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Questions asking for an example of a sentence with a certain word in it.
Here are some examples: "It was a long and arduous journey." "It was not too arduous a task for a Sunday morning." "The mountain climbers tackled the arduous terrain."
You should believe that you can do as many things as you want todo. . You have to want to believe . . Hear me now; believe me later! . I believe my teacher.
The solicitor issued a writ against the company for the loss of business due to poor contractual work.or A writ is a form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in a particular way.
I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that I was just mortified.
The restaurant had its menu standing outside . I've looked everywhere for my keys. The apartment has a park nearby .
As a noun... The struggle to improve oneself is the major conflict in this story. As a verb.... I can't make the game tonight because it conflicts with my work schedule.
I will answer your question, my word is my bond.
Micronesia is thousands of small islands in the western PacificOcean.
rubbing two sticks together will generate a fire 
I put some peat in the container when I am potting or repotting plants.
In other words, the work does not explain why there is schwa deletion.
The auspiciousness of the situation could not be denied.
The lever, when pushed on, lifted the load.   Hope this helps!
Although it wasn't exactly what she wanted to do, Amy knew she  would have to compromise.
The word 'convergent' is an adjective, used to describe a  noun as tending to come together from different directions.    Examples:   The partners built a successful business on their convergent  ideas.   Groups of convergent mountains form the Appalachian Range.
Any visitor to the school has to be authorized by the schooloffice. He returned home to find that a visitor had left a note on hisdoor.
Well their are tons of ways to grief. Some good some bad.
The Grand Elk will confer upon you all of the privileges of the lodge meeting.Means to give or pass to something. Bestow.
  == He decided to have life as a bandit because when he was 16 years old someone raped his sister and he killed him and he had to change his name from Pancho to Francisco Villa. It forced him to move away from the country for more than 4 years. ==
Because she was sick. The mistake is that is not a sentence. It is a sentencefragment. You need to have (Because she was sick), what. She could not go to school because she was sick. Because she was sick, she could not go to school. She had to go to the doctor because she was sick....
The term "pocket size" refers to the dimensions of a pocket in  clothing. The hyphenated adjective is "pocket-sized" meaning that  it will fit in a small space, e.g. in a pocket.    The traveling minister always carried a pocket-sized wedding  missal.   The engineer used his pocket-sized...
"The British Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing  street, London."
As long as the plane was simply missing, there was hope that the  passengers might still be alive.    I hope that it does not rain on our picnic tomorrow.    The convicted boys could only hope that the judge would be lenient  in his sentencing.
I took a glimpse at my friend's test. Thank God that she didn't notice!
Although he is 16, he still depends on his parents for many things.
  The farmer cultivates the soil in preparation for the new growing season. They are cultivating a positive energy in the neighborhood with the building of the new community center.
I abhor that sport but still manage to accomplish all the given  tasks.
His sword and buckler were old and cracked.
He gently placed his lips on my cheek.
Depend on your family in times of crisis.
The process of oxidation is when a mineral is exposed to oxygen and sunlight for some amount of time
The office copier is frequently out of order is a simple sentence.  It does not require any comas and only needs a period at the end of  it.
The answer to your question is yes.
Menacingly is an adverb meaning "in a menacing manner". "Georg stopped short, turned slowly, and began to walktoward me menacingly." "As the giant robot advanced menacingly on the city, the residentsfled in panic."
"At this, she decided it was no use not sulking any longer, and  decided to go into the corner and mope."
It is an infinitive verb, with conjugations including am, is, was, were, will be, shall be, and the participle been, and the noun form being.
They have traction in this game.
"God is said to be omniscient."
Your a hopeless wreck, since you don't know how to use hopeless in a sentence!!
I bought a two hectare block of land last year.
"The retrieval of the hot air balloon involved thousands of dollars of expense."
A atoms reactivity is the certainty to transfer or share electrons forming a chemical bond.
ethnic group blamed god for this. ethnic group is involved in kind  activities.
Users of wild horehound are cautioned to avoid contaminated locations.
NO i cannot answer the freakin sentence
On Manuel's birthday, his friends threw him a surprise party and invited the entire school, making it a very auspicious day, indeed!
The dart was penetrating through the dart board after a very forceful throw.
Well, there are so many ways to use the word Bath in a sentences. likewise , 1 Make your habbit to take "bath" everyday. 2 He has become too dirty after playing football outside with his friends and now he's going to home to take bath. 3 Ali has taken bath today. 4 He wants to take bath to...
The scupper saved the boat fromm sinking.
