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The flute, a reedless instrument in the woodwind family of instruments, has a unique sound in both bands and orchestras. Questions about flutes, flute players, and flute music belong here.
you can get a flute at Music&Arts
Best guess is that it was Vince Denham, longtime reedman for Michael McDonald.
Just search online Pink Panther Flute, and look through the firstcouple links and you'll find it
Yes you can try e bay or music room but if you want to go in a shop there is John Myetts in Hitchin
Notes between C and E There are three notes between C and E: C # /D b , D, and D # /E b . Just so you don't get so confused, the person that answered this was correct, but some people are just beginning and you really don't want to confuse them because they aren't ready. Between C and E...
It will be on the second line from the bottom and have a flat sign next to it. or, if it is an octave higher it will in be the second space above the top line of the measure.
I recomend YAMAHA. The flutes that they make are really good. You can buy them online or go to a music store. Most music stores have YAMAHA flutes
the piccilo is the most similar, but is takes twice as much air, so good luck getting a sound out.. there is also an alto flute that is HUGE!! check it out sometime. it is really cool if you are into instruments.
A double b flat is also an A
(intro) Eb D Bb Eb D Bb C Bb C Eb F Bb Bb G F Eb (where the singing starts) Bb FF Eb Fb Eb Bb (You would not believe your eyes) Bb CC Bb C Eb F (If ten million fireflies) G F Eb BbBb G F Eb C (Lit up the world as I fell asleep) Bb FF Eb Fb Eb Bb (Cuz they fill the open air) Bb CC Bb C...
I think Theobald Boehm did but im not 100% sure
The flute is longer than a oboe and an oboe has a double reed and a flute does not have a reed. The flute has a cylindrical bore while the oboe has a conical bore. The fingerings are definitely comparable, but not the same. The oboe has a range from Bb below the treble clef to Ab twice above the...
It is played in a higher octovie (notes played go higher). That would be the piccolo. Hope this helps! :)
The first 3 fingers and thumb on the left hand. the pinky is the only one on the right hand. *I thought it was thumb,2,3 on ur left hand and pinky on ur right hand
First of all his name is theobald boehm . Theobald Böhm (or Boehm) ( April 9, 1794 -- November 27, 1881) was a German inventor and musician, who perfected the modern Western concert flute and its improved fingering system. In addition, he was a virtuoso flautist and was a Bavarian Court Musician...
Piccolos are one octave higher than a flute. Piccolos have a range of D5-C8, compared to a flute with a range of B♭3 to D7.
Balinging is a nose flute made of bamboo.
A piccolo closely resembles a flute.
A piccolo is a smaller version of the flute, when all notes played sound an octave above the notes played on the flute. For example, if you were to play the third-line B-flat on the flute and on piccolo, it would sound an ovtave higher on the piccolo than on the flute, even though they are the same...
Anyone with long fingers can. It helps if you have long fingers because you need to reach the notes. And yes, I Can!!
I think it means as loud and as beautiful as a flute
who was the firs person to play the flute
Bamboo First they were wooden with holes instead of keys (Renaissance) Then they became slightly more shaped but still wooden with no keys (Baroque) Before evolving into the modern metal flute with open or closed keys
A flute can be for $99.00 - about $20,000.00.
Note that the concert keyy will be different and that the translating into the correct key will be difficult, it will work.
There are three parts to a flute: the headjoint, the body, and the footjoint.
Intro: AAEEFE (X3) CCACAC (REPEAT) 1ST VERSE: GAGAA ACAGAG AAGAGA ACAGAG EGAA ECA EGAA -HEY!- CCACC ACCACG -HEY!- CCACACA CAGAG EGAA ECA EGAA You know that I want you, and you know that I need you, I want your bad, your bad romance CHORUS: A(5X) G(5X) D DD E(4X)GDDC A(5X) G(5X) D DD E(4X...
As you blow across the mouthpiece, it sends vibrations down theflute. When you block the air by closing keys, the vibrations getdeeper making the sound deeper.
Good upper posture for holding the flute, lots of air for playing, ability to manipulate embouchure, and resilience.
Usually not but it depends what you're going to do with it and what kind you're getting. If you go to a music store that sells and rents out the instrument, they'll let you try them out and see what works best for you. Some brands are harder to play than others for some people.
I used to own both a Bundy-Selmer flute and piccolo in high school. While it worked well for me, my band instructer was always telling me my tone would be slightly better and warmer with a better brand like Gemeinhardt which is made with better quality metals. But if you're on a budget... then I...
The fingerings for this is left hand: thumb (not B flat key), 2, 3, pinky. Right hand: pinky
If it is a real flute, then yes it is made of metal.
he has a power level of 5000
Pull it apart, but do not pull too hard.
Try vegetable oil. If that doesn't work, we used hot water with ours.
I can tell you up to measure nine. Q-Quarter Note SOMERSET OVERTURE H-Half Note Okay, here it goes, Q-E(FLAT) Q-F Q-G Q-E(FLAT) Q-F Q-B(FLAT) Q-B(FLAT) H-F Q-G Q-A(FLAT) Q-B(HIGH B FLAT) Q-G Q-A(FLAT) Q-G Q-F Q-E(FLAT) H-F Q-E(FLAT) Q-F Q-G Q-E(FLAT) Q-F Q-G Q-A(FLAT) Q-F Q-F Q-B...
a piccilo, you could also count the recorder......but they would be more related to the clarinet
The flute is basically it's own thing... pretty much nothing else is related to it, but the closest thing to relations is probably the Clarinet.... and don't say sax is because the sax is when the clarinet and trumpet have babies
An Indian Flute called Bansuri has 6 holes
You loosen your lower lip and blow slower. To go higher you tighten your lower lip and blow faster.
