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Get your hands on the US Army's official history volume, "The Employment of Negro Troops" in the Second World War, by Professor Ulysses Lee, which the US Army has on their web page, and has reprinted. It has a lot of information in the back on how the Army changed after the war, as a result of the experience. The book was reprinted for the 50th anniversary of World War II, with a fine painting of black troops in a wartime dock operating company in the Pacific. Please contact your "Veteran's Affairs" and they can lead you in the right direction to find out more information regarding your grandfather. Be sure your grandmother's name is spelled right. It could be spelled as you put it in your post or it could be spelled "Vivian." GO ONTO TYPE IN: Veteran's Affairs See if you can get some answers this way. If not there should be a phone number on that website you can call. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How and where can you find information about African-American soldiers who were in Verdun during World War 2 between 1945 and 1947?
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