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How and when was Kensington Illinois founded?

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I have an Abstract of Title from my aunt's house on 116th and Prairie Avenue. The history of the area goes back to 1835. The first date showing the name Kensington was in 1875. It says "First Addition to Kensington" with a legal description There is also a map. In case you are interested, that whole area was purchased for under $400.00, (310 acres)by Ambrose Y. Smith and William Andrews

It would be very interesting to continue adding to this information with other facts related to Kensington Illinois place in local and international history (i.e., labor, Immigration, migration history). For example, many have said that Elliot Ness's father owned a haberdashery on the street, a priest at St Anthony made grappa (Italian moonshine) in the church basement during prohibition, Torino/Gonnella Bakery was one of the first and most successful Italian bakeries in the Midwest, the Operetta Club continued to be a center of entertainment fro over 50 years, Pat & Mat's was the center of social and political discourse for decades, immigrants from Italy, Germany, Poland and lastly Mexico, all found comfort in the area etc.

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Q: How and when was Kensington Illinois founded?
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According to the US Postal Service, there is no town named "Kensington" in Illinois.

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The address of the Kensington Library is: 61 Arlington Ave., Kensington, 94707 1037

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