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From the Bering Sea in the north, to the defined border of the Southern Ocean, the Pacific is from 13700 to 14500 km (8500 to 9000 miles) north-to-south.

It has a maximum width (east-to-west) of about 19800 km (12300 miles).

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Q: How Long is the pacific Ocean?
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What ocean is 1280 km long and 16000 km wide?

the pacific ocean

How long did it take the expedition to reach the pacific ocean?

it took 5 days to get to the pacific ocean

What is the name of the Nearest ocean to Canada?

It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!!

What is California's location in relation to the pacific ocean?

California is on the est rim of pacific ocean. It has a long coastline

How long would it take to sail from the pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean?

That depends entirely on where in the Pacific to where in the Atlantic.

Which ocean is by California?

The Pacific Ocean.The Pacific Ocean.The PacificThe Pacific Ocean.

Where can you find information on the polynesian culture?

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What is the largest ocean in the Pacific Ocean?

the pacific ocean is an ocean by itself. there are no oceans in the pacific ocean beside the pacific ocean.

Is the mississippi river longer than the pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is not 'long'; it is wide. But the Pacific is much wider [maximum 12,300 miles] than the Mississippi is long [2320 miles].

What ocean is Bikini Bottom in?

Pacific Pacific Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean

What is an ocean that is experiencing short intermediate and long wave periods?

the pacific ocean

What is distance to pacific ocean from Northfield MN?

A long long way!

What was the first name of the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean; otherwise it wouldn't have been the Pacific Ocean at the time before it was the Pacific Ocean because otherwise it would not be called the Pacific Ocean before it was called the Pacific Ocean.

Which two ocean does the Panama Canal link?

The Panama Canal links the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal is 48 miles long. It is the fastest way to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

What is the ocean west of Virginia?

The ocean west of Virginia is a long way away- it is the Pacific.

Is the south Pacific Ocean a real ocean?

It is a part of the Pacific Ocean, it is a region in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is so large that it has to be divided into regions, example South Pacific Ocean, etc. So, YES, it is.

How long is the Pacific Ocean in miles?

The Pacific Ocean is about 8500 miles in length, north-to-south, from the Arctic Ocean at the Bering Strait to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. (This does not include the Bering Sea.)

How long did it take for the United States to expand from the Atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean?

By 1850 the united states streched from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean.

Which is larger the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean

Is the pacific the biggest ocean?

The pacific ocean is the biggest ocean.

What is bigger the pacific ocean or the Atlantic ocean?

pacific ocean

Which Ocean is Warmest Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean?


Give some examples of ocean?

the Indian ocean, the pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean,Pacific,and the Arctic

What is the largest ocean?

The pacific oceanThe Pacific Ocean.pacificThe Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world's oceans. The area of the Pacific Ocean is 155 million square kilometers or 60 million square miles.

What is the biggest ocean in the pacific ocean?

Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean anyway!