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This category covers questions about the Hershey Company, commonly known as Hershey's. The Hershey Company is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America and was founded on February 9, 1894. Hershey's original milk chocolate bar remains as one of their bestsellers to this day.


They are vegetarian, however, not vegan.
Hershey Kisses became a very popular sweet that was widely available and affordable. This increased the amount of people who could afford to buy and easily obtain chocolates. Chocolate tends to make people happy, and it makes occasions and celebrations more enjoyable. Also, the Hershey Company has...
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Not really. Though the taste would be very similar, the syrup would add so much moisture from being a liquid as opposed to the solid chocolate chips and the recipe would not work out as well anymore.
80 million hershey kisses are made each day. Facts about Milton Hershey include that he was born on September13, 1857. Before he founded the Hershey Company he started theLancaster Caramel Company. He is 88 years old.
A company is not required to make a ceratin amount of product every year. Instead, production rates are based off of how fast their machines or workers can produce their chocolates and how large the market is for them (how much people buy).
I think so because H stands for Hershey, C stands for chocolate, and B stands for bar. So yes.
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The market capitalization of Hershey Company is about 21 billiondollars. That does not include all of the property they companyowns and manages.
Milton hershey was 88 when he died!! :-).
Hershey is the main producing company.
The Hershey Foods Corporation is located at Latitude 40 Degrees 55 Minutes 58.02 Seconds NORTH and longitude 76 Degrees 3 Minutes 19.43 Seconds WEST; or at 6 Scotch Pine Drive, Hazle Township, Pennsylvania (18202).
You go to the candy shop. Not 50 cent's shop unless you want that kind of bliss.
some of them are: Reese's, kit kat, woopers, york, whatchamacallit, thingamagig, krakel, mr. goodbar, and more -go to wiki to see all-
.16 th of an ounce per Kiss 9 Hershey's Kisses = 41 grams So each Kiss is 4.5 grams There are 28.35 grams in 1 ounce. 28.35 grams/oz divided by 4.5 grams ea = 6.3
well there is a factory in hershey, PA, as well as one in Indiana or Illinois. you may be able to get an online tour to find out and mike rowe did a dirty jobs episode there. you might be able to see that on discovery.com or youtube but the actual process, the world may never know!!
why the hell would you want to know that?....and its 4 1/2 if you use the giant ones...
Hershey's ticker symbol is HSY
Yes, they were oriental
A Hershey's Kiss is a small chocolate that comes in either pure milk, or pure dark chocolate with an optional filling, such as almonds or caramel (and in certain places you can even find them with cherry cordial filling!). A Hershey's Hug is a small treat that comes exclusively in white chocolate, ...
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Commodity prices are high and maybe people are realizing that chocolate isn't good for you (probably not though)
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Probably a little more than 25 Billion
Hershey Kisses are milk chocolate, so they will be a bit sweeter than semi-sweet morsels are. If you take that - and the size difference - into account, then the recipe still should work with the substitution, though.
yes he did you can see it at the hershey museum
first of all it depends if the hershey has nuts or sumething else tat is not chocolate then it would melt slow
It depends. Dark chocolate is lot better than the milk or white chocolate because it uses less sugar and has more of the natural cocoa bean. White and milk chocolate is more of a processed chocolate that adds more sugar and more of the artificial stuff.
Any chocolate melts faster in the sun.
Hershey's large factory and town are located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
it was discontinued in 2006 :(
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Distinctive, flat bottomed tear shaped pieces of chocolate are what 'chocolate kisses' are. They're something that can be home made or store bought. Perhaps the most famous is the Hershey's chocolate kisses that are among the popular candies given out to Halloween trick or treaters.
it tastes like mimi hershey chocolate... it also has a pinch of love in every stitch.
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Yes, back in the 1930s they used to be called Silver Tips. I don't know when or why they changed the name. They didn't come in packages then, you had to buy them in bulk by weight. You'd say you wanted. a quarter pound, half pound, etc. and the clerk would weigh them and put them in a paper bag for...
Milton Snavely Hershey invented the Hersheys chocolate.
Utterly Nutty is the Irish artisan producer of gluten freeproducts, including their signature florentines; flaked almonds,drizzled in honey on a bed of real chocolate.
He had one sister named Serena
It's definitely more than twenty, but that's all I could find so far!
Hershey sells more yet Mars is an 18 billion dollar privately owned company and Hershey is a 9 billion publicly owned company
A Hershey's original milk chocolate candy bar has approximately 210 calories. 210 calories.
yeah someone fel in to a big tub of choclate mix and
Just like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford...Milton S. Hershey didn't graduate from High School either. Certainly, back in their days it was less important to do so than today yet they're motivation was entrepreneurism in business. While all three were terrific, Mr. Hershey was the best of all on...
coco beans and suger and vanilla serup
Depending on where you buy it and in what size (one bar vs. a pack of 6, for example), it is anywhere from about $1 to $2.
It's called a Hershey Kiss because the machine makes a "smooching" or "kissing" sound when an individual Hershey Kiss is made. .
5 cents...the nick name wz nickel candy bar.
Hershey Kisses some people say they are suppose to look like hershey bars. More like Hershey Kisses!
They are in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
No. If you bought the bar of chocolate, melting it does not make it homemade.
he is still remembered for his chocolate because milton hersheymade 90 millon people happy with a few bars of chocolate
Naturally, it is fairly bitter.
Milton Hershey built his chocolate factory in Derry Church which is now Hershey, Pennsylvania.
they Hire Fifteen Year Olds !
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Milton Hershey had many accomplishments. His biggest were creating his Hershey's Chocolate empire, establishing the Milton Hershey School, and creating Hershey, Pennsylvania.