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This branch of technology deals with the design, development, operation, structural disposition and application of robots. Robotics is related to other sciences including software, mechanics and engineering. Current robots have the capability to move and speak.
December 12, 1234
how much money does it take to own a game buisness
A video explorer. That is a robot with a camera.
The bounds of the human body
hollie evans, clearly hollie :D
They don´t die from radiation poisoning .... But: High doses of radiation affect modern electronics like Microcontrollers, camera chips a.s.o., so it's no universal remedy.
Anything without breeding.
Research and development iun robotics.
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robots with personalities
I'm not 100% sure, I came on this post seeking an answer to the same question... But, I do have a general idea of how it works. Basically AC current flows from the wall socket through a cord until it gets to the weird box that is in all computer chargers. This box I assume to be a rectifier. This...
A robotic suit is a device that will enable you to have the strength to do certain things. So if you have difficulties walking, then the robotic suit will aid you in your walk.
They are programmed using a certain software and then the program(aka. the directions) are loaded onto a computer chip (aka. thebrain) and that controls the robots movements
The factors are the motor, round wheels, and the right programming.
your life would be easier with a robot. like today we have computers and vacuums and they make our life easy already.
You can find them in Austrailia.
1961 - The first industrial robot was online in a General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey. It was called UNIMATE.
This is new search engine - TripleMe which fetches from MSN, Yahoo, Google and displays results on one screen in multi columns side by side. Supports local and global search, all languages, all results, spelling suggestions, duplication links removing option. Also, you can...
Off-line Programming (OLP) is a Robot programming method where theRobot Program is created independent from the actual robot cell.The robot program is then uploaded to the real robot for execution.In off line programming the robot cell is commonly represented as agraphical 3D model.
Many people in wealthy areas tend to overlook cellphones and alltheir glory, also televisions. Not to mention gaming consoles andtablets and so on.
Instead of using wires to model tendons in humans, the use ofhydraulics allows better control of force.
You can get a gold robotics badge by continuing to work on the robotics station that you bought for your Sim from the Buy Mode. Be patient as it takes lots of time to build these talent badges. It would also help you to build it slightly faster if you have a better skill level in skills that are...
You can build a robot from trash or recycled stuff. Thanks!!!
If you are talking about a Car-Sized one, then it's fairlyimpossible, but like a Mini-one, you could use VEX or Tetrix tobuild one, if you are not familiar with what i am talking about,then get a Instruction book, order the parts (Fairly between$100-$10,000) If you do not like my opinion please do...
It's just called the robot :)
we did not find robots but we made it
Its is rarely sold on the market, You can't but in America, oranywhere else, except Japan it's self. Since they have not buildmany yet, you rarely can get your hands o them, and their Costs aresky rocketing out of the roof. Hope This Helps :) P.S Answer is Japan, Or China (Which i advise you not to...
A mini-one like VEX? It takes about 1-3 Weeks or More. TetrixRobots, 1 Week or Less. A, Like Japan Robot (Human-Size?) It cantake Fews years, for Designing, Planning, and Building (After youget the design complete and working, Then you can Produce more andmore in a Year (Knowing the Design) Hope...
If you want it to do what you want it to do yes but I'd you don't use motors it easier but if you do it's a little more expensive
SOME robot VERY wireless.
The innovations of computers on the day to day worker is thatcomputer technology and artificial technology is advancing in ourday to day life's which means the more the robot/computers advancethe less work the human population has to do but their I verylittle proof of robots ever fully being able to...
Bunnie was partly roboticized and sonic's uncle chuck
One type of electronic control device is a hand held immobilizing device … that is used by police departments to control uncooperative or dangerous subjects. It is operated by propelling two darts at a hostile subject. When the two darts … strike the subject, so long as both [hooked barbs]...
You'll have to EARN his trust!
The Earliest Seller, I believe is Japan, They have build more than5 Different Human-Size Robots that Obeys to your Programming/Commands, Rarely some can walk, they use wheels or Tank Tracks. Soi will say in the next decade, because they are now fixing andlearning the problems and making it better,...
Snowmobiles, Trucks, even heaters count
1948 Auguste Piccard dives in his bathyscaph, the first untethered craft that carried people into the deep.
1961 - The first industrial robot was online in a General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey. It was called UNIMATE.
They believe, Robots can help them do tasks they do not wish to do,like Warfare, waiting (Restaurant), Trash Collecting, and so muchmore. (Warfare is Most unlikely) Hope This Helps :)
No offense, but this is a obvious, No, But if you add impairedSensors on them and program it, it can be able sense and obey yourcommands/Program on them. Hope This Helps :)
In Robocup Rescue, there is an assortment of curvy lines that your autonomous robot must pass. There are a few special cases where there are forks in the lines. The shorter path will be marked by 40mm by 40mm green square. There is also one water can on the line which is a large PET bottle with...
there is knuckles and omega. If you have Sonic adventure DX for the Gamecube and you go to Eggmans Base at the start of e102's story and you look into the tubes on the top floor where you start there is a mole type robot that looks like sonic but hasn't appeared in any games.
