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Costumes are worn by all sorts of people, young and old. Costumes can reflect characters, cultures, or eras in time. They can be seen on kindergartners in the school play or on knights at the Renaissance Festival.
The women wear a blouse called a huipilli, and wore skirts called cueitl. . The men wore cloth that went around there waist. . Men & women were required to wear sandals. Te poor went bare foot. . i love shaeane
It is called a 'ruff', and was worn in Western Europe between the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth.
In ancient Greece, people believed white to be the color of purity.They wore it as often as they could.
There is many ways to make clothes from velvet. If you want to makea full dress or shirt from velvet, it can be hard to cut and sewbecause of its thickness. If your using thread and needle, i wouldsuggest using a thicker needle and thicker string so it can be alittle easier. I would suggest taking...
Economy Jesus Costume . Economy Mary Costume Economy Joseph / ShepherdCostume Child's Economy Joseph / Shepherd Costume And If Your A Women A Angel Dress
Yes she has it is a pink bear
i was thinking about mickey mouse (wit the red shorts) but not sure
There are many ways of making a Visayan costume. It normallyconsists of of a brightly colored tunic or dress, a headdress,flashy jewelry and lots of thread work. It can also include thingssuch as a normal bandana or a basket.
William Shakespeare was the first person to record 10'000 words and phrases that are still used today.
Yes. There are many places to get one. Amazon, who has a widevariety. Or, you can contact a fellow indonesian and get one fromthere. Or, you can make one.
You can't. Unless you buy a toy and get a code and input it onto the treasure book series. Hope this helps.
i need a traditional jamaican folk dress
Australia: board shorts, singlet, sunglasses, surfboard and oneof those hats with corks hanging off it
just a normal sailor sort of costume but act drunk and get an(empty) beer bottle or something and carry it around. but if its achild or young person maybe use a plastic bottle not a real glassone.
The presentation of the costume, the creativity of materials used,and if it is something good, like if you were a cowboy, maybe yowould use brown leather and make boots.....
First, You create her hat by finding a big circular object like a pizza pan or a big pot ,and create the hat Next, You Get a big rectangular piece of cloth and make a circle suitable for your neck Following That, You create the symbol by creating a shirt ,and with a light green marker you draw a...
Well a Salzburg dress looks like this. I guess it is like a bedtimedress. I know I used to have one but I sold it for $200.00
you could take a fat suit and dye it blue, then take a sharpie andmake eyes along with a mouth. then, you can take wrappings of somesort and wrap it around the bottom and top of the fat suit.
Not one person specifically made dance costumes, it was a widevariety.
a costume front is the top of the costume/the shirt.
a ballet costume or a ball gown costume
You can find images of the dress that is worn in that area. Just doa simple image search online for the best results.
a witch is one of many different traditional costumes!
I think the costume of The Smurfs is very cute and nice, especially the Smurfette costume is very welcomed by female. And some costumes which come out of the dracula movie or bloody movie, such as T he saw
Yes. They also had lots of layers on them.
You can look at an air conditioner and try to imitate the machine. There are little slits and a couple of switches.
First, lay the pillow case on a flat surface. Having the closed part on top & the opened part on the bottom. Use something to draw a light mark on the top of the pillow case at an angle for the off shoulder part of the toga. On the other side, cut about 3 inches for the arm depending on the sizes of...
If you have long hair curl it lightly not a thick curling Then wear fashionable but dark clothes Wear eyeliner That's just about all I can tell you
Well if it's just for cosplay you can buy it on a cosplay website (full costume)
he wore a type of robe with a belt made of vine because he would not wear a leather on because he is a vegitarian
I would suggest a dress, however if you are hairy, perhaps shaving, and if you like a long hair wig.
Katara from avatar: the last airbender is a good person to cosplay as. I have the same problem, my hair's brown and there are like, no anime characters with long, brown hair.
I've done some searching. All I can find is the cosplay coat.However I'm sure it exists somewhere. Another option would be tomodify a slightly different winter coat to suit your needs.
like the dress they use
They wore nothing special, just like what people usually wore in 16th century England.
Presumably this is for the scene when Alice is stuck in the White Rabbit's house. The first step is to get the basic Alice costume. The easiest and most recognisable look is that from the Disney adaptation. You need a blue dress, a white pinafore, white stockings, black shoes and a black ribbon...
Anything green works. A bottle of Guinness or Bushmills makes it much more believable.
By cutting off a mermaids tail and her powers will be weak and drop you pour her powers in a bottle of necklace with a marble shake it and go to the beach crack your dust open touch it put in your feet poof you magically transform to a mermaid and dive right in to the sea!
you could do an orphan costume. Just get some old costumes and cutthem up a bit with scissors. Scrub dirt over your face or us makeupto make your face look dirtier. Scruff up your hair.
usually performers or people involved in the production will justcall it a dressing room but a traditional name is also the greenroom
you have to make them
Well if your looking to find them i have two places. Amazon mayhave several cosplays that are exactly like his dress that costfrom 60-300 dollars. Or, you can go to a bridal shop and find oneto the likeness of the dress for a whole lot more. I wouldrecommend Amazon but the bridal shop may have one...
