George Washington

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George Washington is an American hero. He played a leading role in the American Revolution, resided over the Constitutional Convention, and became America's first president. He is often referred to as the "father of the country."
Washington took no part in the Quebec Campaign. Benedict Arnold,General Mongomery, and Daniel Morgan were the American commandersof that ill-advised fiasco.
Washington was primarily home schooled, but for a short time he didattend a porchial school run by the local episcopal priest. He wasscheduled to leave for England to attend boarding school there whenhis father died, throwing the family into a financial crisis.
George Washington grew up in farm houses. George Washington'sfather died when he was 11 years old. Many babies and children didn't survive due to the lack of cleanfood and water, and they didn't have medicine to treat people. George Washington may have attended a school near his farm. Duringthat...
He was trained in the occupation after being denied permission tojoin the British Navy by his mother. Land surveyors were relativelyimportant at the time, as colonial settlement was pushing fartherwest.
Because he thought that he would be come famous
George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis on 6th of January1759. George and Martha met when George is with Martha's friendsduring his vacation from the French and Indian war.
As a kid he was a apprentice, as he grew, he joined the army, andmostly started the french and indian war, but he grew older andwiser, he wrote some books until the Revolutionary war, theyelected him to lead the Army, so he did and won a VictoriousVictory, then everyone loved him/Appreciate him....
Battle at Lexington and Concord is the main reason for open armedconflict between United Kingdom of Britain and thirteen of itscolonies on the mainland of British America.
No, George Washington did not kill his wife. MORE: Martha Washington survived her husband several years after his death. She watched the Masonic funeral from a second floor window of the house. She locked herself in her bedroom and she was so upset over his death.
2¢ - Scott #707 The likeness of Washington by Gilbert Stuart from apainting made at Germantown, Pa., in 1796, known as the Atheneumportrait, the original of which is now in the Boston Museum of FineArts. (4,222,198,300 issued) The bicentennial stamps were first placed on sale January 1, 1932,at...
His acheavments were to become a leader.
Contrary to popular belief, George Washington did NOT chop down acherry tree. It was actually a lie that was published by achildren's author after our first president's death.
No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things...
During the formation of the continental army, many free blacksenlisted. Several slave-owners sent their slaves to fight in theirstead. Many slaves also joined after the US govt promised freedomto slaves who served for a year.
Not NEARLY as strong as the British Army. But the only reason theywon is because 1)The weren't as cocky as the British Army 2) Theiralliance with France played a HUGE factor in who won. If the British sent their whole Navy and their whole military, theAmerican colonies would have easily been...
no, he was not. Washington had the declaration of independence readto his troops in new York city on july 9.
he was our president
1792, but his second term was from 1793-1797
Washington didn't *do* decisions, he made them. What sort of decision are you asking about? Personal, political, military? He made a lot of very important decisions. Way to many to answer briefly.
The Revolutionary War & The Continental Army •80,000 militia and Continental Army soldiers served at the heightof the war. However, men and militias were constantly entering andleaving their volunteer service •55,000 Americans served as privateers during the war •25,000 Revolutionary...
George Washington was only married once, to Martha.
No.. His office was in Penn. The White House was being made after his presidency
It wasn't a farm but a plantation called Mt. Vernon. He had largeacres of crops, a distillery, and herds.
The British fought against the colonists during the revolutionary war. but the British were more likely to win because they were far more wealthy than the colonists were, and the British also had more people in their armies. But the colonists were fighting on familiar land and had they had the...
george lamb was born on 20th December 1979 in fulham, south west London, in 1979, making him 30 years old.
he was a commander and chief of the continental army
George Washington was born in 1732 on February 22nd. He would be turning 278 this year. If he was still alive.
He was and still and to this day he will forever be good looking.
about 30,000 to 50,000 soldiers during the war.
The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association
I believe MJames Monroe crossed the Delaware River earlier theGeorge Washington and at a different place entirely, Corryell'sFerry now New Hope PA. as per the web ; The events during the winter of 1776 and the AmericanRevolution and Coryell's Ferry (now New Hope)...
George Washington's Mount Vernon is the name of George Washingtonmuseum where you can get all the information regarding him from hisbiography to his achievements.
He was magnificent, particularly because he had the ear of King Louis XVI on matters of military equipment and supplies needed by the Continental Army. As to effects, Washington won and Lafayette was Washington's Chief of Staff and Inspector General so he had probably had some part in the victory.
His full name is Georg Moritz Hagen Listing.
so his soldiers would not give up and would want to keep fighting.
clarify this question? Is it overall commander of the Hessian troops in America or the commander of the Hessian detatchment in Trenton when Washington cross the Delaware on Christmas eve? Trenton commander wasn't a general.
No info regarding Senate, but I can tell u Washington was against extending the powers of the House set forth in the Constitution.
George Washington seated a total of ten individual US Supreme Court justices to eleven positions during his presidency; eight were associate justices and three were Chief Justices. The discrepancy in count is due to John Rutledge being named to two non-consecutive positions on the court: Rutledge...
he stuck a gun up his butt and shot himself I dont know
Usually, some of the most important presidents get their faces on money. George Washington gave us independence and was a President, so that is why George Washington is on the $1 bill.
The first battle that they won was the battle at Trenton, the dayafter Christmas..
The United States should avoid European politics and entangling alliances.
He returned to England and was involved in a lot of finger pointing about losing the America's. He later moved to India as an ambassador. That is where he died and is head stone is there today.
Probably he was infertile, due to the smallpox that hecontracted at the age of 19, while he was in Barbados.
There has been over 3,000 books written on George Washington.
No. He thought is should have been Philadelphia.
George Washington's wife's name was Martha Dandridge Custis Washington.
Abraham printed 450 million dollars a large amount for the time. This may the reason. Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. These two presidents were all the only ones that I recalled having a million dollars nick name.
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because he wanted to retire and not be president any more.
He had 2 younger sisters, Elizabeth, and Mildred (who died in infancy).
I don't think he was proud that the tree was cut down. He was proud that when asked George told the truth that he had cut it down......he did not lie.....he fessed up to doing it. Georges dad could have even seen George do it. Telling the truth is a good thing.
Yes.He did.Otherwise he wouldn't work to create a war between the british.
Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was born in 1757. Before his second birthday, his father, a Colonel of grenadiers was killed at Minden. At the age of twelve, his mother passed away and a few weeks later he lost his grandfather to death as well. He was left a very...
You don't. Washington does not require registration.
He was a general in the Revolutionary War.
He was the seventh child of ten. He was born into poverty. He worked at a bookstore when he was just twelve!
No. George Washington was not in The Boston Tea Party.
George Washington had a wife and three kids of his flesh an blood
As a young man, George Washington was learning to be a surveyor. Hestarted working as an assistant surveyor at the age of 16.
Federalists favored a strong central government and Democratic-Republicans faved states retaining authority.
By all accounts, Washington's opinion of John Adams was of respect. He respected what Adams did for the country but leaned more heavily on the opinions of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson more often than he did Adams.
well because they fought on Christmas day adn the other reason was that they were sleeping in there houses
George Washington was elected President of the United States twice, serving nearly 8 years as president.