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More Than Likely The Spark Plug Wire Needs Replaced, At My Dealer You Have To Buy At Least One Side. ($150.00 for 3 Wires)

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โˆ™ 2007-10-14 16:01:35
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Q: Head gasket was repalaced now 3 cyl on the left side do not fire Why?
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How do you remove the engine from a dodge spirit Head gasket?

keepundoing bolts till the engine falls away and your left with just the head gasket

How do you replace a head gasket on a Nissan?

big job.remove head,best left to a pro

How do you install a head gasket in a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

Remove intake and exhaust manifold. Remove head and replace the gasket. This is a major repair best left to a professional.

How does head and engine get deshaped?

Most likely your head gasket failed and left for too long which caused the heads to warp and need to be resurfaced to put on a new gasket.

How do you replace a head gasket on a 1993 jimmy?

I would be more worried about the length of time that a head gasket has been left on your Jimmy. I take the gasket off my Jimmy right after I'm done using it. 16 years is a long time.

On a head gasket for an Astro 4.3 which side is up?

Gaskets that have an "UP" are marked with a stamp saying UP - LEFT - RIGHT. If there is no stamp, there is no "UP" on the gasket

Where is the tranny dipstick on a 92 cheyene w 4.3L?

behind the left head between the motor and the fire wall. behind the left head between the motor and the fire wall.

What is a head casket Land Rover discovery?

I think you mean head "gasket" - not casket. This is the gasket that is placed between the engine block (bottom part of the engine) and the cylinder head. Your Disco has two heads, so two head gaskets, a left one and a right one.

Do you have to remove left and right heads on a 95 olds supreme 3.1 to replace a blown head gasket?

no as long as you are sure which side/head is leaking

Why does water and antifreeze run out of the left side of the engine block of your 1997 Ford Range XLT after it overheated?

If it is running out between the block and the head, you probably blew a head gasket. If that is the case, be sure and have the cylinder head resurfaced before you re-install it after you change out the gasket. A blown head gasket is usually caused by warpage of the head when it overheats. TIP: as long as the head is going to be resurfaced, you might also get the valves reground.

How difficult is it to change the head gasket on 2002 Nissan altima?

Extremely difficult as this is a major repair. Best left to a professional.

I replaced the head gasket and had the head resurfaced and the radiator still has oil in it.?

what about pressure testing? is the residue left over from the gasket failure? remove the thermostat and flush the system a few times, (use a jet wash if available and back flush it) what about pressure testing? is the residue left over from the gasket failure? remove the thermostat and flush the system a few times, (use a jet wash if available and back flush it)

Why is water shooting out between the last two spark plugs on the left side of the motor in a 1999 Tahoe 5 7 liter engine?

you have a cracked head ,or a bad head gasket

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You need a diagram on how to install a head gasket set on a 1992 Sunbird?

go to current vehicle upper left. choose car repair info vehicle repair guides engine&engine overhaul cylinder head.

How do you remove the head on a 1995 Honda Civic CX?

Remove, in this order: valve cover timing belt cams cam adjusting shims--MARK EACH with the valve it came from, something like "#1 left exhaust valve" head bolts head Then scrape off the old head gasket

What is the torque sequence for a 1998 Saturn sl2 head gasket?

rear left 8 4 1 5 9 front left to right 7 3 2 6 10 22 lbs at first then 37 lbs

Where is the cylinder head temp sensor located on a 2001 3.8l v6 mustang?

The sensor is located on the left (drivers side) head in the back near the fire wall. It is not fun to get to, but it is doable.

Where can you found a IAC valve gasket for a 1991 Mazda 626 DX? pick you vehicle on the left and browse the gasket section

Why does oil go into the radiator of a Ford Focus?

It sounds like you may have a blown head gasket. It needs to be checked out pretty quick because severe engine damage can occur if left unattended.

How to change valve cover gasket?

What you need is a couple clean rags...some spray solvent...a putty knife and your new gasket. First remove the valve cover, then with your putty knife...very carefully scrape the cover if any gasket is stuck to it...then use your hands to peel off any gasket material from the some newspaper or a couple rags on the cylinder head to catch any debris before you use your putty knife to scrape the head(make sure you hold the knife almost parallel to avoid causing any gouges)...then use the cleaning solvent on the valve cover and make sure there is no oil residue or gasket paper left...then wet a clean rag with the solvent and clean the cylinder head and wipe clean with another rag. Now your surfaces are ready for the new gasket. Place the gasket on the head and carefully place the valve cover back on the head. Tighten all the bolts hand tight first then starting in the middle and working out...tighten the bolts outward in a spiral pattern to the recommended torque...somewhere around 20 pounds... About one half turn past when it feels snug

What do you think is wrong with a car that lost the alternator belt while driving and overheated and began blowing out white smoke and knocking and there is no water left in the car?

Blown head gasket. Very expensive job

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An intermittent shooting pain on the left side of the neck is likely a condition called neuralgia. This is caused when the nerve is signaled to fire for an unknown reason.