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If the bulbs are working then you just need to change te fuse.

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Q: Hazard warning lights not working but left right turn signeles working peugeot 106?
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Where is the fog light switch in a Peugeot 106?

The fog light switch on my peugeot 106 is next too the hazard warning switch and the rear window heater switch below the stereo.

In your driving test when asked how do you know if your indicator light are working what is the answer?

The answer is: Apply hazard warning lights and walk around the car to check that each light is working.

How does a hazard led to a disaster?

A hazard is a warning to people(s) that by doing something to a object it could cause a disaster. Eg. a hazard warning on a door. by going in you could get radiation poisoning, leading to a disaster. or if there is a hazard warning for a area and it then escalates causing a disaster ( winds pick up and turn into a twister).

What does the hazard warning symbol mean?

A symbol which gives the warning regarding type of hazard (danger) when an explosion takes place and it also suggests the remedial action to be taken in case of hazard occurs

How do you get to the turn signal to replace it on a 2001 Impala?

If you are talking about the flasher is is part of the hazard warning module If you are talking about the flasher is is part of the hazard warning module

Why do the blinkers on my 2000 alero stop working with my hazards?

The turn signals are controlled through the hazard warning switch. I have an 01 Alero and had the same problem. I had to replace the hazard warning switch. The dealer wanted like $90 for the switch, or you can try a salvage yard, which I did and payed $10. Hope this hepls.

Where is the hazard flaser on a 2004 implala?

It is part of the hazard warning module at the back of the switch

Which precautions do you have to have with hazard warning symbols?


Where would you find a harmful hazard warning?

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Firstly the indicator lights started to stop working on a 1996 Nissan Primera and now the hazard lights don't work either except once in a while so how do you find the fix?

try the hazard warning light switch as if this fails the indicators will not operate then if not try the hazard light relay

Why are hazard and signal lights not working?

bad fuse or hazard switch

Why won't the Peugeot 607 hazard warning lights turn off?

What i did to get rid of my warning light problem, was to disassemble to kill switch for the fuel pump(located on the driver side, near the front strut mount under the bonnet) remove the metal ball the connects the middle connector and assemble back up

Where is the flasher on a 2005 impala?

Part of the hazard warning module

What is the least important element of a hazard warning label?


Why do we need hazard warning signs in laboratories?

because of safety

What does the hazard warning sign on chemical tankers indicate?

Many hazard warnings exist: flammable, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, explosive, etc.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Oldsmobile intrigue?

Probably part of the hazard warning module - part of the hazard switch

Why is a hazard warning sign on a bottle of cleaning material than a written warning?

One symbol can cover many languages.

Is there a fuse for the hazard warning light?

no fuse the switch is the common fault

Where can one purchase hazard warning tape?

Some small companies like ULine and KofflerSales sell hazard warning tape. Bigger and more well-known companies, such as Amazon, also carry this product.

Where is the signal flasher located on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?

Incorporated in the hazard warning module part of the hazard switch

Where is the signal flasher on 1998 Lumina?

If hazard warning switch is in the dash - turn signal flasher is probably part of that module (Newer GM) If hazard warning switch is on steering column check in or near the fuse box

What wrong with only third stop light works meanwhile hazard flusher and tail lights are working fine and when engine running third stop light always on and ABS warning flashing on Pontiac grand am 93?

never mind, i fixed it. it was just a bad hazard switch.

Where precisely is the hazard warning flasher located on a 94 Subaru Legacy sedan?

Have solved the problem. Hazard and turn flasher are one and the same unit.

What different between a watch and a warning in weather?

The specifics vary depending on the hazard being warned about, but generally a watch means that a given weather hazard may occur in an area while a warning means that the danger is imminent or already present.