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How can an 8th grade guy who is serious about having a relationship with a girl find one he likes who likes him back?



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There is no easy way to "find"a girl to like you back. It must come naturally between the two of you. Now, most relationships work when you have something in common, not everything, so go to places you like and see if there is anyone that catches your eye. In eighth grade I imagine the mall, school activities,sports events, movies, bowling, miniture golf, fishing, the library. Im sure there are others. Now sit down and write down what you would like in a girl, and Im not talking looks. Im talking personality traits. Go to these places with friends and look to have a good time first and keep your eye out. If you come on too strong that can put someone off. I know in my county there is a teen center, that offers activities on the weekends, see if you have one too. If you go to a place a few weeks in a row and see the same person then that could be a place to start. Now Im not sure about "a serious relationship" at 13/14 years old because there is alot to bring to the table for that. Relationships take alot of work to be happy and healthy for both people. I hope this doesnt offend you but you should be focusing on school, friendships, family and your future for now. Once you can maintain your self as an independent individual in every way , including financially, a "serious" relationship comes after. Too many young people want to rush it these days and find that they get their heart broken too early and then sour towards any future healthy ones. Take it slow, breathe, enjoy yourself and life for now and when the girl who likes you comes along you will have a feeling inside your self that you never felt before, its an amazing happening when you find true love. Take it easy.

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