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How big of holes do you drill in your muffler to make it louder?

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Don`t Drill Any Holes, Just Remove It. Ought To Be Loud Enough Due To The ECM ( Electronic Control Module ++++++++ Computer ) Your Car Was Designed With The Muffler ++++ Catalytic Converter Plus An O/2 Sensor. It May Not Run Very Good. Best To Let It Be Before you do that, you may want to check your local traffic laws. In many states, modifying a muffler in any way will get you a ticket, as will violating a noise ordinance. At around $75 a pop, that's a lot of money just to sound cool. Incidentally, the laws are in effect because most of your fellow drivers don't appreciate loud and intrusive noise from other cars. Also drilling holes in your muffler is a good way to commit suicide, and possible take other people who are not quite ready to die with you. Ever heard of the odorless, colorless death called Carbon Monoxide? Put a hole in your muffler and it will enter you passenger compartment while you drive and slowly kill you. Dont!!! spend 30 bucks and 45 minutes under your car! Buy a set of Thrush shorties and replace you mufflers. Keep in mind! Anytime you make changes to you exhaust... you generally also need to eithe re-jet you carb(s) or have the fuel injection reset. If you dont! You will either be burning to rich or to lean! Either one can cost you a valve and or ring job some where down the road.

2006-09-12 12:19:01
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How do you make truck louder?

drill holes in muffler

If you drill holes in the muffler will it make it sound betterand if so where do you drill the holes?

start with your head A muffler with holes in it would sound like a muffler with holes in it, terrible. Drilling holes in the muffler would increase the chance of getting exhaust fumes in the vehicle which is a bad thing.

How do you make your Suzuki Ozark quadrunner 250cc exhaust louder?

drill holes in the pipe

How to make your lawn mower louder?

remove muffler

How do you make a small engine louder?

remove the muffler and add a loudener

How do you make a 6.5 baja minibike louder?

take the muffler off

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How do they make holes in the Olympic Torch?

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Is it possible to make your exhaust louder by cutting it?

Yes...i have an 07 cobalt special edition supercharged and my friend stabbed holes into my muffler without me knowning...but i am somewhat happy because it does make the car sounds much louder and it sounds like i have an expensive exhaust system on it...but i recommend getting an exhaust system Yes...i have an 07 cobalt special edition supercharged and my friend stabbed holes into my muffler without me knowning...but i am somewhat happy because it does make the car sounds much louder and it sounds like i have an expensive exhaust system on it...but i recommend getting an exhaust system

Do you need a new muffler'How can you tell if you need a new muffler?

Even if you can't repair a faulty muffler yourself you can determine if the muffler is actually the problem. One of the first signs of a failing muffler is a change in the sound of your car when it starts and while it is running. The car will sound louder but you might not notice at first. If the muffler is not repaired the sound will definitely get louder and louder. In most towns sound pollution is an offense for which you will be written a ticket. That's only one reason to make sure your muffler gets fixed, and soon.

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What can you do to make your Ford Ranger louder?

As with most cars, you can get a more powerful engine, shorten or buy a new muffler.

What will happen if you cut the muffler off?

The machine will be much louder and make it uncomfortable to be around. Lack of a muffler can cause you to be over the noise levels for various laws and ordinances. In many places removing the muffler from a car can lead to a ticket.

Does a exhaust tip make a car sound louder?

Yes, yes it can, depends on how big the muffler tip is and/or the brand that you got.

How do you empty your muffler on 08 Roketa Scooter to make it louder performance?

Well first the two words "performance" and "louder" do not go together. If you make it louder the way you are asking for directions i.e. by removing the baffles. You will lose around 40% - 50% of your performance or power. These bikes rely on compression of the exhaust gasses for about half of the h.p. Try removing the muffler completely and see how it performs, and as per the owner's manual modifying the muffler or running without one, will void your warranty.

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What the benefit of drill?

Easiest way to make exact sized holes.

What will a bad muffler do to my car?

A bad muffler will do a few things to your car. First, it will make it louder. Second it will spew much more pollution into the atmosphere. This can also seep into your car and cause you to pass out from the fumes.

How do you make my 1997 kia sephias mufflers louder?

take it off and install a cherry bomb muffler or another hotter sounding one.

How do you make a motorcycle exhaust louder?

Making a motorcycle exhaust louder can be achieved by removing the baffle in the muffler, or shortening the length of the muffler. If applicable you can also change to a high volume end cap. Note that several countries have regulations regarding noise levels from vehicles. Remember to check with your local road vehicle authority to make sure you will not be fined.

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Do exhaust tips make a car louder?

Maybe slightly do to echo, but mostly just changes the tone. to increase decibel, would have to change muffler.

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