball, you can hit/serve the ball into one of the 9 sections on court
it is just a little smaller then a basketball court
The equation for kinetic energy is KE=(1/2)*m*v^2. With m equal to0.725 kg (we want to convert it to kilograms so that the units workout to be kg*m^2/s^2 which is a Joule) and v equal to 20 m/s we getKE=(1/2)*0.725*20^2=145 Joules or 107 foot-pound force.
The aim of the game of volleyball is to not let the volleyball hit the ground on your side. Each team aims to bump (Pass), set, and spike. Eventually beat the other team.
She's a professional beach volleyball player. She and her partner Misty May won the gold medal the 2004 Olympics.
A libero is a defensive specialist. They usually wear a differentcolor from the rest of their team. They can not play in the frontrow and do not have to sub in and out.
This is a tough answer because the rules are constantly changingand it depends whether you are playing indoor or beach. The simpleanswer is if there is excessive rotation on the ball, you contactthe ball with both hands at different times, or hold onto the balltoo long while setting, it will be...
They are the shoes you use to play the sport and help secure yourfeet in position. Volleyball shoes are typically low-top and builtwith plenty of support for the ankle. Popular brands for volleyballshoes are Mizuno or Asics.
You really don't. If your coach is making you, it's probably because they have a better grip then regular sneakers or tennis shoes, not because they're required.
In youth wreck, you can serve three times before the ball is handed over to the other team. I think in middle school, high school, and select volleyball, you can serve until you mess up.
no just get it to where the setter can set it for a player to spike it
tennis, handball, baseball, and basketball
i played volley ball but it was a few years ago but if im not mistaken it has 3 outs
There are two scoring systems in volleyball: rally score and traditional score. Rally score is when a point is given to a team each time the play ends. For example, if the opposing team misses a serve or a hit, the point would go to our team. In traditional scoring, the serving team may only receive...
If the opposing team fails to hit the ball back over the net with 3or less hits, hits the ball out of bounds, or breaks one of therules, the other team gets a point. Scoring varies betweendifferent leagues, tournaments, and levels however. The averagemiddle-school game plays two matches to 25 points...
The game of volleyball goes to 25
Volleyball, the name was changed because the objective of the game is to "volley" the "ball" from court to court.
A team can have any number of players but only 6 play on the courtat a time.
You typically defend a spike by putting a block up. Either 1, 2, or even 3 people try to block the ball and stuff the hitter. However, if the block is late or the spike gets through, the back row defenders must pick it up. They must be low and on their toes because the volleyball can go in any...
first make sure your right hand is on top of the left palms up and you thumbs are on top of the right hand. second make sure your arms are straight. third don't put your arms together until your under the ball. here's a tip don't be afraid of the ball and dive use those knee pads.
An object whose mass is small has less inertia than an object whose mass is large does. So basically since a volleyball has a small mass it takes less force than it would take a bowling ball because the bowling ball is heavier and needs more force to go the same distance.
on a volleyball court
the answer to the question is underhand
Volleyball was introduced in the olympics in 1964 by the japanese Hope i helped
A volleyball does not have any flexibility at all.
you cant flex a volleyball but you can use your flexibility playing volleyball...whenyou bump,set, or spike the ball you are using flexibility to bend you back or do anything of that sort to get the ball.....is that good enough?
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The origin of the libero is that they are usually the best passeron the team or DS (defensive specialist). Hope this helped.
First african american to play volleyball?
In volleyball you win two games of at least 25 points and win if some team over 25 or at 25 points by two points for example the games score now is 25-24 the team does win until they are two points ahead of the other team.
It is a sport in which 6 players have 3 chances to pass the ball back over the net to another team of 6
Have a good attitude. Don't be rude to the other team. Cheer on your team, and the others. And remember....work hard, play hard.
The left front position is the outside hitter. The middle front position is the middle hitter. The right front position is the setter.
A dig is when you dive to get the ball and most of the time in beach volleyball, you extend one arm and hit it with just that one arm. I started playing beach volleyball in Hermosa Beach in'55. The dig came from the feeling of digging it out of the beach without allowing the ball (spike) to hit...
