Decade - 1950s

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The 1950s was the decade that started on January 1, 1950, and ended on December 31, 1959. The most notable events in the 1950s include the Korean War (1950-1953) and the launch of the satellite, "Sputnik 1" (1957).
According to United Nations figures, 53 Canadians were killed during peacekeeping operations as part of UNEF 1, the Suez Canal operation of 1956-1957. This was the bulk of the 100 fatalities of that mission.
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The Little Oscars were awarded from he 1930s through the 1950s to juvenile players in film. In addition, Edgar Bergan was awarded a wooded Oscar with a movable mouth, and Walt Disney was awarded one full sized statuette and seven miniatures for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Re-numbered system-wide.
men's role was to be a provider and to be a good father a man that men look up to and and man that women want
30,870 couples divorced. 36.6% were men who wanted a divorce and33.8% of the woman wanted one.
marry amarriage was the goal of education without a husband they wouldn't belong socially accepted or able to provide for themselves
I think they mostly wore dresses and blouse/skirt combos.
None...he never charted until October 1960 when "A Fool in Love" with Tina reached number 27.
Glenn miller!!! Jan & Dean
m&m's peanut chocolate candies were introduced in 1954. and also a bar of 7 kinds of chocolate called 7up. in 1950 the annabelle candy co. came out with Rockie Road Milk Chocolate bars. payday bars also came out in the 1950s.
That man could reach the stars if he wanted to. Landing a man on the moon was part of the cold war.
Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to "myxi" or "myxo") is a disease which affects rabbits. It is caused by the Myxoma virus. First observed in Uruguay in the late 1800s. It was introduced illegally to Egypt in 1842 and as a result spread to the rest of Africa. It was deliberately introduced into...
They had a considerable variety of costumes, some of which were designed by Estelle who was a student of fashion design. It is difficult to generalize- look at the various videos of live appearances, generally very modest but wild hair and eye styling. They were exotic, they were alien-like. They...
The Korean War, also known as The Police Action in Korea, or The Korean Conflict. Make no mistake, it was a war. 1950-1953
In most regards, very much like it does now. The black jacket, satin lapels and pant leg stripe, black bow tie and cummerbund or vest, and patent leather shoes were all quite well established. A well-dressed man from 1950 could quite easily walk into a black-tie ball in 2008 without changing his...
They Were treated poorly, Harsh, Unfair. They faced segragation everyday of there life!! . They Were treated poorly, Harsh, Unfair. They faced segragation everyday of there life!!
Yes, those were first generation vacuum tube computers.
The 1950s saw many fast food restaurants spring up all over thecountry.
The United States of america is a good example of a member of NATO. Britain was also a member.
harry Truman and D.D.Eisenhower
Casseroles were a popular food in the 1950s. Tuna casserole, andgreen bean casserole for example. Meatloaf, and burgers were alsopopular.
Bold Prints and Poodle skirts were the hip thing. People wore big jelery an floral wear.
There weren't synthesizers. You could actually hear what the person sounded like. The songs were cleaner (not dirty).
During the 1950s many new products were invented. One product that was invented was the jukebox. Rock and Roll music became very popular during this time period and the invention of the jukebox made it easier to access this style of music more often.. Edit:. The coin-operated jukebox was actually...
flat hair was a no along with the flip the bun was fashionable and so was the beehive
Hello! i just learned this in social studies, so its fresh!! elizabeth cady Stanton and lucretia mott formed the Seneca Falls Convention that told women that they need ot start standing up for what's right! eventually, they wen into action and men also started to realize that, hey, these women are...
I'm trying to find out about my stepfather. He played AA ball for a Chicago farm club. He was a pithcer, and his name was Dan Charles Prentice. Although baseball is a game of statistics, minor league players are hard to find.
Your question is a little too vague. Daisy made several models during the 50's. I need to know the Model number (it will most likely be on the barrel) are you talking about a gun or rifle? Look up this information and post your question again.
