Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

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Questions about words beginning with certain letters, including those used in the game Scattergories. Scattergories offers players twelve of 144 categories and one of twenty letters each turn, which they have to pair. So, you would have to come up with say, a college major, a boy's name, or another category that starts with the letter B (or whatever letter you roll).
Khakis, Knitted shirts/sweaters
Tippi Hedren. She was in Hitchcock films such as The Birds and Marnie. She was Melanie Griffiths mother. Not sure of any other details such as date of birth etc but I'm sure you can find out on the net if you want to. Hope this helps!
Friend Fun Fair Flight Flew Friday Figure Foot Faint Find Free Flag Freedom Founder Fine Finger French France Fry Feeling
gum, . guitar, . graduate students, . golf clubs, . geometry textbooks, . girls, . glasses,
Bards were musicians who sang about the deeds of people.
Neck tie, that's all sorry 8/
Shorty shorts and a shirt that matches it! You can also wear a pair of skinny jeans and zip up the shoes over them. Don't wear any "seriously punk-rock" clothes with them, unless you usually wear them. I know a girl who wore black skinnies, a studded belt, a black shirt, and a black hat with...
calcic, coccic, ipecac, zincic
Durabrand Digital Digital XL
it was called 'The Dove' and it was made in 1974
Apricot juice is a beverage. A&W Root Beer is a beverage.
Edmonton Eskimos, in Canada.
Mexico, or Malawi (SE Africa). Monaco is technically a principality, a city-state that acts as acountry.
hi my name is abbie and i am learning portuguese now and you will start with ola as that means hello .
· UAZ (Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) (Russian auto)
table . tambourine . teacher . teeth . telephone . tennis . throat
Johnny darter is a fish species found in Canada.
Lovie Smith, NFL head coach, Chicago Bears . LaBron James, NBA star, Cleveland Caviliers . Lionel Richie, singer . Leslie Ugghams, actress . LaToya Jackson, sister, Michael Jackson . Louis Gosset Jr., actor . Lisa Leslie, WNBA, Los Angeles sparks . Le Var Burton, actor, "Roots" miniseries and PBS's ...
Alabama . Alaska . Arizona . Arkansas
Cauliflower is a vegetable. Thetuber of the broadleaf arrowhead is a vegetable.
Read, and if you are a criminal, rape.
they can but its not a goood idea
Cacnea (Pokemon) Cacturne (Pokemon) Calamity Coyote Camerupt (Pokemon) Captain America Captain Caveman Captain Crunch Captain Steven Captain Underpants Carbink (Pokemon) Carnivine (Pokemon) Carracosta (Pokemon) Carvanha (Pokemon) Cascoon (Pokemon) Casper the friendly ghost Castform (Pokemon) Catbus...
Tournament, tantamount, nationality, northernmost, penitentiary, penitent, partitioning, contrition, intuition, internment, transition, infatuation, abstinent, translation, naturalization, transubstantiation (3 Ns and 3 Ts!), tantalizing, tormenting, consternation, contamination, contraindicated...
Uzbekistan is a country in Asia. Theofficial name of the country is Republic of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistanis bordered by Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan andTurkmenistan.
fabric . fanatic . fantastic . fatalistic . fetishistic . frolic . forensic . frantic . feudalistic . futuristic
"Ski" or "chi" both end in "i" and have three letters.
A one letter word starting with I is I.
Xeron. The sharpest sword it the world. There is no knife with aname beginning with X.
There are many protein sources that begin with the letter N. Someexamples include Nori, Napa cabbage, and Nopales.
Label is a synonym for handle (name).
dress,doll,doll ouse,doll shoes,dart,.
Edward James Olmos and Tyne Daly
blacked blackfeet blacking blacks blair blamed blase blats blatting
Is it Spring forward or Spring back? I had indigestion.
It depends on what you consider to be Korea and what HangeulLetters you consider to be the equivalent of "p". Historically, the letters: (ㅂ), (ㅍ), and (ㅃ) have all beenconsidered to be the sound "p". The first one, though, is oftenconsidered more analogous to a "b" (even though it...
Richard The Lionheart. Richard Dreyfuss. Little Richard. Richard Nixon.
Arkansas . Colorado . Delaware . Illinois . Kentucky . Michigan . Missouri . Nebraska . Oklahoma . Virginia
No country starts with S and endswith m. Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and theGrenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia,Scotland, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore,Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, SouthKorea,...
Some words that describe a dog starting with the letters U, V, or Z are: . ugly . unrivaled . unruly . unusual . upbeat . valiant . verbally quiet . vicious . victorious . virile . voracious . zany . zealous . zippy
egg nut fig cod (fish) pig cow ant
several lava several severe server seventeen seventh
Skin, skit, skim, skis, skid, skip, skew...
People bake, bat, bathe, beg, behave, bet, bite and blush. They also boast, borrow, bounce, box, breathe, broadcast, brush, budget and buy.
Calabash Deli, Calabash, NC sells Hadden House dirty martini juice (the best!) excellent deli on the east coast on the North/South Carolina line. $6.99 per bottle and totally worth it!
AAA changed my flat tire. I had an alarm clock problem.
Ford Galaxie, Chevrolet Geo, VW Golf and Pontiac Grand Am are car models. Additional models include Plymouth GTX, Pontiac GTO, American Motors Gremlin and Pontiac Grand Prix.
jack . jade . jail . jam . jar . java . jaw . jay . jazz . jazzy . jeans . jeep . jeer . jell . jet . jewel . jibe . jilt . jinx . job . jock . jog . join . joke . jolt . joy . judge . judo . jug . juice . jumbo . jump . junk . juror . jury . just
Answer . \n2 are vida blue and ichiro suzuki
These are the countries i know that begin with an A: . Åland - Åland Islands (Autonomous province of Finland) . Abkhazia - Republic of Abkhazia . Afghanistan - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan . Akrotiri and Dhekelia - Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK overseas territory) ...
If you mean what adjective means 'dog-like' then 'canine' is the word.
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.
A tot, he ate everything in sight.
everyone . someone . Anyone . one . cone . tone . phone . none . lone . alone . clone
Zsa Zsa is believed to be a local, Hungarian variation of Elisabeth as the last Empress ( she of Austria-Hungary) spelled it. It is a nickname and is analogous- to Liz-Liz. Another suggestion has been made the phrase means, more or less- and Prince Von Anhalt should find this slogan familiar- For...
salad . salami . sandals . sandwich . sausage . seeds . shampoo . shirt . skirt
There are no American English words that meet those rules, but here are some nine-letter words starting with N and ending with A: nanotesla, natatoria, naumachia, nemophila, neophilia, neoplasia, nephridia, neuralgia, neuroglia, neuromata, nicotiana, nostalgia
If I'm not mistaken, you must be talking abo ut the hammer bros in Mario.
Xavier High School is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa