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They are almost accurate. I was told my baby girl was due on 9th March. She came on the 7th, but looked at least 1-2 weeks overdue. I knew when my last menstrual period was but according to the ultrasound dates it was different. I would say in some cases they are pretty accurate, but if you know when your last menstrual period was and when you had sex, your dates are better then the doctors.

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Q: How accurate are the fetal measurements in determining you due date?
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How is prematurity or premature birth diagnosed?

Prematurity is diagnosed by determining the gestational age of the baby using ultrasound imaging, calculating from a date of conception, using the Dubowitz exam, electronic fetal monitoring, blood samples.

If an ultrasound gives you a date of how far along you are is it possible you could have been pregnant 5 weeks ago and still had your period and the ultrasound be off?

The ultrasound doesnt give you the date. It is estimated by the days you give to the doctors to help, narrow down the date. The first day of your last period and how long you've missed help them in determining your conception date. The picture shows them an image of a fetus and they use that picture to say at what developmental stage the baby is in. Anything is possible.AnswerContrary to the opinion above, the ultaasound does give you an approximate date of conception. By comparing the results of millions of ultrasounds physicians can calculate the age of the fetus based on head diameter, bone length, and other measurements on the fetus. They are usually accurate to within two weeks of when you are due to deliver. Since some women have irregular periods, it is not always possible to calculate the date based on the first day of the last period. Trust the ultrasound! ANSWERI just wanted to add to the above answer. A patient's Last mentrual period is accurate if the patient has a regular mestrual cycle, but this is not the case for many women. Therefore, it is not the most accurate source for fetal age. Ultrasound is the most accurate dating tool for fetal age. The measurement of the embryo (crown rump length) up to 12 weeks gestation is the most accurate. The rate of growth of a fetus will be based on that early measurement for the remainder of the pregnancy. It allows physicians to monitor the growth of the fetus which in turn gives them an estimated due date as well as help them diagnose growth abnormalities such as IUGR (Intrauteriune growth restriction).

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How accurate is a due date calculator?

Due date calculators are very useful in determining the approximate due date of a baby. Due date calculators use the date of the last menstrual period and calculates out 40 weeks to determine a due date. Most women give birth between 38 and 42 weeks, some due date calculators are great rough estimators of the time frame of birth.

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How accurate are blood pregnancy tests at predicting the exact date of conception?

They are quite accurate, but no-one can know for sure when the conception date was

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Can an ultrasound determine when you got pregnant?

Yes. The obstetrician can use the images from the ultrasound screening to date a pregnancy. The size of the fetus, placenta, and/or your uterus are some of the factors used to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. However, scans performed earlier on in the pregnancy are generally more accurate than those performed later, since in the later part of pregnancy the measurements could be affected by growth variations and may not correctly reflect the fetal age.

Can your conception date change if you give birth after due date?

A conception date can never be 100% accurate

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If you are 7weeks 4 days by your LMP and you have an ultrasound and by the fetal measurements you are 7weeks 4 days did you most likely get pregnant before your LMP?

No. Doctors (and other medical professionals) measure pregnancy in terms of LMP. If you are 7 1/2 weeks pregnant according to your doctor, you probably became pregnant about 5 weeks ago. This assumes you have the standard 28 day cycle, and became pregnant at mid cycle. LMP is not an accurate way to date a pregnancy. If you are in doubt, an ultrasound before the 18th week LMP is the most effective way to date your pregnancy.

If you are 12wks pregnant does that mean fetal age is 10wks?

It could mean 10 to 12 weeks. Some of the conclusions of fetal development and Estimated Date of Conception [EDC] are still depending on the information YOU give about the date and duration and flow of your last period . Most EDC's can vary 7-10 days earlier or later due to somewhat less than accurate reporting. Don't feel bad if you made a slight error . Most of us cannot pinpoint the day of conception.

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Can an ultrasound scan be wrong by a month?

The date of conception can't actually be determined, but the fetal growth usually reflects how far along the mother to be is , so i believe an ultrasound is pretty accurate. It depends when in the pregnancy it is done. The earlier in pregnancy the more accurate it is. So at 7 weeks it is only going to be inaccurate by 3 or 4 days. If you have your first U/s at 8 months it is not nearly as accurate as babies vary so much in size.

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When did you get pregnant if your due date is December 3 and how accurate is the conceived date?

I will assume you are talking about December 3rd 2011. If so, that makes your estimated conception date March 11th 2011. The estimated conception date is not always completely accurate. It is often wrong by a couple of days.

Is the EDD given to you on your scan date from your LMP or by the date of conception?

EDD is ESTIMATED. If done by scan is 38 weeks from conception. An EDD is based on the LMP (last menstrual period) and not the date of conception. The ultrasound measurements are comparing the baby to the expected size of other babies at the same gestational age. The earlier the ultrasound is done in the pregnancy, the more accurate it will be. Hope this helps! Dr. B.