Fixing the clock on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner How do you remove the dashboard panels so you can get to the clock?

OK, just paid $7 for this one to learn how to remove the radio/CD/cassette player.

1. lift upon the cover on the center arm console. 2. It starts here, pull UP on the cover/panel over the "parking break" releasing all the holding clips, pull the cover off/over the parking break and set to the side, 3. The next panel to come off is the one over the gear ship (you are now working your way up towards the clock), again gently release all the holding clips, 4. Remove the ashtray, 5. From the bottom of the clock/climate control/entertainment console pull away from the bottom going up, again gently releasing all the holdling clips.

If your LED digital clock has stopped working or is exhibiting intermittent or blank display, this is a fairly common problem with LED digital clocks of Japanese auto makers. Many of them have clock modules that show similar symptoms over a period of time. Just be sure that the cigarette lighter is functional, if it is not then it is the fuse which controls both.

If you can remove the clock yourself, you can have it refurbished at a decent price at or on eBay from a variety of vendors.