Loss prevention -like human life- Bomb squads throughout America use camera-wielding robots to find bombs in evacuated buildings. If they accidentally detonate the bomb, only the robot is lost -no human life lost.
It's Not that possibly, If you buy the Intelligence brick (NXT orNXT-3 (The New Version) It comes with the program, if you likedon't have it, contact the seller and explain the problem, but ifyou just wanna download it for free, it is rarely free online, it'seither cracked or Breaked (Meaning it was...
That information is classified...
Computers are very good at designing robots. They can be programmedto understand all the parameters needed and understand the problemswith melding all the relative technology.
Robots do a lot of different jobs. Robots can be programmed to construct small assemblies of parts much faster and with better accuracy than humans, and they don't need bathroom or smoke breaks. Robots can be programmed to perform almost any repetitive task that can be broken down into small steps...
Robot software is the coded commands that tell a mechanical device (known as a robot) what tasks to perform and control its actions.
he is a human well a superhuman not the superman kind just tested on and giving super steroids for the spartan 1 program his suit makes him look like a robot but it is the monljr or something like that.
First start over place the platforms first Next place the side railings Make sure you have the right size of pipe before u place them down I not sure if I remember right but i dont think u need the archways Double check to see of u have the rockets in the right direction Tobar should walk across the...
hey it sounds very familiar and i think i know this game yeah srsly some1 nid to tell the title of this game....its very old school but kinda miss this game
The lower the cost to buy or build the lower the quality of what you get for the money
I would say both, If we have Robots, Makes us safer; Have aCompanion; Having them Help with Labor (Interesting) Keep us away from the unexplored; Not doing things we used to do;and many more (Dull)
A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Typically a computer is used to control a set of stepper motors which allow precise movement in steps. Power is achieved by the use of amplification boards which take input from the computer and output power to the steppers. Sometimes a feedback sensor, such as a touch sensor is used to start stop...
The Aldebaran NAO Robot is available for purchase within NorthAmerica from DEPCO, LLC. Please visit the related link for moreinformatio
you can really put an unlimited amount on your robot using y cables, but for competition you can only use 10
If you go to new zealand and go to denver grove in upper hutt, totara park jack will eat u and turn u into a robot
Many people have made many modern robot. most recent i would say would be ASIMO by Honda
If we could control it and not let it control us (Violence) Then wewould ally with it and Complete tasks with each other (Space, War,Jobs, and so much other things) Hope That Helps :) P.S That is a Good Question, I have so much to tell, but sadly ican't think of any :(
it has no living cells only the the frame that was given to it by the person who created it
O my yes they is
U could buy one at Larries Hobbies!1
If you salvaged it from broken electronics or stuff, you could sellit back from the company you stripped the electronic from (ForExample DELL, Toshiba, Apple, and many more. Or if you just stripped some random mircochips, then i guess put iton the market, see if any companies/Stores who would like...
you have to buy a kit called green science solar robot. it is alittle costly around 1200 but it has all the parts along withinstructions .
An industrial robot is officially defined by ISO as an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes. Modern industrial robots are true marvels of engineering. A robot the size of a person can easily carry a load over one hundred pounds and...
Many kinds. their are Lander that crash into planets, orbiters orbit planets, rovers move and study the planet, and deep space probe fly away to study the Universe.
I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)
Robots are asexual.
Drone aircraft Automobile manufacturing Silicon chip manufacturing Entertaining humans Deep sea exploration Deep space exploration Interplanetary exploration The list goes on and on...
Robot software is the coded commands that tell a mechanical device(known as a robot) what tasks to perform and control its actions.That I can easily decode :P
Not all surgical robots are equal. There are three different kinds of robotic surgery systems: supervisory-controlled systems, telesurgical systems and shared-control systems. The main difference between each system is how involved a human surgeon must be when performing a surgical procedure. On one...
Macintosh's IPad is a new invention in electronics.
Excellent question, I believe no, because at the ending of themovie, there was no Positive cliffhangers, so i will have to sadlysay No :( Hope This Helps :)
Cut out Card board and fold it in to a robot
Underwater robots work similarly to robots that run on land, however the wiring and hardware are generally kept in a different location and heavily reinforced with waterproof seals.
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A robot helps in space because it will show us that there could be other life on other planets and they help all scientist discover theorem's and so on.
A number of companies and universities are working on robot technology that's designed to either save lives or make life easier. Some are robots designed to perform jobs that are dangerous for humans, such as mine-clearance work. Bomb Buster: The Mini-Andros is used by bomb squads across the country...
No offense or anything, But where are you getting this from? Hell, not even Wires were discovered yet, and no engineers (Well,except for Warfare Kinds) Toys back then were Wood, Metal, and some other materials.
An industrial robot is officially defined by ISO as an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes. Modern industrial robots are true marvels of engineering. A robot the size of a person can easily carry a load over one hundred pounds and...
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