The convincing evidence at hand precludes further explanation. The miniaturization of electronic components usually precludesmanual examination or repair.
The detectives looked for a clue that would break the case wide open.
Denigrate has two meanings: 1) belittle 2) charge falsely or with malicious intent, attack the good name and reputation of someone In the first sense: I'm not trying to denigrate your work, just pointing out ways you could work more efficiently. In the second sense: He has done everything in...
The little girl was full of dread
She routinely categorized her mail into bills, friendly letters, and work-related memos.
The police got a search warrent in order to search the suspect's  house.   The suspect would not allow the police to search his home without a  search warrant.
Lightening was the probable cause of the power shutdown. It is probable that the economic situation will deteriorate. I think lightening is the cause of the bad power .
He deluded himself by ignoring the impending signs that he was going to lose his job.
Some people like to cook and eat nettles.
Do you mean obsequious? or subsequently? Even this editor underlines "subsequious" with red.
yes and no barium instigates the horses and no i kinda is used a  prep techinique
I omitted the hot chili peppers from the recipe so that it would not be too spicy for the children.
EXAMPLES: 1) you are incredibly beautiful!! 2) your sewing is incredibly well done ma'm. 3) my dad is incredibly intelligent at baseball.
A few examples of delegated powers include regulating laws of  immigration, declaring war, printing money, and creating lower  courts. These powers are delegated across the government, meaning  that no one person or body is responsible for all of these things.  Some of these, like declaring war,...
The spilled milk utterly saturated the helpless napkins scattered around.
He is working hard to achieve his goal so that he could get an award
Although her head had been injured, she remained alert and conscious. I made a conscious effort to stop eating a big lunch every day. She was conscious of the fact that many of her fellow students did not trust her.
I prevent a cool show.
  I'd start it with the word my, or with something like this: Personal conviction leads me to...
looks can be deceiving. looks does not matter at all.
(Gastness is an obsolete term meaning extreme fear or terror - it is from the same Middle English root, gasten, as the modern adjective aghast.) Example: The population was thrown into a state of gastness by the series of gruesome murders. (i.e. they were aghast)
He had a thorough understanding of the subject, so he was a very  good lecturer.
Here are two example sentences: The twins will sing a duet with a  piano accompaniment. Lunch was chopped pork barbecue with an  accompaniment of tangy cole slaw.
The Eurasian continent is the largest contiguous landmass on the  Earth's surface.    It is unlikely that there will ever be a standard railway gauge  used on all Eurasian railroads.
I got a glimpse of the amazing sun rising from the horizon.
The dictator's hunger for power was only briefed appeased by the victory.
Management made several concessions to the union in order to end  the strike.    Sports teams may receive substantial revenue from food concessions  at their stadiums.
Good manners are an example of a diplomatic protocol. Diplomatic  protocols are often implied and unwritten and are used to build  relationships between countries.
just say : I do not no the meaning of energised :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
The reservoir was filled when the dam began to fail. The radiator level is maintained by a small separate reservoir offluid.
"Young women were once sent to 'finishing schools' to learn etiquette and sophistication.""In the late 19th century, Paris once again became known for its sophistication and culture. "The sophistication of modern data systems means that many criminal activities on the internet are difficult to track...
The sentence using the word ecology: Ecology is the scientific study of relation of living beings with each other and their surroundings.
Deferentially is an adverb meaning "in a deferential manner"  or respectfully. Here is an example sentence: "Marta was determined  to remain composed and address the chairman deferentially, even  though she had lost much of the respect she once had for him."
an agent's job is full with Rejection. The rejection was  inevitable.
Inclusion is a noun that refers to the act of including or  state of being included. Here is an example sentence: The inclusion  of one item made of the wrong kind of plastic can contaminate the  entire batch.
The griffly man walked to the barber shop.
The laptop would not have been fried if it had been plugged into a surge protector.
The word discord is a noun, a word for lack of harmony or  unpleasant musical sounds.    Example sentence: We need to hold a meeting to discuss the  discord in the dorm.
The burglars ransacked my apartment and broke all my furniture.Hagar the Horrible never successfully ransacked the English castle.
Hermits is a nother word for hermit crabs.
The character is cool
You can use "spouse" in the same way you would use "husband" or"wife". For example, "James had to file a claim for his spouse andanother for his children."
A tavern is a public house for travelers and others, where peoplecould find food, liquor, and lodging. Taverns preceeded motels andbars.
I wanted to affix the picture to my wall, but it wouldn't stay
  == Answer ==   Yes. Having your sentence suspended is an act which happens after a defendant is found guilty of a specific charge.
I turned on the television with the remote.