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Gaelic sports are traditional games played in Ireland. Among these are Gaelic football, hurling, rounders, and Gaelic handball – all of which are organized by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).


You would feel much the same as after any sport. You would be tired, maybe sore if you were hurt or injured, and happy if you won or disappointed if you lost. You might feel happy if you played very well or disappointed if you did not perform at your best.
eoin larkin of killkenny
A question like that cannot really be answered as there are many opinions. Experts will differ on who it would be as will ordinary fans. People tend to think mainly of players they have seen play, but the GAA goes back to 1884 and Gaelic Football existed before that, so it would be impossible to...
There are lots of GAA stadiums in Northern Ireland. Casement Park, Celtic Park, Brewster Park, The Athletic Grounds, Pairc Esler and Healy Park, are just the main ones and there are many others.
He played Gaelic Football for Na Fianna for most of his career. In 2007 he began playing with St. Oliver Plunkett's. He also played soccer for UCD and for Shamrock Rovers.
The organisation that runs Gaelic Football, the Gaelic Athletic Association, was founded on the 1st of November 1884. However the games that they regulate were being played in various forms for centuries before that, so it cannot be really said as to when the first matches were played.
Kerry, who beat Mayo in the final.
Gaelic Football is run by the Gaelic Athletic Association, known as the GAA. Gaelic Football is one of Ireland's two national sports, the other being Hurling. Hurling is also run by the GAA, so the answer to this question equally applies to Hurling. The GAA has over 2500 clubs in Ireland. In almost...
There have been 12, including 2 in 1903. The years are as follows: 2000 1996 1988 1972 1952 1946 1943 1938 1937 1914 1903 (Twice)
Tipperary won the Hurling final and Down won the Football final.
Every team has an emblem or crest on the shirts. For each team the crest is different. It usually represents something to do with the local area or history or symbol.
Gaelic Football is an Irish sport and one of Ireland's two big national sports, the other being Hurling. Gaelic Football's origins are entwined with many other football sports played across Europe. These led to various football games in the modern world. The first recorded versions of something...
Sligo have won 3 Connaught senior Football titles but have never won an All-Ireland title. They have no senior Hurling titles.
The field of play for a GAA pitch has some flexibility within which it must be: The recommended dimensions are: Length - 130 metres minimum to 145 metres maximum Width - 80 metres minimum to 90 metres maximum All pitches can be different sizes but they must be between 130 yards and 145 yards ...
Getting the ball into the goal gives 3 points. Getting the ball over the bar is worth 1 point. This applies to both Gaelic Football and Hurling.
That kind of question can lead to debate. However, it has to be said, that having won the last 4 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles, Kilkenny would currently claim that distinction.
Stephen Cluxton is the 2013 captain of Dublin.
best team keepers...... paddy linden monaghan and oleary dublin full back line..... mark o se Kerry, mcmenamin tyrone, Darren fay meath, half back ..... conor gormley tyrone, thomas o se Kerry, mckeeney armagh, seamus moyinon Kerry, midfield.... darragh o se Kerry, half forward .... dooher tyrone,...
No. The best they have done is two in a row. They have won 4 in total, in the years 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2003.
Cork have 30 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles.
Armagh Harps 9-34 v tullysaran 0-2
Gaelic Football is roughly 500 years older than the 'Soccer' that is played today; and is also older than it's predecessors, I think. So Gaelic Football is older. Also Gaelic Football evolved from a medieval ball game played in Ireland at Shrovetide known as 'Caid' meaning 'ball made from a...
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Pauric Duffy has been in the position since the 1st of February, 2008.
He has won 4 All-Ireland medals with Kerry.
There are over 2500 GAA clubs in Ireland. Within each club there can be many teams for different age categories and ability. Some players would be playing for more than one of those teams. Some clubs concentrate more or even exclusively on Hurling and others on Gaelic Football. Outside of clubs...
No. The GAA is a sporting organisation. As it promotes Irish sport, it is seen as part of the wider nationalist sphere of Irishness, but that does not mean it is involved in terrorism and as stated, it is a sporting organisation, the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world.
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It was named after Pat Nally, a well known athlete.
Like the Munster Hurling trophy, it actually does not have an official name like many GAA trophies do.
broken bones mainly, sprains, pulled muscles (if you don't stretch properly) and twisted ankle would be the main ones.
The Sam Maguire Cup was first presented to Larry Stanley, captain of the All-Ireland Champions of 1928, which were Kildare. That was not the first All-Ireland, which was actually the 1887 final, which was won by Limerick, but the Sam Maguire Cup was not around then.
They have won 3 senior Football finals: 2003, 2005 and 2008. They have won 4 Under 21 Football finals: 1991, 1992, 2000 and 2001. They have won 7 Minor Football finals: 1947, 1948, 1973, 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2008.
None. The All-stars began after his playing career had ended.
It was in county Clare.
Below is a list of the counties and their colours. Many counties have the same colours as other counties, though arranged in different ways on their shirts and shorts. Combinations of red and white are common, as are green and gold. Most with similar colours are distinguishable, as different colours...
Cork have 7 All-Ireland senior football titles and 30 All-Ireland senior Hurling titles up to the end of the 2010 championships.
Charlie Harrison captains the senior football team and Mark Burke captains the senior hurling team.
Also known as Gaelic Athletic Association it was founded in November 1, 1884.
There are many legends in relation to Hurling, both in terms of individual players and folklore. In terms of famous players who could be described as legends, there are many of them. To name but one is difficult, but Christy Ring of Cork is generally accepted as being one of the greats of the game....
In 1994 Athenry won the Hurling final and Tuam Stars won the Football final.
Donegal's captain in 2012 is Michael Murphy.
You can handle the ball, the pitch is a lot bigger, you can score in the goal or over it between the posts, the matches last 70 minutes, there are 15 players on a team and a fight breaks out every 5 minutes.
Not at present. Contact the North American GAA at the site below for information on clubs and about setting one up.
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Lots of men have captained their Gaelic Football team on more than 5 occasions. The only man to have captained his county in 5 All-Ireland senior finals was Jimmy Murray of Roscommon. He was captain in the final of 1943, the replay of the final of 1943, the final of 1944, the final of 1946 and the...
Kerry in football. Kilkenny in hurling.
Kilkenny won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in 2007.
Colm Cooper. (2011 and 2012 seasons)
Four. They won it in 1974, 2001, 2005 and 2007.
Fastest goal all Ireland football final
Ray Cummins Cork, Brian Murphy Cork, Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork, Teddy McCarthy Cork, Denis Walsh Cork and Liam Currams Offaly all won All Ireland Senior Hurling and Football medals
Kerry have one All-Ireland Senior Hurling title, which they won in 1891. At that time counties were represented by clubs, and the Kerry Club BallyDuff beat the Wexford Club Crossbeg.
Joe Canning is a hurler from Portumna, in the republic of Ireland. He plays hurling for the local Portumna club and for the Galway senior team.
No. GAA clubs welcome all members of any nationality. The GAA is an Irish organisation and it is found around the world where there are large groups of Irish people, so members are mostly Irish, but there are many members that are not from Ireland.
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For the majority of players, it is the county that they are born and live in. Players themselves don't choose to play for a county as such. Players usually play for their local club. Each county has many clubs. The best players in those clubs are chosen to play for the county team by the selectors...
Wexford won the 1968 All-Ireland Hurling final.
There are about 72,500 seats. It also has a terraced area for people to stand, bringing its total capacity to about 82,300.
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It is on Jones' Road and beside the Royal Canal, in the suburb of Drumcondra on the north side of the city.
In the 1979 Munster Football Semi-Final.