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There is no easy way to "find"a girl to like you back. It must come naturally between the two of you. Now, most relationships work when you have something in common, not everything, so go to places you like and see if there is anyone that catches your eye. In eighth grade I imagine the mall, school activities,sports events, movies, Bowling, miniture Golf, fishing, the library. Im sure there are others. Now sit down and write down what you would like in a girl, and Im not talking looks. Im talking personality traits. Go to these places with friends and look to have a good time first and keep your eye out. If you come on too strong that can put someone off. I know in my county there is a teen center, that offers activities on the weekends, see if you have one too. If you go to a place a few weeks in a row and see the same person then that could be a place to start. Now Im not sure about "a serious relationship" at 13/14 years old because there is alot to bring to the table for that. Relationships take alot of work to be happy and healthy for both people. I hope this doesnt offend you but you should be focusing on school, friendships, family and your future for now. Once you can maintain your self as an independent individual in every way , including financially, a "serious" relationship comes after. Too many young people want to rush it these days and find that they get their heart broken too early and then sour towards any future healthy ones. Take it slow, breathe, enjoy yourself and life for now and when the girl who likes you comes along you will have a feeling inside your self that you never felt before, its an amazing happening when you find true love. Take it easy.

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How do you know if a grade 5 girl likes you?

Okay first of anyone is 5th grade is probably not really ready for a relationship but if she likes you its most def. a crush

What do you do when a guy likes you but is a player?

You should talk to him and see if he is ready for a serious relationship if not then its a no go.

He LIKES you but doesnt want a serious relationship?

He might still be attached to the one who breaks his heart, and find it very hard to ever be in a serious relationship again. He will find himself again, you just have to let him be and heel his wounded heart.

What should you do when you have a crush on your first boyfriend who is now your ex and he likes you back but neither of you are looking for a serious relationship?

become mates

What does it mean when he takes you home to his parents?

That he really likes you and that your relationship is getting serious .he must really like you to take you to meet them

Why does a man invite a woman to his church?

Most probably he likes her and wants their companionship/relationship to develop into something more serious.

If you like a guy and don't know if a guy likes you back and he has a girlfriend?

If you want him enough to go into that circle, ask him how serious his relationship is.

What should you do if you like a guy and you know he likes you back?

you will ask him out then when you get a serious relationship you might want to have kids and have a nice family and get married.

Ok so i like this 7th grade girl and im a 8th grade guy I think she likes me and we have this little joke about having pants on and she is really nice can someone tell me if she likes me too?

If she jokes with you, she likes you. Whether or not she is sexually attracted to you will need more time to find out, though.

If your in the fifth grade how do you tell if a boy likes you?

He will tease you none stop No the above is NOT TRUE, i am a fifth grade girl, i get teased by me best friend but he doesnt like me! If you want to know, ask him when hes alone, be serious

I are in 6th grade and love a girl who kinda likes you what do you do?

Your question: : "I are in 6th grade and love a girl who kinda likes you what do you do." My answer for each part of this question: "I are in 6th grade" -that is special that you are 6th grade "and love a girl who kinda likes you" -you cant be in love with someone in the 6th grade and I don't think she likes me. I don't think she knows me. "what do you do." -I work at my job. (You should really ask questions better and more understandable. I would recommend taking some grammar classes and going back to the 1st grade to learn it all over again because if you were serious about this question, you would take the time to at least write it correctly.)

What do girls look for in a relationship?

It all depends on the girl. Some look for a serious relationship, and some just want to kiss, hug, have sex, and then break up with you. You can usually tell what kind of relationship the girl wants. If she likes hugging, kissing, inapropiate touching, its not very serious. The girl that wants a serious one will usually take it slow. im a girl myself, and i am SINGLE :D

A girl just started a relationship with a boy but you dont think its serious and you like her what do you do?

Ask her out anyway,if she really likes you she'll break up with the guy for you.

If your in 7th grade and your a girl and a 8th grade boy likes you?

If you like him, go and try something with him! Maybe you'll be a little scared because it's your first relationship, but those are the best. Talk to him, ask him how he feels about you.

What if you're in the 4th grade and you have a crush on a girl but you don't know if she likes you?

Well for one since you are in the fourth grade things could get serious. If you are close to her and want to find out get the courage to go up to her and ask ina nice way.

Girl shows that she likes you but she said she doesn't like you like that?

If a girl shows that she likes you but she said she doesn't like you like that? she is sayingthat she likes you as a friend, someone she can talk to, someone who is there for her,but as far as the closeness of having a relationship no, that is not what she wants.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes you but isn't interested in a relationship at the moment but just wants to have fun?

She means she is not ready for a relationship. Somehow she must feel that you are looking for a relationship. She is being real with you, so date and have fun. Keep it light and nothing serious.

What do you do if a guy in 7th grade likes you but you are in 9th grade?

Tell him to get a life

How do you tell if a guy likes you in fourth grade?

If you are in 4th grade, to tell if a guy likes you is:If he is always bugging you.If he always talks to you.If he smiles at you.

What does it mean when a guy stares at a girl with a serious look?

If he stares at her with a serious look, either he likes her but doesn't want to or he doesn't like her and just likes giving serious looks at girls.

What do you do when a friend likes you but you do not like them back?

Let them know. If they are a real friend, they will understand and will want to continue to be friends. But if they intended to make it a "serious" relationship, they will probably not talk to you anymore.

What do you dp if you're a 7th grade boy who likes a 8th grade girl and she might like me back but she might be in love with another 8th grade guy?

If you think she likes you ask her out. Don't be afraid of the answer she gives you. If she truly likes you she will say yes

You told this girl you really like her she says she likes you but shes not sure about having a relationship how can you stop things from getting weird between you two?

get in and get out.

What to get your fourth grade boyfriend?

get him something he likes

Who yami want to be his girlfriend?

In the show, tea likes yami while regular yugi likes tea, but yami shows no interest in having that deep of a relationship. He is a spirit after all, who is only interested in dueling.

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