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I was told my sac was too small at my 8 weeks sonogram. I stressed for 4 weeks about it. Then at 13 weeks had another sono and the sac measured perfect and so did the baby. Just wanted to share a positive experience with a small sac. Mine measured a week small at 8 weeks.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-19 17:06:33
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Q: Has anyone had a miscarriage due to a small sac?
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What does the passing of a fetal sac look like?

when i had my first miscarriage the fetal sac came out in the toilet and it looked like a little veiny blood sac. it was really small almost like a bubble.

Could you have a miscarriage if you have had bleeding and a small sac came out but have not bled since Would you recommend going to the doctor?

That sounds like a miscarriage; you should go to your doctor and be sure.

Can you see the featus during miscarriage?

Sometimes, it depends on how far along you are. I had a previous miscarriage and I was able to see the baby in the amniotic sac. My sister-in-law had a miscarriage, and she was able to see a very small perfect little baby. So, yes, it is possible to see the baby.l

Do sac fungi produce spores inside a small sac?

A small sac called a basidium

What happens if there is 2 sacs and only 1 baby but the other sac is still there?

if there is still another sac it most likely means you have had a miscarriage but not always

What is the medical term meaning a small sac?

Saccule is the medical term meaning small sac.

What will you see if you have a miscarriage?

when women have a miscarriage they usually bleed and have little clots of blood, you may also see the sac its self which is like a ball full of fluid

What is a small sac that forms part of a cell membrane?

A vesicle forms as a small sac from the cell's membrane.

Does sac fungi produce spores inside a small sac?


Does a sac fungus produce spores inside a small sac?


Can you miscarriage with a yolk sac?

Yes you can miscarry at any stage of pregnancy, after 23 weeks they call it a stillbirth x

6 weeks pregnant and no sac in the ultrasound?

well you may had a miscarriage or you are not pregnant and are experiencing the symptoms i am truly sorry

I am 6 weeks pregnant with everything measuring good except dr. says i have a larger gestational sac what does this mean a sign of miscarriage?

not necessarily, it just means that you are early and the gestational sac is the bag of waters the baby grows inside of. Never heard of that leading to miscarriage. As you get bigger, the bag will expand too. Hope this helped!!

What is the earliest you can have an ultrasound done to see if your pregnant?

You can have an unltrasound done around 5 weeks gestation or 3 weeks after conception. At this point all that will be seen is a small empty sac or a small sac with a yolk sac inside.

Has anyone had an abnormally shaped amniotic sac with blood pooling outside it?

I personally have not known anyone to have this problem.

What are the small sac like structures in the lungs?


Small membrane-bound sac?

Vesicle :D

How big is my sac?

Really small I'm sure

What is the small blind sac called?

my penile instrument

What is A small Sac that surrounds material to be into or out of a cell is a?


Had vaginal us at 5weeks and 2days and the gestational sac is close to tube could this still be a viable pregnancy or could it be ectopic?

update.... had a miscarriage. :(

Surronding each air sac are small tubes that bring and carry blood what are they called?

The capillaries are the small blood vessels that surround each alveolus, or air sac.

Surrounding each air sac are small tubes that bring and carry away bloodthey are called what?

The capillaries are the small blood vessels that surround each alveolus, or air sac.

What is it called when you have an empty sac but no baby and your body is pregnant?

It is sometimes referred to as a blighted ovum. Your body will realise that the baby has not developed soon and a miscarriage will occur.

If you had a miscarriage how far along would you have been if the sac you passed was as long as a Lima bean but skinnier?

I would say only 3-4 weeks.