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How can a blown head gasket be fixed?


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A blown head gasket cannot be fixed. The head must be removed and the meeting block and head sufaces must be inspected and checked for flatness and cracks. If OK A new gasket must be installed and torqued to factory specifications.

  • I have been buying cars and vans that have blown head gaskets for myself at a reduced cost and I have had great success repairing them without disassembling the engine. Its very simple to use and is a permanent repair. It costs 20.00 and its added to the radiator. It mixes with antifreeze and does work if you follow the simple directions. My cousin has a garage and has been using this stuff. Its very hard to find and is not found in part store's if you want any email me kerisvery@aol.com
  • Sealed up a blown head gasket and cracked block.Thanks Carl Shilanskis
  • 1995 corsica 3.1 with a blown head gasket, 3k miles and so far so good. Hope its stays that way. Fred