She practiced for a total of 888 minutes (14.8 hours).
The oldest flute used in the Middle Ages is unknown. However, we know that the Neanderthals used boned flutes, as long ago as 43,000 to 82,000 years ago! Their flute was tuned according to the modern diatonic scale (Do, Re, Mi, etc.), and is perfectly compatible with a modern symphony orchestra!
notes will be lowercaedand hig notes or medium notes will be uppercased kk here it is eeFFFFFGEDCBBCDEFGGEDCgg well that's all ik (i now) fyi all taht was jk p.s. nottellngyouwha jk means s figure it out unless you alrady know stuipthos
A flute is about 4 pounds.
To soften the volume of the flute's sound, one must simply use less air. Changing the embouchure will only change the flute's pitch. To increase the volume, use more air. Open your throat and make sure you know the difference between more air and faster air. Faster air and a tighter embouchure will...
Mastering the flute takes daily practice, dedication and careful attention to your technique. You should also take lessons with a flute instructor.
You want to start blowing when it's focusing on your person but finish before it switches to the elder.
D, written below the stave, sounding on the stave
he reed that you blow on the inside part of it vibrates
This means that the flutes are getting closer in tune. Because the pitches are closer together, the two slightly different frequencies produce smaller waves that become nearer and nearer to each other until they become one wave (in tune). The faster the frequency, the closer the pitches are to...
There is an invention that has 4 holes in it that you attach to the foot joint and it causes the sound to project louder.
It is suggested that you do not make an nstrument if you intend to play it in a band as the tuning may be off. Flutes requrire a lot of material. It would be very expensive and frustrating as well as time-consuming.
Hari Prasad Chaurasiya from India
Piccolos don't use reeds.
The oldest flute was found in a cave in france and was reportedly made of bone. many others were found and they were made of wood/stone/bone. Hope this helps! :)
To play a flute, you hold it up to your mouth, but don't cover the mouthpiece with your mouth. Blow air across the mouthpiece, and press down keys in different combinations to get out different notes. (See a flute fingering chart.)
b a g a b b b b a a a b a g b a g a b b b b a a b a g
The chords of the flute are C D E F G A B C2 D2... C stands for the first octave do C2 stands for the second octave do and so on
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Below is a link with the sheet music.
I have a Evette-Buffet silver flute serial # 562299...it they anyway to get history on this instrument? Please help m in this. thanks
Yes, on a clear day, if the air quality is crystal clear, and your hearing is incredible. But the folks closer to the actual sound - it's not always pleasant!
It is hard to determine when the pan flute was invented. It is one of the earliest and most primitive instruments ever recorded. Only percussion instruments preceded it. Archaeological excavations have found Viking records and pictures displaying panpipes dating from the 10th century. You can also...
The trumpet is a member of the brass family; the flute is a woodwind. A trumpet has valves, and a flute has keys. A trumpet is in the key of B flat, while a flute is a C instrument. Much about them is different, but the similarity is that they are both metallic.
In general, the flutes are found behind the second violins, near the rear of the orchestra and to the left (from the conductor's perspective) of other, deeper woodwinds such as the oboes and clarinets. This mirrors the arrangement of the strings, which also go clockwise around the conductor from the...
f# f e#e gcd bcdg bgbg cdcd aag
they have curved headjoints. they are big. they are an octave below the flute. the diametre is 2-3 times as big as a regular flute i think, and they're pretty long. i played one once, and i had 2 reach far to reach the keys. bass flutes rock!
yes there is real solid gold flute
This probably is a result of not being cleaned. If you leave moisture on the flute after playing it, over time this can result in rust and tarnishing. The only thing you could probably do at this point is to take it to a music store and ask them to chemically clean it for you.
30,000 years ago
Expressivo means expressive in musical terms. This means that the music piece should be played with emotion and that it should force feelings to occur in a person. Dynamics is a very good way of making a piece expressive.
you blow at a diagnal into the hole at the top make a little hole with ur mouth and blow hard
I would have to say that it doesn't have a strong beat but, it has more of a strong sound.
Flute is a monophonic instrument and you need a polyphonic (ability to play several notes simultaneously) instrument to play chords.
Two. The head piece and the body.
A piccolo is just a half-sized flute: that is, a flute that is twice as small as a regular flute. This causes the pitches of the piccolo to be an octave higher when playing the same notes/fingerings as a normal flute. Other than this, there are some additional technical differences. Flutes are...
The flute appeared in different forms and locations around the world. A three-holed flute made from a mammoth tusk was discovered in 2004, and two flutes made from swans' bones excavated a decade earlier are among the oldest known musical instruments. The flute has been dated to prehistoric times. A...
Same as G sharp. All the notes in G (hence all three fingers) plus the fourth finger key -- all notes played using left hand, right hand is not used.
For sheet music, the best sites are NoteFlight and MuseScore.
You would need to purchase the sheet music for this; the information is copyrighted.
Sir James Galway is a famous, fantastic flutist.
This catchy little tune was written by Italian Composer Piero Umiliani. It was originally written for and used in a Swedish soft-porn movie called "Sweden - Heaven and Hell". The song hit the US charts in 1969, peaking at #55 on 10/4/69. It has been covered by the Muppets, Cake, Hot Butter, and...
It is on musicblueprints.com but make sure you play the blue notes!! It has many more songs like Rocketeer, Grenade, and many more. ;) the notes for baby on alto sax are: c, high g, high e, high d, high e (you know you love me) c, high g, high e, high d, c, high g, high e, high d, high e (i...