Im a cosplayer in Howell~ and there's always cosplayers at Youmacon
Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe: bikini [bɪ'kɪ : nɪ] nombre bikini, biquini bikini top, parte de arriba bikini bottom, parte de abajo
yes!! my cousin is just like that. he is a 5 year old boy and heloves princesses!! don't worry about people being judgemental. Ifpeople encourage and accept girls playing with boy's tos then whycant boys play with girls toys?
If you are refering to what they wore on stage, then it would be wrong because it was considered unethical for women to act onstage in Shakespeare's times. So young boys had to dress up as girls while onstage.
scotland's traditional clothing (which isn't actually worn alot today) are tartan and kilts. tartan is a certain pattern on material made up of different lines and blocks of colour that overlap. different colours of tartan often relate to different "clans" if you search tartan on google images that...
There are a lot of great characters you could cosplay. Personally Iwould recommend Zelda (Legend of Zelda) or Maka (Soul Eater.) Asfor male characters, Finny (black butler,) Link (Legend of Zelda,)or Finn the Human (Adventure time.)
Yes there is a costume or 2 on ebay for that amount or cheaper.
Well I live in SC and my SPORTS STORE sales 'dem at the price of like 5$
Maglalatik dance is a Pilipino dance. The dancers are all male. Itinvolves mock fighting. The men dance shirtless and wear halves ofcoconut shells on their breasts, knees, shoulders, and hips. Forsmaller children, they may wear shirts.
Buy the costume.
I would highly recommend Morris Costumes. They are efficient andsell licensed costumes that could meet the criteria you are lookingfor. It has gotten positive reviews as well.
It is basically an interview that describes your cosplay. they havequestions that you answer such as , What got you into cosplay? Howdid you decide on this cosplay? How did you put together thiscosplay? Basically a self interview on cosplay.
Just search it on google shoppingand if none of those are good for you style, try Macy's. Also you can go to your local walmart and get lots of the fabric you want and sew your own! Just take your measurements: bust waste and in between the two. Leave 9 inches seam allowance. First sew like kind of...
its made out of a plastic like poly-fiber
I do not watch this show, but i will give you pointers. you shouldget the characters that best describe you and find the things youalready have to go with the costume, then go shopping for the stuffyou need. Or you could do the main characters.
Well, it depends who you want to be, and yest its quitecomplicated... Say you wanted to be Hataria- It's either get apurple wig and be a "hair stylist" and make like Hataria's, or justspray your hair purple and curl the backs of you hair, leaving somestrands of hair in the front. Then for the...
Depends. If they just DESIGN the clothes and someone else sews them then they are Costume Designers. If they don't design them but they sew them then they are costume seamstress/tailor. I believe if they do everything they are called "costumers" not to be confused with CUStomers.
No. They wore big curls with their hair down and teased to big (Not HUGE) proportions, a little larger than a scene girl's hair.
well id recomend clothes but wear a ringmaster costume of clowns or something to do with the carnival.
It depends on how long it just basically takes to sew anything plus it also depends on the size of the whole thing so it can take any amount of time
There are lots of websites you can buy them from such as (these are listed from the cheapesty to the most expensive):, MermaidRentals (only for renting), The Mertailor, Aqua Tails and other sites. Or you can type in on youtube 'how to make a mermaid tail' and loads of things will pop...
red all over ( including hair)
No. Theoreticaly, no infant can use th home computer as well as infants are not aware of the furry fandom.
Answer . No. See the Web Links to the left of this answer for more information.
Haha, it depends? Do you want shampoo for your fursuit's body(Fur fabric) or for faux-hair? If its for your bodysuit, then shampoo is 100 parts water to 1 part non coloured laundry detergent. Non coloured because era(and any blue or green or any weird colour) can stain light coloured furs. You can...
Women in modern Egypt typically dress in Western-style clothing. The majority of Egyptian women wear the hijaab (which covers the hair) and generally wear clothes that conceal their arms, chest, and legs. There are a minority of women who do not cover their hair and there is also a minority of women...
I posted a site with a list of cons in the links below.
Minnie Mouse usually wears a matching red dress and bow with white polka dots and yellow high heels. You may be able to find these as a thrift store. A red dress without polka dots may be usable if you can't find something that matches exactly. If you find a long dress (and are handy with a sewing...
Tucking in your shirt high above your belly bottom looks good.
There is no difference. Costumer service is all about helping the costumer find the right costume for the customer.
no you fcking idiot you can olny wear one color!
It's curvy! And it's a heal but it keeps you balanced so you don't fall!
A blood red and cream traditional tunic or dress which was ancestral costume. This was researched by costume historians and is now worn as in the style of a 6th to 7th century thegn class male and female. There is a picture of it on
I was born like this! If you don't like it, don't look at it... 2nd Answerer says: It's my "game face"... 3rd Answerer says: It's my Halloween mask!