How can I write a speech on 'Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow'?

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow." (Swedish proverb)

In other words, anxiety makes things look worse than they really are.

To write a speech on this subject you need to consider:

  1. your audience, what do they already know, what do they need to know
  2. what you want to accomplish
  3. the time limit of your speech
  4. gathering data, then analysing, and re-arranging your material to fit the above criteria
The potential harm from intense and/or persistent stress is widely known.

If you have time to present positive suggestions to counteract the tendency to worry and exaggerate concerns, one balancing thought is "Nothing is ever as bad, or as good, as it seems at the time!"

  • For more on "Worry gives small things a big shadow," try entering this phrase in a search engine, such as Google, where you will find that this important subject is covered from many angles; suggestions and remedies for reducing stress are also often included.