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Did you maybe spoil a connection on your battery e.g. one of the small wires that feed your ignition. == A lot of newer cars can have their ECU fried when giving a jump start. But, hopefully the battery has cooked as this will only cost you around £40 to fix rather than £££'s for the ECU.

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Can anyone tell me if their Mazda 121 diesel 1800cc fiesta has a fuel warning light when your low on diesel?

My Mk3 fiesta did not.

How do i change my timing belt on a Ford Fiesta diesel 1.8?

Does my 1995 ford fiesta 1.8 diesel have a timing belt or chain

Is Ford Fiesta TDI a diesel?

Yes TDCi is a diesel engine

What oil do you use for fiesta Mk2?


What gearbox oil fiesta 1.4 diesel?


How much petrol does your fiesta hold?

None. It's a diesel.

What is the coolant capacity for a Ford Fiesta 1.8 diesel?

9.3 l

How do you changes a sump gasket on a Ford Fiesta 1998?

how easy is it to change a oil sump gasket on a ford fiesta 1.4 diesel 2008

Scheme diesel engine Ford Fiesta 1800?

1800 tdi 75kw

What fuel does the Ford Fiesta take?

Petrol models use regular unleaded petrol. Diesel models use regular diesel.

How do you change the oil filter on a Fiesta Mk6?

Depends on the engine. A variety of different petrol engines and a diesel option were fitted to the Fiesta Mk6. All have different filters.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a ford fiesta 1.8 diesel 1994?

the standard location will be on the firewall.

How do you remove hose on fiesta diesel thermostat 1.4 tdci 2003?

push tab in to remove

Is removing egr valve from diesel engine legal?

No, it is no different than removing a catalytic converter.No, it is no different than removing a catalytic converter.

What are core plugs on a Ford Fiesta?

I have a starting promblem on my ford fiesta 1.4 diesel zetec on 55 plate is it likely to be the glow/core plugs, if so how do I change them, where are they situated?

How do you increase the flash point in diesel oil?

Removing lighter components (such as naphtha/gasoline) will increase the flash point of diesel.

Where is the fuel cut of switch in a 2003 ford fiesta 1.4 diesel?

Behind the glovebox hope this helps

What oil 1.4 fiesta?

Petrol or diesel? What year? All today's Ford engines, both petrol and diesel, use 5w/30 'fuel saving' oil.

Why does the engine cut out on your Kia Sorento diesel then starts once stopped for a short time?

the diesel filter needs to be replaced

Can diesel engine be started with CNG?


What oil filter do you need for a Ford Fiesta diesel?

On the Diesel Fiesta you need the 5W-30 Ford Motorcraft oil, or any other good brand of fully synthetic motor oil with the 5W-30 specs. You need the correct filter for your model of diesel engine Fiesta. The old 1.8 straight diesel used a metal cannister filter, whilst the later Tdci Duratorq engines have a paper element filter in a plastic housing (looks like a bomb or a fat plastic bottle with a hexagon cap) on the side of the engine block.

How do i change oil filter on diesel fiesta?

Depends on the year or type of diesel engine. The older engines had a cannister filter whilst the latest Tdci has a replaceable paper element.

How much engine oil needed for 1.8 ford fiesta diesel?

5 liters with oil filter filled

Does a Ford Fiesta diesel have a timing belt?

Depends what year - you don't tell us. Some older diesel engines had a chain, but the Tdci fitted in more modern Fiestas has a belt.

Have you a picture of ford fiesta 1.8 diesel fan belt path?

Did you manage to get a picture? I have the same problem can you help me please?

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