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There is no 3 day rule (no buyers remorse law) for automobiles in Washington state. If you sign the papers and it breaks into 2 pieces as you drive off the lot, you own both pieces and cannot get your money back.

Umm your a fool, if it breaks into two pieces if you drive off a lot it is the dealers problem, its called a warranty moron. they will either replace or repair it.

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Q: For how long can you keep the car until you could return it to the dealer in Washington state?
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In Washington state how long do you have to return a car?

You need to be more specific in your question. Return a car to a dealer, return a leased car, return a borrowed car to a friend, return a rental car?

What is the law in Washington state on returning a used car?

In the state of Washington, there are not any laws that gives buyers a grace period if they choose to return a car that they have purchased. The dealer will have 4 working days to change the lease terms if needed.

Does Washington State have any return policy in buying vehcle as-is contract?

The buyers remorse or cooling off period laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle in any state. You cannot return a car you bought new or used. Once you buy it you own it. The only way you could return it is if the seller agreed to the return. Ask the selling dealer about returning it. The seller is under no legal obligation to allow you to return the vehicle.

Can you return a new car in Washington state?

After a car purchase, can I return the car?

Is a car dealer license needed in Washington state?

yes it is needed

Can a same-sex married couple file a joint state income tax return in Washington state?

No married couple is permitted to file a joint state income tax return in Washington state. Washington state is one of the seven US states that have no individual income tax.

Can you return a used car to the dealer in 48 hours for a refund in the State of Georgia?

No, unless you discussed this with the dealer before purchase and you have it in writing.

You left the showroom with the car can you return it to the dealer?

Depends on if you are in a state with a cooling off period.

Can a police officer force a runaway in Washington state to return home to the state they are from?

if they have you in custody, yes they can

In Washington state how long do you have to return a used car?

The state of Washington allows the buyer of a used car 72 hours to return it. Most contracts allow a 72 hour evaluation. A bill of sale is considered a contract.

Do you have to return a leased car to the same state and same dealer?

That would depend on what it says in your lease agreement.

Can you return a used car in the state of Indiana if you decide you do not want it?

There is no return law on a vehicle purchased in Indiana or any other state. You bought it and you own it. The only way you legally can return it in Indiana is if the dealer does not provide you with a title in 21 days. You then must demand the title in writing and the dealer has another 10 days to supply you with the title. If you do not get it after that time period you can return the car and demand a refund.

Can you return a new car in the state of Florida?

NO, there is no cooling off period on the purchase of any vehicle, new or used, in any state. You cannot return a new car that is used car once you buy it. The only way you can return it is if the dealer agrees to the return which is highly unlikely.

Can you return a newly purchased vehicle back to the dealer within twenty four hours in the state of Louisiana?

No, you cannot.

Can you return a used car after purchase in Michigan?

In no state is there a law automatically allowing you to return a car just because you want to (not even if you change your mind the next day). That said, you could talk to the dealer. He doesn't have to allow you to return the car, but he's not forbidden to allow you to return the car either, if you can make it "worth his while" to let you do so.

Can i return new car?

It depends on what state your in and your reason for wanting to return it. Some dealers will take a car back in exchange for another if they are a reputable dealer. In the state of Ohio , once you sign the paperwork, you can not return it unless there is a very valid reason other than you changed your mind ( according to the state ).

How can you get a hand gun in Washington state?

Go to a licensed dealer and buy one, provided you follow all the regulations.

Can a Washington State resident buy a handgun in Wisconsin?

In order to purchase a handgun in a state other than the state where you reside, you must have the handgun shipped to a dealer in your state and pick it up there. The dealer in your state will charge some sort of transfer fee, which can range anywhere from $25 up to $100.

In Washington state how many cars you can sell in a year without needing a car dealer license?

4 Is The Limit, The Fifth is a dealer transaction. And There May be fines to go along.

Purchased a new vehicle 48 hours ago in the state of Florida can i return it?

NO, not unless the selling dealer agrees to the return. The cooling off period or buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of an automobile in any state.

What is the 3 day right of rescission in Washington State as regards to buying a car.?

It is also known as a cooling off period. In either case there isn't one. When you make a used car purchase in Washington State all sales are final. It is solely up to the dealer in the spirit of customer goodwill to work with you but it isn't a requirement. This is coming from being a Used Car Dealer in Washington State for 13 years.

How do you obtain a used car dealer's license in Washington state?

This page will tell you how: DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV

Can you buy a handgun in another state?

No. You can however have a dealer in another state ship a handgun to a dealer in your state, then purchase the gun through the dealer in your state.

Why did Thomas Jefferson resign his position as secretary of state?

He thought that George Washington would return his post.

Is a background check required for buying ammo for handguns in washington state?

Ammo, no. If you purchase a handgun from a dealer, a background check is required in every state, by federal law.