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Grand vitara 2000 2.5 V6. I am getting p0305 code. The engine vibrate a little at idle but once you touch the gas pedal it is fine. replaced spark plugs ignition coils EGR valve. What next?


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January 24, 2008 2:26AM

Well what is happening is the #5 cylinder is misfiring on that cylinder it could be a burnt valve bad lifter or spark plug best thing to do is to do a compression test on all the cylinders compare all the readings if a difference between 10% could have worn rings best thing to do is have a technician check this out could be a bad injector the injectors are hard to get to but you could remove the cover an take a test light disconnect the connector on injector #5 and take the test light and touch the probe to one side and the other side of the test light connector to the othe other side of the connector to see if it flashes if it does it tell u that it is getting a signal form the computer i would do that first