There is a setter. Setter - a setter is basically the leader out on the court. She/he is the one who calls the plays and she/he is the one that sets the hitters up to spike the ball at the other team in hope of a point. Outside Hitter- usually the ones who attack the ball on the outside of the...
They are just called points. I guess you could call them wins or something but yeah...points.
The size of a indoor volleyball court.. The standared size of court is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long. Width and length, however, can be increased or decreased depending on the area available. a woman
Answer . If the ball had any contact whatsoever on or within the baseline, it is fair. Otherwise, it's a foul and counted as a strike, but a foul cannot strike you out.
You get to teach people an awesome sport! Also usually you getpayed ;)
You are running around in volleyball just like you are in track.
RS stands for right side hitter. Usually right side hitters are lefties (left-handers).
Media does not encouraging Volleyball in India because no one wants to play this game Indians thought that it's a game of villagers ,Illitirate people but from my opinion no game is illitrate people make it.
\n . Hitting the ball illegally and when set can not slap and also cant hit the ball under hand with two hands.
Hurting your hands in volleyball is almost a given. I have been playing volleyball for over six years and I have jammed at least three fingers each season. Additionally, I have torn ligaments in my thumb and I need to get surgery. Volleyball is all about your hands. Your hands are involved in...
The job of the lines man is to tell the ref if the ball is in or out. If the ball lands on or inside of the court line than it is called in. If it lands out of the lines than it is called out.
For Season 75, First six are Alyssa Valdez, Gretchen Ho, Dzi Gervacio, Fille Cainglet, Jem Ferrer and Denden Lazaro.
Answer . breakdown maintenance.
It can either be called a lift or a carry. Sometimes if the ref thinks that you touched the ball twice in that split second they will hold up two fingers and that basically means a lift or a carry.
Volleyball was invented in the year 1780..
you have to win best out of 5 matches race to 25 points win by two
Wiley Middle School. Monticello Middle School
On the court there are six players. All together there is usuallytwelve
If it was a hard spike and the player got low and fore-arm passed it (bumped it) it's called a DIG.
There are none. If there are more than 6 people on your team, you rotate in and out, so really there are no subs.
There are 6 players on a regulation volleyball team.
the winner goes to 25 but you have to win by 2 points
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The game ofvolleyball, originally called "mintonette," was invented in 1895 byWilliam G. Morgan after the invention of basketball only four yearsbefore..
An overhand serve is when you toss a ball in the air and hit it by swinging your hand in the air and hitting it with your palm and getting it over the net.
People yell that out which means take back the serve/win the point.
yeah that is basicly it but the libro switchs with the center after the team looses the serve
You can buy them online at spikevolleyball.com, volleyball.com or at some sporting stores like Dick's Sporting Goods.
There are multiple sets in volleyball. They are mostly categorizedby numbers. You have an outside which is a 4. A weak side hit which is a 9. Themiddle can run a 1 or 2. A 1 is when the ball is just above theheight of the net and the hitter runs to the setter as soon as theball is passed. A 2 is a...
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you have to have at least one other person with you when you play professional and AT LEAST 4 other people, but you play with 6 total normally but you CAN play with 5 on wreck.
(a)Simple service. (b)Tennis service. (c)Round service. (d)Side arm floating service. (e)Overhead floating service .
Volleyball was earlier played on beaches. as people started liking this game it was included in olympics. and now it is played in many countries.
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Willam morgan has invented in 1985 in usa
It depends on how young you are. The youngest I've seen is third grade.
Um... I can give you the rules if you want them? Hope this helps! THE SERVE ( A ) Server must serve from behind the restraining line ( end line ) until after contact. ( B ) Ball may be served underhand or overhand. ( C ) Ball must be clearly visible to opponents before serve. ( D ) Served ball...
The other team is called the receiving team. Very simple. The captains of both teams meet by the referee and the referee flips a coin. The team that called the right side gets to choose. The team that decides to receive is called the receiving team. The team that serves is called the serving team.
an attack hit in volley ball is when you spike the ball over and did it right from the attack line aggressively!!
until 1 team gets to 25 then they play another round up to 25 and the third they play to 15