How can a girl look like a boy?

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How Can a Girl Look Like a BoyDress

Very short hair cut very loose jeans, big shoes like caterpillar or timberland etc. (please do not smoke), short nails, maybe some gut, letting your eyebrows go without plucking or shaving anything, oh, yes and a cap. Dressing correctly as a guy is easy, just take whatever t-shirt, jeans and boots you find first, do not try to match colors or style.


For your chest, it can be bound with a tight and durable shirt under what you usually wear, Duct Tape/screen tape, or a chest binder (the more expensive but highly effective choice). You want clothes with zippers or buttons down the front that you leave undone, because they work to mask your chest better.


Make your jawline slightly darker with dark brown eyeshadow. Pluck your eyelashes enough so they look noticably thinner, but not enough so it looks odd. If your eyebrows are dark, make them look thicker with eyeliner or a brow pencil. Try to make your lips look thinner and your cheekbones look lower.


Speak with a deeper voice (make sure you don't overdo it. Practice by voice acting for male characters while watching Cartoons, it actually works.), curve your back so it looses it's arch and looks almost straight. Stand with your feet facing outward slightly and your arms anywhere EXCEPT crossed, because that accentuates your breasts.


Try not to catch people's attention, because if they look closely they will likely figure it out. Do not look overly relaxed because people tend to attack that which they do not understand, you may need/want to look fairly defensive. If anyone asks or uses the wrong pronoun, politely explain that people think you are a girl all the time and that it's a common mistake.

I do it without trying I'm only 12 but. I have really short hair, wear boyish kinda clothes (though I get mistaken at school with the uniform on), I don't really know what else.

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Q: How can a girl look like a boy?
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