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It is not about forgiving yourself. Remember you are the victim. It is about forgiving others, and about focusing on changing your life to avoid these situations again by realizing you are human and worth better treatment.

With a lot of time. from experience, the most important things to do are;
  • forgive yourself, and recognize that you are a person with value and worth
  • forgive forgive the abuser, everyday, because the anger you might feel toward that person will only make you feel worse emotionally
  • forgive them, but don't make yourself available to them, or allow them to further abuse you in an shape or form, sometimes cutting of contact completely is very good, but remember that forgiving someone doesn't mean you have to forget.
  • when you wake up in the morning, mentally verbalize the fact that you are going to be okay, and that it's going to be a good day.
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Q: How can a person heal from an abusive relationship when they feel they are emotionally raw?
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Is a guy who constantly calls to complain about his health problems being emotionally abusive?

I'm not sure if it's a full-blown emotional abusive relationship, or even on the road to becoming that way, but I do feel taken advantage of him at times.

What are affective response to a abusive relationship?

if you are in a abusive relationship just don't stay with them say that you don't feel the spark in the love and that you want to move on.

Why do some women stay in an abusive relationship?

The victim of abuse in a relationship often starts to feel the relationship is not right, but develops a futile and unhealthy hope and wish for it to become right. They have trouble acting on rational reality because their judgment to act in the interests of their own emotional health becomes infringed by the emotional intimacy inherent in every relationship (abusive or healthy). This wiki-answerer's belief is that the battered wife syndrome is pretty much the same emotional attachment every person in a relationship feels, the weirdness one feels in never having felt that way before and the way it changes a person's thoughts and actions ... but in an abusive relationship, the behavior of the other person and the unhealthy failing of the relationship twist that attachment to the other person. It is not a personal failing nor weakness on the part of the abuse victim. They are made emotionally unhealthy because the are emotionally attached to another person in an unhealthy relationship; they did not choose for the other person to abuse them and thus have absolutely no responsibility for the ill consequences to themselves that result.

How do you help someone who is in an emotionally abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships are some of the most difficult ones to resolve. THis type of relationship assumes that one partner is abusive and continues to be so because there is no response to the abuse. The difference here centers on "self-assurance." The abusive partner continues his or her behavior because there is no response. I can not suggest how the abused party should respond because in most instances they feel diminished. This situation can only be resolved through extended counseling, if at all.

Can there be true love in an abusive relationship?

No. absolutely not. If you are being abused the person who is abusing you does not truly love you. the Abuser makes you feel responsible for his/her actions. therefore making you believe you are in love with that person.

What are the undesirable consequences of a casual relationship?

The undesirable consequences of a casual relationship are that you might eventually want more and become more emotionally involved than you wanted. Or you might not feel like you need a stronger connection to the person and feel unfulfilled.

What is an emotional abusive relationship?

calling names such as fat, lazy, making someone feel bad for themselves..never stay in a emoctional abusive relationship..they can cause MAJOR depression problems

When will you begin to feel 'normal' after leaving an abusive relationship?

There is no one correct answer. So long as a person remembers anything of the abusive relationship, it will always have some effect on them simply by remembering it. In a similar fashion to some believing virginity can never be regained once lost, someone who is abused can never be "never abused" unless they incur a complete amnesia over their memory of the entire abusive relationship. The more serious consequences to the victim of a relationship, such as depression (suicidal thoughts or feelings of worthlessness, etc.), nightmares, "battered wife syndrome" (in which one thinks the abusive relationship is their fault and the relationship can be good again if they are a better lover) may not pass at all if the victim has chronic depression (chronic depression doesn't mean feeling depressed after an emotionally traumatic event, such as an abusive relationship, but is a neurochemical imbalance that can make it impossible for a person to stop feeling depressed even long after the event, whereas a normal person will feel depressed but the feeling of depression fades after not too long of a period). Several months to a year or more may be required for the worst symptoms to pass. Certainly, if bad symptoms persist for longer than a year, professional help may be required (but it is a good idea for the victim of an abusive relationship to get professional help early anyway, as some of the side effects of an abusive relationship can be deadly).

How do you heal from an emotionally abusive father?

Talk to someone, get your feelings out. Things feel so much better when you tell someone, hopefully someone you trust.

Leaving as way to gain control in a abusive relationship?

Answer Leaving to gain control in an abusive relationship won't help you much. You will never gain control over a person who is mentally sick by leaving him or her. This person needs help and either you stand by them while they get professional help or you leave because you feel it's the thing to do. Don't leave for all the wrong reasons and later regret your move, if you have children and this person won't go for help, then leave as fast as you can because your children will eventually be affected by your choice to stay in an abusive relationship. Good luck

How will a spouse feel if their wife complains that he is not meeting her needs emotionally and physically?

It varies person to person, really.

How you do keep yourself from sabatoging a healthy relationship after leaving an abusive one?

