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He is manipulative controlling verbally abusive man and he doesn't even no?


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September 13, 2011 3:48AM

Unfortunately most of the time they are in denial and feel their actions are justified by "others making him that way". It will be even harder to try and talk to this person about it because that may set them off as well. It may be an idea to have someone that is very close and trusted that agrees you to speak to this person. But please do not feel you have to put up with this behaviour - most of the time it gets worse not better.


If he also drinks or does drugs, you could help save his life by getting him to go to Alcoholics Anonymous or a drug rehab. The symptoms you describe match those of most alcoholics. He can be very capable and still be an alcoholic, he does not need to be sleeping under a bridge to be an alcoholic. Alcoholism is not a moral problem, it is a physiologic allergic reaction some people have to alcohol that others do not. Just like some people are allergic to certain foods like shell fish while others are not. Once an alcoholic gets the first drink into their system, the allergic reaction is often triggered and they want to drink more. Eventually they drink until their judgment is impaired and they do things they normally would not do otherwise. If the Pope or Billy Graham drank as much as the triggered alcoholic does, then they too would loose their judgment and do things that went against their own value system. If a person is an alcoholic and just stops drinking without getting full recovery, they are called a dry drunk who is miserable inside and therefore restless, irritable and discontent; and make everyone around them suffer too. Bes tbet is to get them into recovery, or get the out of your life.