How big were hard drives on computers in the 1980s?

== == Although they were available on large systems used by business, government and other institutions, hard drives in home computers were unheard of until at least the mid 1980's. Even then, They usually cost more than the computer itself, and were physically large, coming in external enclosures the size of a shoebox, and very heavy (noisy too). Yet the storage was only around 10 megabytes (give or take). It didn't even seem like much storage back then, since they could only hold the contents of a few floppy disks, at a very high price. The main advantage was the speed of accessing your files, but even that was much, much slower than today's disks. It wasn't until the early 1990's that internal hard drives became a standard feature on PC's. (and only 30-40 mb at first!)

My first computer was in 1984 and was a Tandy computer made by Radio Shack. It didnt even have a hard drive. Everything was done with floppy disk. The big thin kind. I forget the size of it now. My first computer with memory was an IBM in 1990 and it had a whopping 500 mb of memory. Good luck.