Answer The worst thing anyone can do after getting out of an abusive relationship is to get involved with anyone on a serious level if you haven't gotten proffessional help first. Some people can walk away from such things as an abusive relationship, but not many are that strong. If you haven't sought some kind of Thearipy perhaps you should as you will always feel threatened when the other person raises his voice to you. Why go through that pain, do something about it first.

What do you do if your husband is emotionally and physically abusive and you just bumped into an old boyfriend and you are tempted to cheat?

==One thing at a time== If your husband is truly abusive (you're not just looking for an excuse to wander), then you need to get out of the relationship, and fast! Once you have removed yourself from the abusive relationship, and have a chance to reflect on the reasons you chose a man like that, and also the reasons for remaining in the relationship once you found out that he was abusive, then...and only then, you should feel free to look for, and engage in, other relationships. If your old boyfriend truly cares about you, he will understand and give you the space you need to work through your present problems. Good luck. Bugger off with the old flame if you've got any sense.

How does a person feel when they are bullied?

A person can feel very bad about themselves, they get insecure. It can destroy them emotionally and may lead to them destorying themselves physically in any way they choose.

When will you be in a relationship?

when you feel that you are seeing the person on private date , or repetitive dates, then you are in a relationship.

How long will it take to recover from an emotionally abusive 20 year relationship?

A lifetime, sad to say. Talk to someone you trust, go to therapy, get into a healthy relationship when you feel you have healed enough, you can call this hotline toll-free anytime to talk to someone,1-888-7HELPLINE(1-888-743-5754), these will all help you. Just remember it is not your fault.

Why would a man go back to his emotionally abusive ex wife?

Whether an emotionally abusive ex-wife or an emotionally abusive ex-husband, it seems that some people are unable to break away from a bad relationship. They somehow believe that if they just give it one more try, this time it will be different. Usually, such people are emotionally addicted (or accustomed) to the relationship; they may claim they hated it and can't wait to start all over with someone else, yet they keep being drawn back into the same old drama over and over. It may be that the man (in this case) doesn't want to accept that his marriage is really over; or maybe he still believes somehow he'll find a way to fix the problems; or perhaps he blames himself for the failure of the marriage; or if there are children, he may feel a duty to keep the relationship alive because the kids want to see mom and dad together. People who return to bad marriages, whatever their explanation for doing so, usually need counseling in order to truly break the pattern and create a new and healthy relationship.

Why would a person be in an abusive relationship?

Answer: Because abuse is about control. The victim is in the relationship because they feel an emotional connection to the abuser and they have been "trained" to think that it's the victims fault. Answer: Most people don't have any idea that that's the kind of relationship they just got in or some people are really despereat

How do you deal with a verbally abusive person?

Then's no dealing with a person who is verbally abusive. A person who has to cut someone else down to make themselves feel better is a very insecure person. You have two choices, One: Leave. or Two: Stay. You can try to talk to this person, tell him how you feel. But, no one can make you feel any less than what you are. You have control over your own emotions. A person only has as much control over you as you allow them to have. A person can only make you feel bad about yourself if you let them.

What to do about a long-distance relationship?

Well, if you care enough for that person to continue the relationship then that's what you should do. If you feel you cannot continue the relationship because of the distance you should talk to that person and see how you feel about it.

Can get an answer from an abuser if you ask them reason for their abusive nature?

No, because if they are still being abusive, they see the world from another perspective. If you are expecting that this will happen or that you can convince someone that they are abusive, chances are that you won't see it happen. About all you can do is to call them on their behavior, saying how it makes you feel. A good book is Patricia Evan's The Abusive Relationship.

You want to get out of your relationship with your husband but you feel sorry if you cause him to not be able to support himself He is abusive emotionally and you feel bad all the time?

You're kidding, right? Girlfriend, you need to get a life and be quick about it. If you're supporting this riff raff and he's emotionally abusing you for it, he needs help that you can't give him. Kick him to the side and get a little counseling for yourself to help your self esteem. Good luck! well simple just say i dont wanna be married with u...

How can you tell a friend they are being abusive to you and others?

One should never be hesitant when another is abusive to them. Either face this person and tell them the truth or have an 'intervention' where you and others get together in a quiet place and face this abusive person. Realize that often abusive people sometimes have personal problems so while facing that person and accusing them of abusing you and others also come together as a group and ask this person why they feel they have to be so abusive. You just never know, you or the rest of the people involved may be able to help this person.

How long have they been in a relationship?

A relationship starts when you feel a deep connection to a person and they do too.

Is there a relationship between abusive and alcoholic personalities?

Yes, there is a strong correlation between substance abuse, rckless behaviors, and abusive conduct. Hi! Oh, definitely. Even if the person comes from a home where there is alcohol abuse and that person doesn't even really drink! But because they witnessed the abuse that goes along with the drinking. I believe it is called "dry alcoholic". But if the person in the relationship is abusive and also an alcoholic, definitely there is a relationship. They drink because they are trying to anesthesize their pain. Yes! Often abusers abuse alcohol/drugs to "deal" with their problems. They might even blame you for their drinking/drug use, or at least my abuser did. "If you did/didn't do this/that I wouldn't have to drink to feel better!" Ugh.