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I'm looking at a small bag of Hershey's chocolate bars & can't understand the expiry date of numbers on it.

Can someone help.

Ive also left an e-mail to Hersheys

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Smart Ones coupon expiry date?

If you read the fine print on the bottom or back of the coupon there should be an expiry date. If there is not an expiry date, then you have as long as you would like to use them.

How long can refrigerated pizza last?

check the expiry date!

How long past expiry date is miracle whip good?

a week

How long can you keep vitamins after expiration date?

You should dispose vitamins immediately after the expiry date

How long does soy milk last?

If you look on the carton then there will say an expiry date. That is how long it lasts.

How long can bacon stay in the fridge?

as long as you want but it should be used before the expiry date!!!!

Does unprepared baby formula expire?

Yes but it usually has a long expiry date

How long is extra virgin oil good for after expiry date?

2 years

In an air tight container how long will bacon last in the fridge?

Depends on when the was cut - not when it was put in the fridge. Bacon almost always comes with an expiry date. As long as the container is air tight, the expiry date is still valid.

How long can tuna fish in an unopened can stay in the refrigerator?

Until the expiry date on the tin.

How long are Pillsbury apple turnovers good for past the expiry date?

One month

Why do foods have expiry dates?

Many foods have an expiry date (called an "expiration date" in the USA) because their ingredients will spoil if they are left on the shelf for too long. Some products have a very long "shelf life"-- they can be sold for weeks, or even months. But others are "perishable," which means if you do not buy them before their expiry date, they will no longer be healthy and in fact, you might get sick from eating them.

How long can chocolate chips be stored?

If you store in a dry, cool place they should last a while, but look at the expire date.

What are the Side effects of out of date alcohol?

If you can stock alcohol for a long time, it will become a very costly alcohol liked by so many people around the world. When you say out of date, it's presumed that you are referring to expiry date just like in medicines or other food items. Alcohol has never had an expiry date. Only the users have expiry dates.

Do contact lenses have a expiry date?

Yes. The expiry date would be stated when you buy the lens. This only applies if the lens are still sealed. If they've already been open, ask your optometrist how long they can last.

How long is sour cream good for after expiry?

Sour Cream should not be used after the expiration date.

How long can uncooked beef stay in refrigerator?

till around about its expiry date ,which is always on the packing.

How long can you last with potato chips?

u can check the packaging for expiry date to see when it can last to

Do colts cigars have an expiry date?

Cigars generally do not have an expiry date. However, they may turn stale when its stored for a long period of time. Its advisable not to use them if its shelfed for a long time, as there may be any poisonous substance which would inturn be harmful to your health.

How long can you keep chocolate?

Chocolate packages should have a manufacturer's expiration date on them. Chocolate should be kept no longer than the expiration date.

How long can uncooked chicken sit in the fridge before going bad?

after 1 week from the expiry date.

How long is a chase mastercard valid for?

It is valid until the end of the month (expiry date) shown on the card.

Where can I find information on car seat safety?

Car seats are very safe, as long as they are within their expiry date, fitted properly for the size of the child, and installed in the care properly. The expiry date of the car seat can be found on the bottom or in the manual.

Why wine has no expiry date?

It does expire, once it's been exposed to oxygen for too long it will turn into vinager.

Should you eat expired sugar stuff?

It depends what type of sugar stuff it is and how long after the expiry date. What type is it?