Dolls, metal toy cars, tinker toys, pick up sticks, pogo sticks, hula hoops, jump ropes, bicycles, unicycles ;)
hydrogen bomb . transistorized hearing aids . artificial satellites . transistorized computers . hybrid radios (vacuum tube RF section, transistorized audio -fully transistorized radio did not appear until the 1960s) . muscle cars . diesel-electric locomotives replacing steam locomotives . jet...
bess Wallace Truman and mamie doud eisenhower
It totally depends on what you have. Everything produced in the1950's was hierarchical. If you drove around in a Cadillac you weredefinitely wealthy, If you drove around in a base model Chevy, youwere just an average person. It's the same with the Refrigeratorsfrom this time period. A Kelvinator...
What factors motivated implementation of NCS-68?
they were braceros, which means hired hands. they were allowed to cross the border and go work in the farms since all the men were either off to war or dead.
It was cheaper entertainment that allowed people to break away from their own lives and have a nice way to have fun
In 1950's women were not women, they were slaves. They were not counted as human. They had no right to vote. They were just slaves of their husband. The women's role was to look after the children and husband, cook dinner, clean the dishes and at the end of the busy day they would have to make sure...
The first electronic computers were built during World War II so your question is about a time when even I was not born yet. In those days the computers that were in existence were used mainly by the Military for calculating the trajectory of Artillery shells fired from big guns into enemy...
bowling alleys pizza places and just hanging
women got the same education as men and were offered college known as finishing shcool where they would learn to be wives and get a husband from a near by boys college a women goal back then was to be married
in the 1950's milk costs only $0.17 cents. wow isn't that amazing our economie would be great if only our milk was so cheap
The two typical fashion styles of the fifties were greaser and preppy. Greasers wore denim and leather. Preps wore tidy clothes, including preppy skirts and scoop neck blouses. Watch the movie "Grease" and you will see examples of these two styles.
How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?
Yes, that is true. Keep trying and ask some questions that could get some information for your narrative. The subject that you're writing about might also help.
Washing machines, electric irons, stove/ovens, refrigerators, andmore.
distributuion of wealth, the role of women, need to conform, andthe trestment of minorities.
Stuff that i reallly dont know but someone said condoms
stop asking and keep finding
Uyghur people Uyghur ئۇيغۇر . Total population . 42.6 million. Regions with significant populations . East Turkistan (Uyghurstan or Xinjiang)- 29.6 million Kazakhstan -3.8 million Kyrgyzstan 480,000 Uzbekistan - 8.6 million Turkey- 84,000 Turkmenistan-12,000...
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the circumstances since the 1950s in which peoplewho were attracted to members of the same sex received treatmentsto change their sexual orientation, the referral pathway and theprocess of therapy, and its aftermath. DESIGN: A nationwide study based on qualitative...
House Un-American Activities Committee
Human Un-American Activities Committee: congressional committee that investigated possible subversive activities within the United States: to investigate possible subversives activities by Fascists, Nazis, or communists
what did boy preppies wear?
A big soft shell taco
Two of the biggest ones were Tamla/Motown out of Detroit and Stax/Volt out of Memphis.
TV created a common culture and developed common social norms.
It had the tendency to bring people together in social settings.
Here's one:.
I don't know if this is the sport you are looking for, but the Wiffle ball was first sold in 1953.
Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Montgomery Clift and Anthony Perkins, Paul Lynn, Roddy McDowel.
cocker spaniels were a very popular dog breed
There will always be an argument about who was the best, but my vote goes to Mickey Mantle.
I think he is because he would be only 60 or 61.
Rafael leonida trujillo was one in the poor Dominican republic! yeah
In WWII Canada really proved it's worth. They were a very vital asset to the Allies. Before the first 2 World Wars, everyone just thought of Canada as another British colony with no country value. Once the world saw how great Canada could be, they opened up to Canadian insight and ideas. And it...
The starting or primary catchers for the White Sox in the 50s were: 1950 and 1951 - Phil Masi 1952 through 1959 - Sherm Lollar
Construction became the fastest growing industry in the UnitedStates during the 1950's. The construction industry brings in about$850 million annually in revenue.
it was a age of innocents in American culture where we were just opening our eyes to the possibilities of technology and enjoying life
i was born in 1935 when the war struck American africanies my moma used ta tell me not to go outside cuz i mite get dirty
The 1950's are recalled as a decade of conservatism.
some major cities that change in the 1950s were the African-Americans, Lations, and the Native Americans.