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There should be a Power Distribution Box "Black Box" in the engine compartment it will contain fuse's and relay's try looking there and also look at the one under the dash (if there is one there). Good Luck and Remember.
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Componites of an elecrical circuit?

I have absolutely no possible idea. why don't you ask the priminister? he might know. :)

Where is the speedometer relay on a 2003 Subaru Outback?

There is no relay used on the speedometer circuit.

Why is a boiler and pump a model in a circuit?

You must mean "why can i model a boiler and pump" as an electrical circuit. The answer is "elecrical components can be arranged to correspond to a useful mathematical model for the boiler and pump."

What is an open elecrical circuit?

An open circuit is one where the current is not able to complete the circuit. An example could be a light bulb connected to power but switched off, the circuit being broken by the switch, and considered "open." When flipping the switch On, it connects the power and the circuit is then closed.

What is an electric circuit that controls another electric circuit through a relay?

Remote-Control Circuit. Any electrical circuit that controlsany other circuit through a relay or an equivalent device.

What is an electric circuit that controls another electrical circuit through a relay?

remote-control circuit

What controls current flow?

The load resistance in the circuit controls the current flow.

What does the variable resistor do in a circuit?

It controls the circuit example in a sound circuit the volume knob would be the resistor

What controls the flow of electricity in a circuit?


What controls current in a circuit?

Switch la

What device controls the flow of current in a circuit?


Why would a 1987 Ford Aerostar 3.0L digital speedometer light up but have no display?

The lighting system of all 80's fords speedometer is an independent circuit of the speedometer itself. When there is no display, one of 2 things could happen: 1-.The power line of the speedometer is damaged. Normally they have a kind of ribbon cable with cooper bands connecting between the panel, the 12V source and the sensor. Please check the ribbon cable if it doesn't have any gap in the cooper lines. 2.-Perhaps the 12V speedometer's internal regulator is damaged, you have to check if it is replaceable, if it isn

Where is the cable in the speedometer on a 1997 Plymouth neon?

It doesn't have one. It uses a speed sensor and drives the speedometer electrically. If your speedometer isn't working, it could be the sensor or it could be broken solder points on the instrument cluster circuit board.

What does a memory board do?

A computer motherboard is nothing but the circuit board or the circuit which controls the entire functioning of the computer

Where are all the controls on most circuit breakers?

The only control on a circuit breaker is its on/off/reset lever or button.

Speedometer not working in a 1992 dodge cummins?

Either a problem in the circuit or a faulty vehicle speed sensor.

What does it mean when speedometer goes crazy but everything else is working fine?

it means the circuit of car is short........

What controls the flow of charges through a circuit?

-- the voltage between the two ends of the circuit -- the resistance between those points

What size fuse do you use for speedometer?

This will vary from car to car and from aftermarket speedo to speedo If only the speedometer is on the circuit normally a 2.5 amp fuse is lots. If there is anything else it will be wildly different

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1991 Volvo 740?

If both speedometer and odometer do not work, usually the pulse signal are missing. E.g. the wiring coming from the rear differential where the sensor is located, can be deteriorated (broken or shorted). If speedometer only is inoperative, it is easiest to change the whole speedometer. To repair it, you need to be able to work on electronics, disassemble the speedometer unit, access the printed circuit board, and usually replace the leaking electrolytic capacitors on that board, as well as clean the circuit board of the electrolyte. Some other components may be broken also.

What is part 15319851 on gmc 2004 envoy?

It is a relay and an example of one circuit that it controls is the secondary air injection pump circuit.

What is the small circuit board that controls the work done by the computer?

The small circuit board that controlls the work done by the computer is a DOCUMENT.

What controls the electricity flow in a circuit?

A switch controls the flow of the circuit by making or breaking the connection, so you get full flow or nothing. In electronics, vacuum tubes or semiconductors, can also be used to control the flow by varying amounts.

What is a Circuit Breaker Panel?

A Circuit Breaker Panel is a electrical safety panel that controls electricity to different appliances to a building. If there is an electrical fault, the circuit is immediately broken for safety.

How do you define a pole in circuit breaker?

A pole In a circut breaker refers to the number of circuts it controls, single pole only controls one, double controls 2 at same time

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