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How To Create a Jural Society?



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To start a "Jural Society" the prospective members would ascertain that each is a "Common Law Citizen" of this country, thus there are no (illegal and unenforceable) "adhesion contracts". Being a Citizen means you are in possession of rights pursuant to your life which comes from your Creator; if you were a citizen, you would be no more than a resident, thus "subject to the jurisdiction" of the feral government. If you are subject to the feral government, you are subject to every aspect of the feral government at all levels, including city and county as well as commonwealth and federal, but even international and corporate. If you have no Adhesion Contract, you cannot be in possession of any license because such does not exist. No government agency has you on any list, but understand that by government agency we would include any corporation since each is an extension of the government. Being a Citizen, you are a "Common Law Citizen" and your decisions are made by you in accord with your principles, moral, religious and others. Your religion can't be dictated by the "State", which might be called "The United Nations" or The City Of St. Louis" or "United Way". (Have you noticed how dificult it is to distinguish between United Way and what the United Nations desires to be in the near future?) You can't be forced into the universal world religion which the patriots of 30 years ago claimed would be "ecology" which has now taken on the name of "global warming" or whatever seams to carry more impact. If you are interested in a Jural Society, you probably are an staunch adherent of Christion Identity. First, be a staunch practictioner of Christian Identity which is possibly since you are genetically clean instead of a mixture (which the King James Version called "an abomination"). Second, pool your efforts with many others since a society must have multiple families. (Naturally, every one of those would meet the "cleanliness" requirement specified in the first chapter of the first book of the Holy Bible.) No phone or e-mail. Clay Bacon 1002 E 9th St., Apt. A Little Rock, Arkansas (72202-4033)