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the second OIC meeting held in Lahore in febraury in 1974 was jointly Convented by the Pakistani prime minister Zulfiqar ali bhutto and king faisal of Saudi Arabia this meeting took place after arab israiel war of 1973 and declaration was made recognizing the urgent need to solve the palistinian problem and also to fight in other pats of world such as South Africa and Latin America

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The second conference of the OIC was held in Lahore from 22nd to 24th of February 1974. It had great sinificance not only for the host country, Pakistan, but also for the whole Muslim Ummah. Most of the Kings and Heads of the Governments of the Muslim countries attended the meeting. The then Prime Minister of Islamic Democratic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Zulfiqar Bhutto, was elected the Chairman of the Conference. (How very ironic, when he was executed by General Zia, Bhutto was still the Chairman of the OIC!)

The coference was of great significance. Mr. Bhutto used this occasion was recognizing the newly established state of Bangla Desh. Though the Right-wing parties of Pakistan protested against this decision. Sh. Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, Prime Minister of Bangla Desh also attended the conference. The venue of the meeting was named Gadaffi Stadium, Moammar Gadaffi of Libia also addressed the gathering. It was also significant his Highness King Faisal also attended the conference. It was expected tha Bhutto, Col. Gadaffi and King faisal will lead the Muslim Ummah. I winessed the conference. (Prof. Muhammad Aslam Gondal. M.A. (English) DELT. M.A. (Islamic Studies)

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Q: Find out about the oic meeting held in Lahore in 1974 what was it s significance?
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